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[1.19.2] The CraftXp Network:

[✵CraftXp Network✵]
The CraftXp Network is a small Minecraft server that focuses on core elements of friendly SMP with light quest and exploration themes. We use plugins to highlight and enhance the vanilla-esque play style.

Our Survival server features include, but are not limited to:

  • Customizable Land Protection
  • Opt-in PVP
  • Server Economy
  • Ranked Survival
  • And more!!
  • Our ranking system drives players to complete more of the minecraft advancements, acting as an extra level of challenge for Minecraft veterans, and a guide for new players!

    (All ranks must be earned IN GAME – NO PAY TO WIN RANKS OR KITS)

    Rank up to earn in game perks such as:

  • Nether and End access!
  • More Land Protection
  • More Homes!
  • Kits!
  • More Player Shops!
  • Special Realms Access!
  • Special Quests Access!
  • and more!
  • Bring on your friends, add members to your land protection, and work your way up to earn the coveted title of HERO as you build your own empire here on CraftXp!

    Our server has a developing Adventure hub world full of shops and NPC’s where we will be adding content for players to explore and enjoy in an adventure type play style. It is there we will also host events, provide access to quests, and special Realms.

    Test out your build ideas or just flex on other players with your building skills on our Creative super flat world! As players rank up, they will unlock more creative server plots to build on and protect!

    We also have a small Discord community (linked below). Link your discord account to your Minecraft account to get your in game rank reflected on Discord. We also have Discord-Minecraft chat, so players can chat while offline. Linked players can also utilize Discord proximity voice chat in game!

    Our Discord: Click Here

    Our Youtube Channel: Click Here

    Our Twitter: @CraftXpNetwork

    Our Instagram: @CraftXpNetwork

    Our Website:

    Thank you, and we hope you enjoy your stay on The CraftXp Network!
    – CraftXp, Ival70, Otterer (The Devs).

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    MineClick – Incremental Game Server

    MineClick is the only incremental game server in Minecraft
    Come check it out for yourself!



    Gameplay Information:
    You are given your own island where you can mine special blocks, upgrade your pickaxe and workers,
    and unlock buildings and islands!

    Your workers will collect gold for you while you are offline!

    For starters, every mined block gets you 1 gold. In order to speed up your progress you can upgrade your Pickaxe and hire workers that do the job for you. By upgrading your workers you increase their income rate.
    There are also upgrades that you can do to your island which give a variety of perks such as worker efficiency increase or an additional Pickaxe.
    When you’ve made enough gold you can unlock a new island which gives you an increase to global gold multiplier and new island upgrades.
    Tons of quests, achievements, and rewards for you to discover!
    Friendly Community and Discord Server!
    Custom Spleef Arena!

    Buildings (Island Upgrades)
    MineClick - Incremental Game Server Minecraft Server

    MineClick - Incremental Game Server Minecraft Server

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    Bluexile Ultimate Survival |ECONOMY|SHOPS|

  • A custom generated world.Hand made for months to give you the best experience!So many interesting ideas put into the game!From black markets to special NPCs to Graves and leaf decay!Try out Bluexile for free at on 1.19.2!
  • Very Friendly Community! Try it out yourself!

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    Kingdoms, Caves & Cliffs | Roleplay | Survival | Events

    Join via

    The Kingdoms, Caves & Cliffs server is a roleplay survival server consisting of six different kingdoms. These kingdoms interact with each other through trade, alliances and war. These interactions are done and decided by the player base, so the storyline is in the control of the players! Next to player-based roleplay, there are also events to tell certain stories. We have had an event for the opening of the nether, including a boss fight and since then we have had quite a lot of other events! Each kingdom is tasked with building up its cities along the lines of its lore and creating its own lore as well. The kingdoms will face many difficult challenges from events such as plagues and dark magic, and there will be full-scale wars with other kingdoms. Every kingdom will have more than 20 active players attempting to grow their kingdom to full size and dominate the other kingdoms. The lore and roleplay of these kingdoms will be played out in chat and also be recorded by YouTubers and streamers.

    A short description of every kingdom:

    Aquifer Desert:
    The Aquifer Desert used to be a rich religious kingdom that was eventually burned down by banished civilians and barbarians. The entire land burned down, leaving nothing but sand and ash, and some believe the land has been cursed by the Gods to never grow again.

    The Flowerhill is a peaceful kingdom that sits atop a hill full of flowers. The kingdom is not interested in warmongering with other kingdoms, but instead looks for a peaceful and easy life and aims to spread warmth and love across the continent.

    The Frozen Regions:
    The Frozen Regions are part of the largest kingdom to date. It used to be a great kingdom with a big royal family, but eventually, the family turned on each other and the kingdom got divided into small villages and settlements that now all fight against each other. The kingdom can be described by words such as divided, aggressive, and resentful of each other.

    Tunnel Centre:
    Tunnel Centre is a kingdom within a large cave system that is as old as time itself. Refugees from old wars dug down into the earth and started hiding from the violence underground. The refugees did indeed escape war, but there is still tons of violence with the underground monsters always looking to kill the miners.

    Turtle Bay:
    The Turtle Bay is an old trading colony from another continent. After its original kingdom fell down, the bay was the only part of the kingdom left. It is known for its great cavalry and its ability to craft horse saddles. Along the coastline, the kingdom is now planning to create a beautiful harbour.

    The Holy City of Concordia:
    The sixth and newest kingdom is the Holy City of Concordia. Made up of refugees from the other kingdoms, this kingdom is all about religion. The Holy City looks beautiful as it has magnificent architects to celebrate the religion. The story holds that a person from Turtle Bay once left the kingdom to find sacred land where he settled Concordia.

    We cannot wait to start playing with you and we want to welcome everyone to join us as we’re always looking for new players, always willing to hire new staff, and we are still looking for extra YouTubers to spice up the roleplay content of the kingdoms. You can also join our discord here.

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    Welcome to

    Survival – Economy – Admin Shop – User Shop – MMO – Professions – Level

    We offer you a friendly survival server.
    The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.
    In addition, a farm world that is reset regularly.
    To start on our server, each player gets a starter kit and
    a manual where everything is explained in detail.
    If you have any questions, a server team is ready to help you in a friendly manner.
    You can secure your own plot of land in the survival world.
    You can choose different professions and level them up to earn your money
    You can learn skills through mcMMO.
    Through playing time, you can later reach the rank of regular player.
    Furthermore, we offer the players an admin shop in the spawn area which is looked after by NPCs.
    Players also have the option of renting their own shop in order to be able to offer their goods there.
    At the survival spawn, NPCs are waiting for you with tasks that you can complete.
    The NPCs will reward you for your work.

    Small overview of the server:

    – Survival im Freebuild
    – Farm world with regular reset
    – Professions and Skills
    – Business
    – Random Teleport
    – Secure property
    – Vote reward
    – No loss of your equipment on death
    -No loss of your levels on death
    – Discord
    and some more!

    We are not a Pay2Win server!
    We also do not tolerate insults or bullying on the server!
    Any violation will be penalized as we want to maintain a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
    Everyone is treated equally and nobody can buy advantages!

    The server team is easygoing and friendly, should you be interested in joining,
    then just get in touch with a team member and we’ll see what we can do.

    More ideas are being planned for the future on the server.
    And if you have any ideas, you are more than welcome to bring them in.

    If you have any questions, just join our Discord!
    Until we see each other on the server.

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    MystiCraft 1.18.2 BETA RELEASE

    MystiCraft BETA 1.18.2

    Welcome to MystiCraft!!! Our goal is to improve the survival Minecraft experience one plugin at a time! This server is brand new and still currently under development, Construction and early access testing. Join now to get a head start on the fun before MystiCrafts full release!

    MystiCraft features a Main towny server that has a RPG style, and is crafted to be slightly more challenging PVE elements than Vanilla Minecraft. The economy is mainly player based and the spawn store features very little but the bare minimums to encourage players to set up shop. There’s lots of Tweaks and the server will be constantly updated daily, changing, balancing, improving, and adding new content. We strive to be a fun Minecraft experience for you and your friends! So suggestions on what you want to see in the server is more than welcome!

    Aurelius Skills
    Magic (Flying brooms, Spells,and lots more!)
    Knocking on doors and double door improvements
    Auction House
    Damage Indicator
    Xp Bottler
    Custom Enchants
    Silk Spawners with upgradeable spawners
    Sitting and crawling
    levelled Mobs
    Custom Mobs and items
    Coin drops
    Bookshelf Storage
    Enhanced beehives
    Sleep – Most
    Activity Tracker
    QuickShop Player stores
    Rentable spawn stores
    Player Warps

    Server is still in development and Will have lots of changes by time its full release.

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    Pixel Dungeons – Dungeon PvE, Economy, 100’s of items! [1.18]

    === Custom crafting! ===
    === Crazy weapons! ===
    === Epic armor! ===
    === PvP! ===
    === Cool mobs! ===
    === Hard bosses! ===
    === Player economy! ===

    Join today for a new experience!

    Join Pixel Dungeons for a new unique experience! Fight through tons of custom dungeons, slay bosses, and craft tons of custom items! Each dungeon is gives a unique experience, so try each one out!

    Join our Discord if you want to talk to us, because your feedback is important to us!

    Lobbyserver Npc Surviva Survival Survivalgames


    We are still under construction on the lobby, it will be finished soon.
    Right now we have survival mode but we will be adding games over time.
    I hope you like the server.

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    RaptorCraft Prison

    Welcome to Raptorcraft! Raptorcraft is a brand new prison experience
    featuring an engaging community and fun gameplay. However, that is not all! Raptorcraft soon has plans to expand into many other gamemodes. These gamemodes include minigames, and more! If you’re interested in playing prison (or any of the future gamemodes) come join us on Raptorcraft!

    18plus Adultonly Advancedachievements Advancedenchantments Adventure Chestsort Citizens Crates Customenchants Customitems Discord Discordsrv Dynmap Economy Goldencrates Griefprevention Jobsreborn Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Lgbtqfriendly Mcmmo Nogrief Npc Playershops Pve Economy Quests Rpg Shopkeepers Slimefun Survival Transgender

    Unicornia PvE Middle School +18

    Unicornia is an LGBTQ+ focused and strictly +18 server.
    The server is heavily modified and only PvE.
    We have custom items, achievements, enchantments, jobs, mcmmo, slimefun, pets, and much more!
    You can join the server with version 1.9 and above.
    In order to play on the server, you will have to join our discord and link your account first.