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Hunter X Hunter Journeys!

This is a new server I will be creating with a unique look on things!


– Hunter Exams

– Leveling System

– Groups (Phantom Troupe, Zodiacs)

– Custom Nen Abilities

– Heavens Arena

– More!

Hunter Exams:

These exams will be once a week and have multiple phases with 2 winners at the end! They will be different almost everytime and they will test different kinds of skills!

Custom Nen Abilities:

When you complete the hunter exam you will be able to start a quest line that can teach you the basics of nen. Once that is completed you will be able to apply on the forums for your own nen ability!


We need lots of staff so we can make this server as best as it can be! Primarily we need magic spells configs and builders! Feel free to apply on the forums!