Age Armor Cell Conomy Economy Ect Exp Mana Manage Mythical Pvp Raiding Survival Towny Welcome

Explosive Craft

Welcome to ExplosiveCraft!

This is a War/Towny server with VIP ranks and automatic rank up over time!


AureliumSkills, Autorank, Chunky, Dynmap, EconomyShopGUI, EpicCurrency, ExcellentCrates, Towny, MultiverseCore, MythicalRaces, Votifier, QualityArmory, TicketManager (and much more…)

2023 Armor Crazy Farm Farms Gaming Gift Gifts Hate Minecraft Security Survival Tebex Upload Votes

Adamantium Security

World to have fun, create super crazy farms and whatever you want. We also have gifts, votes and armor checks and many more things have a great time and enjoy
Adamantium Security Minecraft Server

Armor Bedrock Edition Destroy Economy Edition Fort Gun Guns Inventory Nether Netherite Ports Prison Pvp Tower


This prison server has keep inventory on and has guns, mines and no P2W. The ranks are, Prisoner [you spawn as this]Inprisoned, TowerDestroyer, Armorer, Netherite, Nether. All the ranks give you money over time. This server supports bedrock edition use and port 19132 to join as a bedrock player.

Armor Economy Food Minecraft Experience Minecraft Towny Minecraft Towny Server New Items Rading Survival Towny Towny Server Trading Vanilla Weapon Weapons

MaysCraft Towny

You are invited to our minecraft towny server, which has been opened under a Youtube channel. World Bosses trading systems are here to offer you a special minecraft experience with new items, food, armors and weapons.

Armor Aus Crate Crates Eating Full Heir Iron Smp Sub Survival Toxic Vote Voting Watch


A cool smp server! You start with iron armor and their are crates. you wil enjoy it! We ha ve ranks for voting. (coming soon) will be fully relised very soon. SO watch out for that. also sub to toxicwifi cause im creating something for you!

Armor Cold Fire Ice And Fire Kingdoms Modded Server Modpack Mus Raiding Roleplay Survival Swe Tinker Tinkers Ultimate

Ice And Fire Ultimate

Modded server. We have different kingdoms on the server. to get one made you must join the discord. Rules are also in the discord. Raiding and Griefing is not allowed unless in war. modpack inculdes Ice and Fire, Create, Tinkers Constructs, Tinkers Armory And Cold Sweat

Ability Armor Bases Custom Armor Custom Items Helper Plot Plots Protected Pvp Raided Survival Weapon Weapons Wild


-Custom Armor / Weapons with unique Ability’s
-Custom Items that do Different Effects
-Custom Plots that cannot be raided
– Custom 10×10 25×25 an 50×50 wild Bases that will be Protected
-Needing Staff (Admin, Mod, Helper,)

Armor Ball Box Custom Armor Helper Howto Learn Myst Mystery Need Staff Special Survival Tips Weapon Weapons

LucidPvp – Need Staff -Custon Boxes

Band New Server
With Custom Armor Weapons an Special Items
1 Mystery Box of your choice to Start
1 set of armor in the BallerShop

To learn the server More use /Tips or /Howtoplay to get you started
But need Mod Admin an Helper

Armor Bosses Challenge Community Communitydriven Cooperative Custom Enchantments Modded Mods Origins Originssmp Proximityvoice Proximityvoicechat Pve Roleplay Smp Survival Town Weapons Whitelist Whitelisted

The Remake SMP

Welcome to The Remake SMP

the modded Origins Minecraft server that brings together an incredible array of features to give you a gaming experience like no other!

Our server is designed to be immersive and exciting, with Origins that let you choose your character’s unique abilities and powers.

With proximity voicechat, you can communicate with other players in-game, making it easy to coordinate with your friends or take on challenges together.

Our server also boasts an impressive variety of armors and weapons, giving you access to an array of powerful tools to aid you on your adventures.

With bosses to fight and overcome, you’ll need every bit of strength and skill to emerge victorious.

But The Remake SMP isn’t just about combat – it’s a thriving community with a big town where players are building and living.

We encourage creativity and collaboration, and our community challenges and builds allow everyone to participate and showcase their skills.

Join us on The Remake SMP, and discover a world of endless possibilities where you can make new friends, explore new places, and build your own adventure!

To join The Remake SMP and start your adventure, you’ll need to be whitelisted through our Discord server. Our Discord community is where you can find all the latest news, connect with other players, and get support from our friendly team.

To join, simply follow the link to our Discord server: [url=”“][/url]

From there, you can introduce yourself and let us know that you’re interested in joining The Remake SMP.

Our team will be happy to guide you through the whitelisting process and help you get started.

So what are you waiting for? Join our Discord community today and start your journey on The Remake SMP!

550 Armor Dedi Dedicated Duel Duels Herb Kitpvp Mean Nether Parkour Pvp Sets Sword Swords


We are a server that will provide You with a quality. The server has 10 custom made sets that include swords and armory, also we have Parkour, Duels and Hall of Fame where we put in the most meaningful people of the server, You can get there if You are dedicated enough and play a lot. Join now! We are waiting for you 😉