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World of Kelzar

Hey you… YES, YOU!
Are you looking for a true challenge, well then you have come to the right place! World of Kelzar, a truly hardcore Dungeon Crawler. This RPG is not like any other RPG, everything is based on Player Interaction. Do you want to own a town and rule over other players, you can do that. Kelzar allows you to become anything you want.
Java Minecraft 1.15.2

This server is constantly improving and constantly changing. The server is still a WIP and will take players’ ideas in mind.
Join today!

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I made a server and it has some nice plugins like slimefun and exotic garden.
There are also essential commands for the player like /nick or /sethome.
Its free to play and no pay to win. Enjoy but beware, you only got one life.


Crafting Kor Minecraft Pve Semivanilla Survival Vanilla Vanillaplus

KoR Crafting – Simple Vanilla+ – 1.15.2

Simple Vanilla+ – No PVP – No Claims – Chest/Block Locking via LWC


This is currently a soft-launch of the server, and we will be working around the clock on getting permissions and bugs worked out! Please message us in-game or via Discord to let us know if you run into any issues on the server!

We are aiming to provide you with active Administration around the clock, just like how it used in the older days. There are no claims, but you will have us (Helpers and Admins) to assist in any situation! All Staff play in survival to provide an even playing-grounds for all people!

What is Vanilla+? – Our Version of Vanilla+ is adding simple quality-of-life plugins, such as “/home” or “/back” as assistance to normal play. There is also simple inventory sorting (middle-click) to help with keeping items organized!

You can find out more when you join us on our server and check out the provided command book!

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>> FrostCraft [Magic] [Levels] [Quests] [Professions] {Custom Plugin}

> FrostCraft [Magic] [Levels] [Quests] [Professions] {Custom Plugin}” title=”>> FrostCraft [Magic] [Levels] [Quests] [Professions] {Custom Plugin}”>

Looking for a truly different kind of Minecraft experience? you’ve come to the right place. The majority of this server is running from a custom crafted plugin developed just for FrostCraft. This includes a customized land protection system, magic spell system and profession system.

If you like magic, this server is right for you. Most of the commands (including the land protection system), are based on magic. Just be mature and respectful and you will fit right in. Hope to see you there!

Overall, the server is a mix of survival and adventure. It’s best to start out as you would any other survival server – find some land, build a house, go mining. Then once you’re settled, you can start on the adventure lands and leveling up your magic level!

Learn more at
New Player Guide:

Cosmetics Crafting Custom Quests Recipes Smp Survival Terrain

The Grotto [1.15.2] [SMP] [PvE] [Custom Terrain/Crafting/Items]

Text Description

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RL Craft Minecraft Server

Minecraft is a very hard game as it is and some servers make it even harder so keep practicing, learn, and never give up, you may have something to look forward to. You’ll have to try it out for yourself to find out how it plays out, I suggest you join Minewind least once a week and give it a shot yourself, you will love it.

Just the other day I was playing Minewind with popular girls from school, it was like the happiest I’ve ever been. But it was a little scary at the very beginning because I had no idea what’s going on or what the game would bring and I don’t really know what to expect. Also, they were playing without any hacks. They were like, “Oh man, I’m in no need for a hack”.

Cute girl playing hard Minecraft server without using a hacked client while Panda is watching and helping.

As a Minecraft addict, I was very pleased to find that I have a number of friends who play the game as well for fun! But it got me thinking: Is it possible to become an expert in Minecraft?

The answer is yes. You can achieve this on your own if you have the time:

I have started my Minecraft journey by finding many of the beginner’s guides and tutorials, I have also read many expert books to see what advice is out there, and I watched Minecraft videos to learn the basics. It has already taken me 10 years to become an experienced Minecraft player (I am a long time player in the last 8 years but am no longer obsessed with gaming).

One of my favorite memories I’ve had was the morning I had to go into the workshop to pick up the first block of gold because there was so little and there was so much to play with that I didn’t know where to start. The first thing I had to do was mine a slab of dirt. So, I dug out more of the dirt, and started to build some new things. After a while, I finally hit the ground, and realized I wasn’t able to build a structure. It took me two attempts to get past this stage.

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Minecraft Dickgirls Server

Minewind is where the most popular dickgirls play all day. Dickgirls do exist in Minecraft and they are actually fucking awesome. But there’s also a certain type of dick-girl that is so fucking awful that I’m sick to death of them. You won’t remember the names of any of them because they’re all so gross I wouldn’t be able to put them in my story, but these are the dicks I like most.

Dickgirls preparing for a good nights sleep on a crafted white bed in Minecraft.

There was this dude in a server where he owned a clan and it has been in use for about 8 years now, and it had always been a very popular place to find other dickgirls. Most of the time his dickgirls were just there to hang out, but there were a few who actually did his fucking bidding, and for whatever reason they kept popping up in different clans. Some days it would be a dickgirl who was in the same clan. Other times it would be five dickgirls all having their own clan together, with the clan leader taking them out for drinks and making them do things that the clan leader needed them to do.

What I am trying to say is that there is no shortage of dickgirls in Minewind. I have just recently started the process of moving towards becoming a real cybernetic dickgirl and I don’t think your argument is very fair to my motivation for doing so. We will talk about that and how to proceed better over a month or so later. I am very aware of how difficult this is coming from me, especially to you who were not there the first time I did so.

Tamed pet wolf girl ready to protect Steve and other players in the house.

I have not said that my goal is to become a real dickgirl. I am not interested in the world as such. My goal is to be just a dickgirl who enjoys playing Minecraft and interacting with other people. The idea that that is more difficult than getting out of bed wearing underwear. I may make you sad. I know I do. That’s okay.

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Pendulum Survival RPG [1.15.2] GRAND REOPENING | RPG Classes/Skills, Mob Arena, Boss Fights, and so much more!

Pendulum is finally back and better than ever!

After several years, Pendulum has gone through factions, skyblock, and survival. With survival being our longest standing and most favorable game mode, we decided to create it with a twist. With RPG! Pendulum Survival RPG is the ultimate server with custom crafting, loads of items, RPG classes & skills, Mob Arena with 15 specialized classes, a training world, and much more!

At Pendulum, you’ll experience awesome collections of armors, weapons, and tools. You’ll be able to fight many mini-bosses, bosses and even mega bosses in MASSIVE temples. If you’re off a few materials or just want a break, play our insanely awesome Mob Arena with 15 classes and more to come all with special abilities. You’ll be fighting customized super charged mobs and crazy bosses in the Mob Arena, but you will be rewarded well!

At Pendulum, you’ll also experience community events and vote parties. Every week, there will be community events such as PvP arena, mega mob arena, and many other events that can also be suggested by you! We ensure you’ll have a great time and have lots of fun playing and grow with the server.


Thanks for reading! We hope to see you soon!

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