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Voxel Town


Voxel Town is a realistic creative server for all ages!
We are currently running on version 1.16

Come join our friendly community as a Player, and explore our cities and unique warps located all over the server. Complete a Builder Trial to participate in our server-wide projects and warps, as well as collaborate with others. For those who are better at building and looking to help lead projects and help other builders, ask a staff member about our Architect rank! We’re excited to have you on our server, and look forward to seeing what you can do!

For more information, join our Discord:

To view server progress and other projects, visit our Dynmap:

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★ Soar SMP ★

The RPG SMP Server!!!

Server IP:


Soar SMP Features:

Welcome to Soar SMP, “The RPG SMP Server”.

Soar SMP is a 1.15 survival server with many gameplay options to make it a more enjoyable experience. This server was built based on the idea to keep the survival aspect untouched and add plugins to enhance the experience. Soar SMP comes with Classes, Guilds, Jobs, 9+ Quests, In-Game Ranks, Economy, Land Claim, Bosses, Crates, Warzone, Bounties, and much more!

Join up to 3 jobs and earn points and money. Use job points to buy custom items in shop. Complete quests to earn ranks that unlocks more rewarding features, like more land claiming, more set homes, etc. Gear up to defeat bosses, mine ores, and defeat other players for rewards in the Warzone. Join now and see where you belong in this freeing world.

In order to apply for staff, you must be have 6 hours of online time on the server.



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WorldWarMC – Earth with wars 1.12.2-1.15.2

Earth Factions on the possibly largest earth map used on a server with guns, ships, and other movable vehicles, build your nation, found your army, and have influence all over the world! Build cities or nations from any time period, trade with allies, build shops, explore the world and fight your enemies! The dynmap link can be accessed at spawn by clicking the “(Ad link removed)” link when you spawn in, players have to explore the dynmap.