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L’ Cana SMP! (origins mod+more mods!)

THIS IS THE L’ CANA SMP! I am a youtuber so i do everything for content! I NEED EXCITEMENT SO BE READY FOR THAT! A server with the origins mod! It also has 3 other mods that more origins that make the game more fun! I have spent a lot of time to get the mods to work so I hope you enjoy it! I have a YouTube channel so i make content on the server. pls sub to my YouTube it would be appreciated. I need more words here so don’t mine mere e e e e e e e e e e e e eel e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e

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Townstone — Kingdoms · Survival · Custom Items · Economy · War

Townstone's Server Logo

“Where civilizations are crafted by imagination and all are given an opportunity for greatness.”

Townstone is an economy and kingdom roleplay server. At Townstone you have the opportunity to start civilizations, commit crimes, fight in wars, and much much more. Townstone uses a wide variety of plugins and addons to make your experience as fun as possible, including custom items and a custom texture pack.

You can:
🔸 Create your own business and show your competition who’s the best entrepreneur!
🔸 Create your own country and conquer the world!
🔸 Make money by selling products and items!
🔸 Advocate for others and spread your ideas as a politician!
🔸 Find and sell precious minerals and stones!
🔸 Build city structures and design new frontiers!

You shape your destiny…

The possibilities are endless and you decide what happens next! Will you rise and become our next monarch? Or will you crumble under the weight of the world?


Airship Ares Battle Battles Capture Core Deathmatch Destroy Europe Flag Minigames Monument Project Pvp Pvping Team Pvp Wool

Project Good

Project Enyo is a objective team PvP server running classic maps from the golden days of Minecraft PvP. There are iconic maps featuring Capture the Wool, Destroy the Core and Team Deathmatch!

Miss playing Airship Battle by dewtroid? You can play it on Enyo, as well as many other maps.

All versions from 1.7.2 to 1.18.x is supported. After you connect, type /join to enter the match.

Minecraft IP Webpage Mumble IRC #enyo @ Discord

Battle Community Familyfriendly Friends Fun Pvp Pvparena Starwars

Imperial Network

Welcome to the Imperial Network!

Imperial Network is a Star Wars Minecraft server. We re-create things from the Star Wars universe, such as battles, PVP Arena, Wookie Training and more! Why should you join us? We have one of the coolest experiences then any other Star Wars server out there in Minecraft! We run battles regularly, and we are open 24/7! We also are home to a free-build creative server with features such as World Edit, Armor Stand Editor and more to come! We hope you decide to join us soon! And May the Force be with you.

Battle Consoleedition Hunger Games Hungergames Legacyconsole Minigame

Legacy Edition Battle Public Server

Legacy Edition Battle

LEB is a port/remake of the Battle minigame from the Legacy/Console Editions of Minecraft.

If you just want to play the game, connect to in multiplayer.

Supporting minecraft versions

If you want to take a look at the source code, you can find it here

Community Discord Server
Come join the Community Server to talk about LEB, ask for help, find groups to play with and see development updates!

Bedrock users! There’s a bedrock port that you can find here! (I did not make the bedrock port)

Battle Plugins Pvp Region Regions Smp Smpvp Survival Team Team Pvp War

RegionBattle [SMP/Claiming/Economy][Custom PVP Plugin World]

What is RegionBattle?

RegionBattle is a custom made PvP game mode that is actively being developed. The concept of the game is that players are divided amongst teams, and are given 15 minutes to prepare for war in their own region! The last team standing wins the game. Find hiding players with your compass using the /seek command! Head on over to /rbspawn to check it out. A new battle will start within 5 minutes if 2+ people are in /rbspawn.

A second battle game mode is also available at /battle where over the course of the battle you and your team can /seek out enemy players and hunt for randomized loot which resets every match! This game mode also features a fully custom 6kx6k map!

In addition to this, a persistent SMP server is running, and the features of it are as follows:
– Two /sethome
– One-time Starter Kit
– 15,000 block border in all dimensions
– Land Claiming
– Vote Rewards
– No ‘P2W’ functions or features

Less is more, and we believe that simplicity is important, the server was built from the ground up using only the highest quality plugins that will allow for smooth transitions between updates, as well as our own that will continue to be updated.

Host Location: US Central
IP Address:

Be apart of something great! Your feedback and suggestions will be taken into account and will polish the server! (edited)

Battle Bomblobbers Build Cybermc Kitpvp Parkour Pvp Quake Splegg Tag Tntrun Tnttag

💠 CyberMC 💠

━━━━━━💎 CyberMC 💎━━━━━━

⤷ What We Offer:
• 🤗 | Welcoming & Chill Community
• 🕐 | Classic & Modern Games
• 🎉 | Frequent Events to earn Ranks
• ⚽ | Fun Variety of Minigames
• 😃 | Plenty of Custom Scripts and Plugins
• 😎 | Many ways to Customise Your Character
• 🔨 | Friendly & Helpful Staff Team
• 👥 | Always looking for Active Members & Partnerships


🔗 Server IP:
🔗 Server Version: Java 1.8+
🔗 Discord Server:


Anarchy Battle Build Guns Industrial Missile Modded Mods Space Survival War

Wisheon Technologies

We have a Minecraft server!
Keep in mind the server reboots at midnight!

Our Minecraft server is a Forge 1.12.2 server running a couple of mods.

There are currently no moderators other than myself on the server and rules are
relaxed as this is intended to be somewhat of an anarchy server with a mod twist.
Intentionally crashing or lagging the server will earn you a ban however.

The intended theme of the server is building with some elements of war, hence the building mods
and weapons mods. However you may play any way you like.

How do i join?
Simply copy the website domain “” and paste it into the server section in multiplayer.
The mods for the server may be downloaded below. You will need to extract the .zip into the mods folder
in your “.minecraft” directory. If you have never modded minecraft before scroll to the bottom of the page
for a simple tutorial.


If you are experiencing any issues with the server please dont hesistate to ask for help on our discord server!

Installed Mods:

  Adds programmable computers and robots which are all upgradeable as well as many other gadgets!

Build Craft
  Adds pipes, machines and new ores!

Industrial Craft 2
  Adds wires, machines, tools and new ores and energy!


ICBM classic
  Allows you to blow up other players with large missiles of times ranging from nuclear to antimatter!

Lost Cities
  Adds abandoned buildings and cities which make the world a bit more interesting. some have loot!

MrCrayfish’s Guns
  Adds modular guns to the game!

Modding your minecraft
Here is an easy to follow tutorial to help you get started
Modding Tutorial

1800s Battle Battles Conquer Conquest Countries Country Creative Empires Geopol Geopolitical Geopolitics Other Plugins Realistic Server Survival War Wars

Empire’s Conquest

Empire’s Conquest is a nation building geopolitics server. We engage in diplomacy and war along with building up our empires. We have many talented builders and are looking for more. Since the server isn’t quite open to the public, you have to go through a very short vetting process. But after this, the door is open.

Arena Battle Best Creeps Hero Kitpvp Magic Minecraft Moba Powers Pvp Server Team Team Pvp Teams Tower Towers

MOBA {3v3} + KitPvP – Team Towers!

Welcome to Team Towers Beta! A 3v3 MOBA Style Server With KitPvp and other minigames coming!

Play Hero Based gameplay with custom skins, models, powers – The Whole Deal!
Rank up your skill level compared to other players in competative pvp!

ip: Play.TeamTowers.Xyz