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What is TycheCraft?
We are a completely survival dedicated server with the community at our heart. We host a variety of features to keep players entertained, as well as features to enhance the vanilla gameplay style.

We offer in-game ranks as an alternative to donator ranks which allow players to earn extra commands, features and perks by paying with in-game currencies. This allows players to have something to work towards.

Main Features
[li]Player Jobs[/li]
[li]Towns and Shops[/li]
[li]In-Game Rankups[/li]
[li]Vote Rewards + Vote Parties[/li]
[li]Safe Trading[/li]
[li]Auction House[/li]
[li]Player Warps[/li]
[li]Silk Spawners[/li]
[li]Optional PvP[/li]
[li]Percentage Sleep[/li]
[li]along with many, many more amazing features…[/li]

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Free Fun Survival Towny


AppleRealms Towny Earth.
New IP:

AppleRealms Towny Earth is a Survival Server with a focus on Towns and the planet Earth. We are a friendly community, always helping each other out and having a whole lot of fun on the way. We cant wait to meet you.

– Custom Fishing.
– Set up towns and become wealthy.
– The map replicates the Earth.
– mcMMO
– Free lottery draw every thirty minutes.
– Auction House to sell items.
– Tree felling. Chop down entire trees with one hit and find rare loot.
– Resource worlds that reset every 30 days to protect the natural beauty of the Earths Landscape.
– Earn money by joining jobs.
– Vote daily to earn rewards in game.
– And more… Join to find out.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Discord Economy Free Fun Plugins Towny

The Clash

The Clash specializes in community driven, fun town experience that will for sure leave you wanting more.
1.7 – 1.15.2 SUPPORTED.

• Custom Biomes
• Custom Enchants
• Balanced Economy
• Growing Community
• McMMo
• Free FLY
• Custom Plugins

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Economy Free Parkour Pvp Shops Survival Vanilla


We are a friendly, peaceful and relaxed survival economy server which aims to preserve the semi-vanilla experience of Minecraft.
We are a new server with with tons of land ready to be explored and claimed. Brand new MCMMO interface with latest EXP system & Skills. Lots of FREE daily rewards for in game achievements and logins. Tons of FREE voting rewards. In game and regular currency Premium rewards as well. Awesome PVP arena. Parkour. Huge map to explore with over 3 million blocks. In Game store, Rank shop and much much more. Be one of the first to join us on our brand new server were we are all here to to play Minecraft Just4Fun.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Discord Economy Minigames Pvp Shops Survival

Dream Network

Dream Network [1.15.2]

A survival network with a twist

Tired of sacrificing quality gameplay for pay-to-win servers?
So are we
Thats why quality and up to date content is prioritised here.

You can join us anytime


Custom UHC events
Every game is different.

Minigames – Bedwars – TNTRun – Hide&seek

Huge 40k world border
Land claims
Emerald tools
Lucky blocks
Player heads
Player shops
XP bottles
Active and knowledgeable staff at your assistance 24/7
Lots of features and improvements added weekly

Discord Invite:

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Discord Shops Survival


SuperMistMc [1.15]

An awesome OP Survival Server has released for you to unravel a great journey and experience.

– Awesome Custom Enchants
– 1.8 Combat Style
– OP Boss Mobs
– Super Minions
– Special Spawners
– Custom Crafting and Furnaces Recipes
– Interesting Quests
– Cool Rewards
– Daily Challenges and Rewards
– Envoys
– Player Warps
– Chest Shops
– Auto Sell Chests
– Lottery, Coinflip and much more

Server IP
» «
Beta Release Out Now

Discord –

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Custom Discord Survival

Eldian Paradise

A survival server complete with mcmmo, magic, pets, over 200 custom enchantments and more.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Pvp Survival

Area Z12 Premium – Origins

Survival server always running the latest version of Minecraft.

– Premium server – NO PIRATES
– Clans
– McMMo
– ChestShops
– Marry(with chatTAG: Love): Allows marry home, gifts and kisses
– Events: XP rains everyday at 23hrs
– Auctions
– Daily Money Rewards
– Self Bank for XP and Money
– Open places to build (not plots and all flags allows to changed like pvp, spawn mobs, etc…)
– Exclusive Arenas for PVP XP (with 24hrs of pvp enabled but dont loose your XP on death)
– VIP plans with P7 and iron golem spawners
– Owner: FabioZumbi12


Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Factions Survival

VegaPvP Network

Come join our amazing survival and factions server, VegaPvPNetwork. We feature countless ways to enjoy factions, such as playerheads, and mcMMO. Our goal is to for players to experience a well-designed staff, along with helpful players. Our staff is very kind to new players, and will help them get started right away. While players are and can be friendly, many players can see you as an enemy, so be on your watch. Collect resources and build to the limits of your imagination here on VegaPvP and youll soon dominate the server. Hope to see you soon.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Factions Fun Plugins Survival

ShadowOfThePast [1.11.2]

Remember how Minecraft was before, before everything got bombarded with messy plugins? If you do, then log in to the ShadowOfThePast and experience minecraft as it was before.

ShadowOfThePast is a 100% survival server, and no other. All plugins used are only a supplement to make survival-gaming more fun, but not easier, such as Jobs, McMMO and Factions.

The server is still in its early days, therefore, all new players have the opportunity to help during development to make this server unbeatable
– 24/7
– Minecraft version 1.11.2, for both cracked and non cracked users
– Stable core
– 100% Survival
– Server Address:


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