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Enjoy a brand-new Minecraft Server with a growing community!


Experience our Survival Multiplayer world with some great additions, including..

Our server supports PVP!
So protect your homes and your valuables, prepare to befriend or make enemies!

Join our mature community today!
We hope to see you on the server.

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Green Gem

Green Gem is a Survival Multiplayer server with the following features:

Keep Inventory is ON
Players have the /back command
Phantoms are turned OFF
Players can claim land with a golden shovel
Players can rank up and get new kits
Sand Worms spawn in the Desert (not joking)
We have McMMO – a plugin that adds RPG vibes and skills
We have NEW GEMS players can find while mining
We have PyroMiningPro – an enhanced mining experience
We have NEW FISH players can catch while fishing
We have PyroFishingPro – an enhanced fishing experience
Player Vaults, Player Shops and Player Warps
The owner of Green Gem is active and adds new content often
Our community is friendly, helpful, and awesome
All types of people are welcome – hate is not welcome on Green Gem

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Nowhere Land [SMP] {1.16} {Towny} {Economy} {Survival} {Semi-Hardcore} {Solo Player Friendly}

Server IP:
Reddit: r/Nowhere_Land

Come checkout Nowhere Land, a place to be who, or whatever you want! Nowhere Land is a mostly western/frontier type server (we also love even older styled builds) with a reliance on gold and iron as a physical currency, and Towny for creating your local frontier towns. Be anything from the Mayor of a gold rush city to the outlaw who’s constantly on the move.

We’re a Towny server; a plugin which has very similar game play to factions, but with more of a focus on building and community. Our server is very difficult, and you will need to avoid death at all possible costs. Otherwise, you will be randomly teleported and everything you’ve built will be lost to another part of the map upon death. This makes game play exciting when playing with other server members, and will force you to make the tough decisions necessary for surviving the wilderness. This and the fact that we don’t have teleports on this server, make it a great place for solo players to join, since they can explore out into our vast and growing world, and find others to work with that they may have never met before!

We’re also a new server with an enthusiastic owner who has tons of past experience. If you have any questions, just stop by our Discord server and let’s chat. Even if you don’t want to or can’t play MC, come hang out with our community.

Current Events: Nowhere Beautification Contest

Current Plugins: AnimalPlague, BasicRTP, BetterTownyWars, Chestshops, LuckPerms, MineableSpawners, ore-control, PwnPlantGrowth, TheNewEconomy, Towny, TownyChat, TownyNameUpdater, UltimateChairs, WorldBorder

Coming Soon: DeathCommands, Companies, NewGods, and SO MUCH MORE

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  • Welcome to ClubTownie Welcome to ClubTownie, we hope you will enjoy your stay while playing with us here at ClubTownie and create a awesome community. We also have a friendly and active staff team to help and support you with all your needs, just make sure to respect our staff team and our players.
  • Make sure to read the #Rules before playing: Please take your time to read our #⛔server-rules⛔ and text channels to get some information about our server.
  • Server Info/Features: This is a vanilla pve survival server with many features, here some of them: ↠ Server and player-run economy. ↠ Vote and Event crates. ↠ Custom /rankup system(in progress) ↠ Towny System. ↠ Events. ↠MCMMO&Jobs ↠ SilkSpawners ↠ Much more to come!
  • Discord Link –
  • Towny infomation can be found at the link below: ↠
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    RivenRise | NEW SERVER! | 1.16



    The server is a work in progress and some features may break or change. Please report any issues to our Discord Server

    Welcome to RivenRise! We’re a NEW 1.16 survival no-grief server with laid back rules. Thanks to our developers, we offer a play-style you won’t find anywhere else! With a dynamic economy there’s many ways to buy, sell and trade goods for resources or money. As you progress financially you can unlock more abilities, perks, commands and kits through our custom rank shop. Activities range from painting a canvass on an easel, upgrading beehives, mining stack-able Mob Spawners and building working elevators! With features like McMMO, ClueScrolls, FishingQuests and Jobs – you’ll never run out of things to do!

    Some of our core features:

  • KeepInventory
  • Integrated Discord chat
  • DynMap
  • LandClaims
  • AgreedPvP
  • AdvancedEnchantments
  • PetBlocks
  • Timber
  • Meteorites & Rainbow events
  • ShopGUI
  • AuctionHouse
  • ChestShops
  • EpicSpawners
  • Elevators
  • McMMO
  • Jobs
  • Ranks
  • Kits
  • ClueScrolls
  • BetterFishing

    …and many more!

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    What is The Requiem Community?
    Requiem is a multi-gaming community made up of the best people around the world. Everyone here is looking to have a great time and share experiences together. Being a multi-gaming community we have a large community focused around other games and looking to expand our small, but cozy, Minecraft community.

    What do we offer?
    We offer a family-friendly community open to all who act in a mature manner, where staff are virtually available 24/7 and always working to enhance the server and its member’s experience. As part of the requiem community we have weekly game events for our members aswell as community events such as movie nights in an effort to create an even closer tight-knit community. We currently offer a Survival SMP experience for our members with no game changing plugins. In the near future we are expanding to multiple servers, potentially running factions and creative plots.

    Join our Discord server where you can find a list of rules, trade rooms, and game rooms!
    If you get lost feel free to message me! nikedahl#0762

    Cities Customworld Economy Landclaims Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Shops Survival Towns Towny

    MedievalRealms [1.16.1]

    MedievalRealms is a fantasy survival server oriented to open ended gameplay. Upon joining you will arrive at Central, the starting point for your journey. You may explore the expansive realm as a traveler, collaborate with others to establish towns, build a business enterprise, or forge your own unique legacy.
    IP: – version 1.8.9-1.16.1

    Adventure Balancedeconomy Barren Barrenrealms Community Crates Economy Landclaim Landclaiming Landclaims Mcmmo Mypet Pets Pve Pvptoggle Quests Semivanilla Spigot Survival Vanilla

    Barren Realms – 1.15.2 Survival!

    Barren Realms is the best survival experience on 1.15.2! Grab yourself some friends or venture off solo and enjoy an epic semi-vanilla survival experience!

    The server features Land Claiming, McMMO, Balanced Economy, MyPet, Auctions, PVP Toggle, Silk Spawners and much, much more!

    Join today and become apart of our growing community!

    1161server 116server 116survival 116vanilla 2b2t Anarchy Capitalism Capitalist Community Discord Discordsrv Docm77 Fitmc Freespeech Goodtimeswithscar Grian Griefprevention Hermitcraft Illmango Landclaim Landclaiming Landclaims Libertarian Mindcrack Mumbo Mumbojumbo Pve Pvp Redstone Scicraft Semivanilla Shoppingdistrict Simple Smp Survival Survivalmultiplayer Technical Vanilla Xisuma Xisumavoid

    Simple Survival [FRESH MAP] [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {1.16.1} {Community} {Discord} {GriefPrevention} {Capitalism}

    What is Simple Survival?

    Described by players as “a combination of the things I love about 2b2t and HermitCraft,” Simple Survival is a community-oriented survival Minecraft server. Collaborative projects, joint economic ventures, and community builds are highly encouraged. There’s optional PvP, no griefing, and no stealing.

    Keep in mind, Simple Survival is a community-focused server! Building near spawn and collaborating with other players is encouraged as it fosters a ‘community’ environment. If you’re looking for isolation and privacy, this probably isn’t the best server for you.

    One of my goals is to keep the server as close to vanilla as possible without needing to whitelist the server. Any plugins we have installed exist to streamline gameplay or administration, not alter the game.

    This is not a family-friendly server and is recommended for players ages 18 and up. There are no rules against racism, homophobia, or toxicity. To any parents reading this, it’s not my job to babysit your child; don’t let it play on here.

    IP Address:

    Version: 1.16.1


  • A spawn village where you can build to your heart’s desire!
  • A hyper-capitalist diamond-based trade economy and player-made shopping district.
  • GriefPrevention to let you protect your builds.
  • Rollback plugins in case of any griefing or theft.
  • No unnecessary or game-altering plugins (no MCMMO, Economy, etc).
  • Friendly, helpful staff!
  • No pay-to-win bullshit.
  • A community Discord server.
  • Optional PvP (toggleable via a plugin).
  • Multiple custom plugins and datapacks.
  • Custom server painting pack.
  • Rules:

  • Don’t grief or steal, it will be rolled back.
  • Don’t hack or take advantage of glitches.
  • Don’t leave floating trees near spawn.
  • Don’t leave 1×1 towers, dirt huts, or similar structures near spawn.
  • Abide by our village rules when building near spawn.
  • Don’t ask for operator or staff positions.
  • No advertising whatsoever.
  • If you can’t take a joke or get offended easily, leave.
  • Plugins: CoreProtect, WorldEdit, Essentials, PermissionsEx, GriefPrevention, PvPToggle, DiscordSRV, GreenText, AntiVPN, Vibe Check

    Datapacks: AFK Display, Customizable Armor Stands, Double Shulker Shells, Dragon Drops Elytra, More Mob Heads, Multiplayer Sleep, Anti Ghast Grief, Silence Mobs, Durability Ping, Wandering Trades SS Edition

    Community Economy Enjoy Friendly Landclaims Pets Respectful Survival


    Silentium is a friendly survival server with a focus on community enhancement and social interaction. The server entails a robust Pets system with the possibility of over 80 different pets and a basic ride skill tree. However, when the in game attainable rank [+] Player is attained, access to more skill trees will be available. The server is economy driven and well balance, even facilitating player to player transactions via chestshops to help encourage an informal economy other their own. More playtime will earn you more claim blocks which you can then use to claim properties to protect them from stealing and griefing. Here at Silentium we believe in mutual respect and everyone is equal. Enjoy your stay!

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