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Team Alacrity

Alacrity is a community survival Minecraft server that is aiming to be a positive place for everyone. We have things such as custom items, a positive community, land claims, and more! The server is still under construction so make sure to stay tuned for what is to come!

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Warped Craft

Welcome to Warped Craft
Server was created: Feb/04/2013

Description of the server:

  Warped Craft is a crossplay Minecraft server for having fun and chilling out after a long day of work, school, or anything that you need to take a break from. We have a bunch of worlds, minigames, and plugins to help you enjoy this server.

We have support for Java Players VR Players, Bedrock Players, and Console Players.


World List: a total of 12 worlds to check out.

  HUB: This is the main area for when you first spawn into the server, this will let you see the rules and also be able to walk around to any of the portals we have for the worlds.

  3 different Creative worlds: we have a Creative Standard, Creative Flat, and a Plots world. These 3 worlds are different in how the appearance is and you can build to your hearts content with this world choice.
  Survival: If you enjoy massive survival worlds that are endless please join this world and start joining the community. We have Land protection and Nations to build soon when there is enough people we can do a nation war to see who the best players are.

  Pixel art: Pixel art has been a main part of this community for quite a while now and if you would like to enjoy art and possibly build some art please check out this world and get the builder rank.

  6 Minigames: We have a total of 6 minigames worlds. Acid Island, Boxed, Oneblock, Skyblock, Caveblock, and Skygrid.

  A bonus world: The wall of banned players from bad acts.

More worlds will be added at a later time if there is more interests in playing something different.

How to join:



Console Xbox / PS4/5 / Nintendo Switch:

You will need to change your DNS settings on the Xbox. Set DNS primary to=
Set DNS secondary to= or anything you used before. When you have done this go to the server menu in Minecraft on Xbox then Hit any one it will bring up a menu to put in my Minecraft bedrock server information.

If you need easier you can join with BedrockTogether app from the app store link= Apple Link Android Link not available yet.

Rules of the server:

  • Be nice to everyone.
  • Don’t Spam or Ask for items.
  • Don’t ask to become an admin if we haven’t played or hung out.
  • Don’t grief we can reset all you do.
  • No stealing, No lying, No hate.
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Links:
    Bedrock Link:

    Custom Customitems Economy Enchantments Landclaims Lands Public Semivanilla Survival Wars

    GRG:MC [1.17/1.17.1]

    Generic Roleplay Game: MC

    GRG:MC is a 1.17/1.17.1 public survival server with a vanilla base, but with a few additions to keep things spicy. With plenty of endgame items available, you’ll always have something to strive for. GRG:MC will never be pay to win and donators receive cosmetic perks along with a few utility commands, such as /workbench and particles.


  • Custom items, enchantments, and armor!
  • Some items that are special on GRG are sickles, files, and tomes. Sickles can be used to harvest crops in a wide area, files can be used to change the look of glass panes, iron bars, fences, etc, and tomes can be found in chests located around the world and can be used in crafting special enchantments! Want to learn more? Slide into the server!

  • Land claiming and wars!
  • Create a land and claim chunks as your own. Got beef with someone? Declare war on them. You’ll both get time to prepare and when the war starts, griefing and PvP between the two lands will be allowed. If you’ve got enough people, you can even start a nation and integrate multiple lands as your allies! Both lands involved in the war must mutually declare war on eachother, so don’t worry about getting griefed if you don’t want to be.

  • Player-made portals!
  • For the low price of a netherite block, you can create your own portal to teleport to a location of your choice. Link two portals together and make it public to show it on Dynmap and let other players use it!

  • Gold based economy!
  • Trade with other players and pay your lands upkeep with gold nuggets. Finally, a better use for gold!

  • No griefing!
  • No need to worry about your builds/chests getting destroyed. With CoreProtect, you can see exactly who broke your items and admins can easily roll back any damage after punishing the griefer.

    Our Discord server is fully integrated with the Minecraft server, allowing you to link your Minecraft account to Discord and interact with the server at any time!

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    The Grotto SMP (1.17.1) (Quests/Dungeons/Claims)

    The Grotto SMP (1.17.1) (Quests/Dungeons/Claims) Minecraft Server

    Title of Expandable Spoiler
    What is The Grotto?It’s always been difficult to explain what exactly The Grotto is intended to be. We’ve evolved since our first public launch, we’ve faced challenges and had to make difficult choices, yet we remain here as an indication, of our dedication, to create something amazing.The Grotto is in essence, an MMO styled Survival server;when joining for the first time, you can expect your usual survival aspects, with a smattering of interesting new features mixed in. Our goal is to create something which is, as cliche as it may sound, unique;a place where anyone is welcomed with open arms and given the chance toexplore something new.I suppose one could describe The Grotto as the ever-evolving creation of a mad scientist, afterall, one never knows what they may find while exploring our worlds..

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    [1.17.1] Lutton-Bourne – Survival


    version: 1.17.1 or newest bedrock version
    Port: Default (Java 25565 / Bedrock 19132)

    Welcome to our survival server, here’s a list of features:

  • Earn money from mob kills
  • Earnable ranks you can get for playtime, money, and a few other pre-requisites
  • No pay to win aspects ((Packages are cosmetic, or everyone gets an equal benefit)
  • Auction House to sell items to other people
  • /warp shops for a central place to sell bulk items to players
  • Discord server for communication –
  • Chests for your items when you die
  • Land claims to protect your builds
  • McMMO and Jobs so you can hone your skills and earn money
  • Safari Nets so you can capture your favorite mobs to make a zoo
  • Custom dungeons throughout the world
  • Custom crafting recipes
  • Chest shop for you to sell to other players
  • Crates for free stuff (including things you can’t normally get in survival)
  • Movie night every Saturday between 9PM and 12AM EDT.
    Come join the party in our Discord.

    For consoles:
    World Map:
    Emote craft support:
    Beenfo support:


    Griefprevention Landclaims Semivanilla Survival Vanilla


    Getting back to basics! Enjoy survival without the usual public server problems.

  • Grief-free! With GriefPrevention, we have an unbeatable, easy-to-use anti-grief which protects your builds, your chests, your animals, and even the items you drop when you die. The server also automatically mutes and bans spammers and chat trolls.
  • Easy to start. If you know how to play single player, you’ll know how to play CaveRaiders.
  • Quick to start. With Population Density, you’ll start close to the edge of our explored map – This means easy-to-find ores, animals, and space to build quickly and easily!
  • Fast Travel. Also a perk of Population Density, teleportation posts are placed every 400 blocks to help you quickly travel to meet up with friends, trade, or explore our huge world.
  • Active Staff. The server is monitored by active Staff members so any troubles that pop up can be fixed quickly!
  • Discord. An active Discord community means you’ll never be playing alone! Join the server to request a link to join, or wait for an announcement to cycle through with the address!
  • This server is FREE.

    We don’t believe in holding fun game elements hostage and asking for ransom. Without paying anything at all, you can access 100% of our world and 100% of Minecraft’s game features. You will not be required to vote, make any purchases, or limit your play time.

    Thanks for trying us out!

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    Export Servers

    Enjoy a brand-new Minecraft Server with a growing community!


    Experience our Survival Multiplayer world with some great additions, including..
    & MORE!
    Our server supports PVP!
    So protect your homes and your valuables, prepare to befriend or make enemies!

    Join our mature community today!
    We hope to see you on the server.

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    Green Gem

    Green Gem is a Survival Multiplayer server with the following features:

    Keep Inventory is ON
    Players have the /back command
    Phantoms are turned OFF
    Players can claim land with a golden shovel
    Players can rank up and get new kits
    Sand Worms spawn in the Desert (not joking)
    We have McMMO – a plugin that adds RPG vibes and skills
    We have NEW GEMS players can find while mining
    We have PyroMiningPro – an enhanced mining experience
    We have NEW FISH players can catch while fishing
    We have PyroFishingPro – an enhanced fishing experience
    Player Vaults, Player Shops and Player Warps
    The owner of Green Gem is active and adds new content often
    Our community is friendly, helpful, and awesome
    All types of people are welcome – hate is not welcome on Green Gem

    Building Chairs Chairstairs Chestshop Chestshops Discord Discordserver Events Exciting Factions Fun Land Landclaim Landclaims Multiplayer Multiplayerserver Nation Nations New Nowhere Protection Protections Pve Pvp Shop Shopchest Shops Singleplayer Smp Solo Soloplay Stairchairs Survival Survivaleconomy Town Towns Towny Townysurvival Townysurvivaleconomy Worldborder

    Nowhere Land [SMP] {1.16} {Towny} {Economy} {Survival} {Semi-Hardcore} {Solo Player Friendly}

    Server IP:
    Reddit: r/Nowhere_Land

    Come checkout Nowhere Land, a place to be who, or whatever you want! Nowhere Land is a mostly western/frontier type server (we also love even older styled builds) with a reliance on gold and iron as a physical currency, and Towny for creating your local frontier towns. Be anything from the Mayor of a gold rush city to the outlaw who’s constantly on the move.

    We’re a Towny server; a plugin which has very similar game play to factions, but with more of a focus on building and community. Our server is very difficult, and you will need to avoid death at all possible costs. Otherwise, you will be randomly teleported and everything you’ve built will be lost to another part of the map upon death. This makes game play exciting when playing with other server members, and will force you to make the tough decisions necessary for surviving the wilderness. This and the fact that we don’t have teleports on this server, make it a great place for solo players to join, since they can explore out into our vast and growing world, and find others to work with that they may have never met before!

    We’re also a new server with an enthusiastic owner who has tons of past experience. If you have any questions, just stop by our Discord server and let’s chat. Even if you don’t want to or can’t play MC, come hang out with our community.

    Current Events: Nowhere Beautification Contest

    Current Plugins: AnimalPlague, BasicRTP, BetterTownyWars, Chestshops, LuckPerms, MineableSpawners, ore-control, PwnPlantGrowth, TheNewEconomy, Towny, TownyChat, TownyNameUpdater, UltimateChairs, WorldBorder

    Coming Soon: DeathCommands, Companies, NewGods, and SO MUCH MORE

    Crates Economy Greifprevention Jobs Landclaims Mcmmo New Pve Pve Economy Pvp Silkspawners Survival Towny Townyeconomy Townysurvival Voterewards Votifier


  • Welcome to ClubTownie Welcome to ClubTownie, we hope you will enjoy your stay while playing with us here at ClubTownie and create a awesome community. We also have a friendly and active staff team to help and support you with all your needs, just make sure to respect our staff team and our players.
  • Make sure to read the #Rules before playing: Please take your time to read our #⛔server-rules⛔ and text channels to get some information about our server.
  • Server Info/Features: This is a vanilla pve survival server with many features, here some of them: ↠ Server and player-run economy. ↠ Vote and Event crates. ↠ Custom /rankup system(in progress) ↠ Towny System. ↠ Events. ↠MCMMO&Jobs ↠ SilkSpawners ↠ Much more to come!
  • Discord Link –
  • Towny infomation can be found at the link below: ↠

  • Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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