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5h4d0w_c0m3un17y (JAVA & BEDROCK)

5h4d0w_c0m3un17y (JAVA & BEDROCK) Minecraft Server
The world has many mysteries and wonders hidden in bizarre locations. Perhaps one of these is something seen on a daily basis. A thing so common, no one would have thought of looking at it in a different way, or perchance, even a bit closer….

But for those who found us, we are a community mainly based around art and games of all kinds especially electronic dance music. Shadows or 5h4d0w5 are followers of AvatarKage and are skilled people in the arts of defense, communication, survival, and creativity but not everyone and that’s fine too. Wearing all black with a glowing insignia, they blend perfectly within the dark night. Tho for the many outsiders who have met these people believe they operate some sort of flying machinery. However, their direct location remains completely anonymous…

This is its official Minecraft server with a hopefully future group attached to it here on PMC if approved. The community dates back from July 10th 2020 but only has approx. 80 members on the Discord nowadays with 30 others on the Facebook Group. Let’s expand it! Here are the Minecraft server’s timelines.

The server has kits, parties, ranks, chat leveling (will be synced with Discord later on), chat from MC to Discord, skills, and so much more slowly coming out!

– New world
– New chat functions
– Better moderation
– Working kits
– 24/7 uptime
– 5 GB RAM (4 GB last time)
– New lobby and functions
– Warps
– Updated ranks
– Fixed permissions
– Private or public parties
– Chat and skill Leveling
– New achievements
and best for last – new BUGS! 😀

5h4d0w Minecraft Server History

November 21, 2020; 5h4d0w Minecraft server created

April 30, 2021; 5h4d0w Minecraft server SMP rebuild 2.0 BETA

May 12, 2021; 5h4d0w Minecraft server SMP goes public

October 2, 2021; 5h4d0w Minecraft server rebuild 3.0 PRE-ALPHA

October 8, 2021; 5h4d0w Minecraft server goes private till 2022

February 22, 2022; 5h4d0w Minecraft server rebuild 3.0 starts

April 12, 2022; 5h4d0w Minecraft SMP returns public as a BETA

The Minecraft server has many goals currently working on being reached including the following game modes and so much more. There is no estimation as to when this will be fully available but expected within the next couple of years.

JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL [​BETA] (85% complete)
SMP aka survival multiplayer is a no PVP survival with the community with a planned PVP-only arena near the portal so players can challenge others for perhaps goods or simply to test their skills without the use of pro-PVP-made kits.

PVP (0% complete)
PVP aka player vs player is a dangerous place where there are areas and pro-PVP-made kits for battling each other. This game mode may also include a PVE aka player vs entity compartment for those who’d rather have a wilder fight.

Battlegrounds (0% complete)
Battlegrounds is a battle-royal-like mode with special kits and abilities to choose from before being sent to an island that consists of all 60+ Minecraft biomes. Many kits are native to certain biomes and are overpowered if used in said biome. Some in which you can send armies of mobs against your opponents to help you win the battlegrounds round. There will be a points and coins system to purchase higher-level kits.

Mini-Games (0% complete)
Not much information can be provided on this specific model as it is the least planned for as far as design go but could be anything really.

Creative (0% complete)
For artists of the community… for real tho? Mostly everyone is an artist here haha. Creative plots are spaces of a certain amount of blocks given in a cube for building your own structures for whatever purpose you may have for building them then showing them off to your friends and if you don’t have friends, I’m sure the community would appreciate to see your creative hard work.

Survival (0% complete)
Survival is an adventure mode world with enemies and bosses for you to defeat alongside, leveling up, completing quests, and raising to the max level. Currency and level here will be critical.

Parkour (0% complete)
Parkour is the newest planned mode and not much thought was put into it yet but basically you have to climb your way to the highest level possible.

Currently, we need builders but anyone is welcome to apply for something else! APPLY HERE if text click fails)

Official Site (WIP)

[email protected] (if you want to appeal a ban)
[email protected] (if you need non-moderation related support)

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use the second address is the main one fails

Planet Minecraft Group
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5h4d0w_c0m3un17y (JAVA & BEDROCK) Minecraft Server

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Brithnobar is a locally NZ hosted Minecraft server, featuring Duels, FFA, Survival, Towny, Crystal FFA and Crystal Duels,
we pride ourselves on our quality maps and plugin setup which is managed by our highly professional Dev and Admin team, we make all our own maps and other accessories it also has a private building world which you can get to by applying for the builder role, this world is run by Elfish_Jedi and is based off of his lore which he has developed, it is planned to turn this into a mmorpg like some other servers have done but since the map is so big this goal will be years in development, you can help though, the server is always in need of more good builders

the server is fairly active especially in the evenings where everyone has fun and generally hangs out in the Crystal FFA

and the Discord is a good place to be so we can notify everyone about events and projects

Britnobar Minecraft Server

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Art Community Creative Survival


ChaiCraft is a community of artistic Minecraft players that enjoy both survival and creative modes. Our server was launched for the 1.18 release of Caves and Cliffs!

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Techro Alfheim – Alfheim themed MMORPG Server

✪Alfheim✪: Embark on an adventurous journey into the world of Alfheim! There are 9 races that are completely player ran, grow with your fellow players to become the best race in the server!

✪Magic✪: Move through quests and dungeons, advancing through different magics, obtaining new ones through rank, shops or events!

✪Quests✪: Challenge yourself with a vast array of quests and dungeons to fulfill the hearts of the need for adventure and growth!

✪Items✪: Customize and outfit yourself with the hundreds of custom weapons and armours within the world from monsters, quests, and shops. Weapons such as Axes, Swords, and Spears!

✪Mobs✪: Fight against many different custom mobs in dungeons and for quests, some of which will have rare drops.

✪Home✪: With all your loot and gear enjoy the life of normal Minecraft survival and build a place to call home!

✪Roleplay✪: Immerse yourself in a grand adventure throughout the server!

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DBNation – Dragon Ball Z Adventure Server

Recendly re Opened. Still lot to do! But completely playable!

Check the Dynmap Here:


Check the Dynmap Here:

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The Arena

Welcome to The Arena. Here, you’ll be fighting to survive from the moment you leave spawn. You’ll be in adventure mode, but will still be able to craft with the resources you find. It’s a big map to explore, with all kinds of secrets and custom trades to discover. There are even minor parkour, archery, and PvP challenges you can do while you wait for people to join! The strongest armor you can possibly acquire currently is gold, so spawn camping will only wear you down, but grinding and building up your arsenal is important if you wish to survive out there in The Arena!

I’m also looking for people interested in helping me build on to the battle map and people who are experienced with commands and moderation and such.

Also, I have no rules against cursing, and I do like a good dark or offensive joke here and there, but please tone it down on here. This server is just for some casual fun, don’t take it too seriously, and don’t be toxic and ruin other people’s fun. Thank you, and I hope you and good luck! 🙂

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Phoenix MODDED server! Forge! Brand new server! Looking for Mods/Staff

Brand New server! started mere hours ago! Brand new mods! Our Modded minecraft server is a custom blend of mods found from curseforge website. 100% safe jar files. Easy to connect once u learn how to install mods and forge, straightforward. Game version is 16.3 !!! Mods include new biomes, hundreds of new light sources! over a thousand new blocks, armour and weapons stronger than netherite! coffee ingredients that u can farm/grow yourself that provide OP buffs! Furniture, seats, and any other recommendations since this is a community and we all have a say in how the server progresses and grows.

Here is the modpack!!!! unzip it to your mods folder, minecraft scans them all before opening. We use FORGE

dm me, or join our discord for the modpack! as well as instructions and help needed to join the server.

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Phoenix Modded Server!!

Hello Gamers! Welcome to Phoenix’s Server! A super server with a ton of modded content to keep the game invigorating and new! Express yourself! We do have certain rules but overall a fun community!!! Here are the Mods we use (Curse forge 16.2)

JOIN MY DISCORD and i will help you set up the server. Make sure to install EACH OF THESE MODS before joining the server!

Ever dreamed of opening a coffee shop?? server info for COFFEE MOD and here is the correct download link

How about all sorts of different lamps and shades and light sources??? is for the EXTENDED LIGHTS MOD! here is the download for this mod!
Minecraft Mod Review: EXTENDED LIGHTS! (Lamps, Candles & More!)

[Express yourself! Customize your artpieces with your OWN HAND DRAWN ART. Gift other players with your unique pieces, create an ART GALLERY!! here is the info/recipes for the JOY OF PAINTING mod! the link for this Mod can be found here
[​8:31 AM]

Bored of plain chests? info for the STORAGE DRAWES MOD!! along with the download link of course
Storage Drawers Mod Tutorial – Minecolonies #5

Dont want to place x amount of lamps? Need some invisible light to cover those big spaces? Dont want to make torches while you’re mining?
aaand the lighting wand! i am going to post info on how to build this soon!

create a bakery, a restaurant, have people coming to you for their food 🙂 Pam’s harvest 2
[​10:47 AM]
the download link is here [



Our discord is !!!!!

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TimeToBuild | Architecture School | Creative server 1.13 – 1.16

Hello my friends, today we’ve got some very good news for you! We have opened a first international creative server in Minecraft where everyone can build (from the beginner to the most experienced builders). Admins: ChamplainMC studies for the 3rd year at the university of architecture, and Crytek_RUz_ just fineshed an architectural college and recived a prestigious diploma. We have 10 years of buildng expierience in MInecraft and will be able to teach you how to create a beautiful constructions on the server. For experienced builders, we have a Dalenberg project (european architecture) which will allow you to develop your full potential by coworking with us.


What makes our server different from the rest?

  • Smart urban planning based on architectural education
  • Compliance with road and street design standards (road signs, traffic lights, road markings)
  • The best walking experience (high level of detail of shops, restaurants, banks, on the ground floors of buildings, real shop signs)
  • Insane level of architectural details
  • Dälenberg is the capital city of the fictional EU country Dalerland

    На нашем сервере сможет строить каждый. От новичка до самых опытных строителей. Администрация имеет архитектурное образование и сможет вас обучать красиво строить прямо на сервере. Мы имеем несколько категорий, но новичков в строительстве мы будем обучать различным крутым приемам, чтобы научиться лучше строить и удивлять всех своими творениями. Так же мы создали свой уникальный текстур пак, который позволяет майнкрафту выглядеть в разы реалистичней чем он есть. К опытным строителям у нас будет другой подход, который им очень понравится. Так же будут проходить конкурсы по строительству на различные донатные позиции и прочее. В русском сегменте Minecraft серверов это уникальный проект, присоединяйтесь, и будем творить красоту вместе!