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Aurelia RPG + SMP | Builders and Chat Mods NEEDED! | Apply without experience!

Hello! I am looking for people who want to be builders, chat mods, and test players.

What you might build: small towns, ruins, totems decorations around the world, small boss arenas in my new server. Use your imagination!

I can explain the world concept and lore to you when you join.
My discord is the best way to get hold of me, Loom#5650

Some basic info would be appreciated, your username, age, any experience and what role you may want to have in the server.

Beta players are welcome to chill as well, no contributions needed. What are you waiting for? Join the team today!

– Open World RPG – Custom Magic Abilities and Custom Modelled Mobs in vanilla
– Linear numbered quest lines.
– Side quests, unlockables and upgradable skills.
– Custom indepth advanced combat – 4 different classes
– Accessories, and 25 different pets
– Skills, progression for every stat from Mining, to Fishing, to Woodcutting, to Alchemy to Archery and so on!
– Apartment Roleplay world
– Separate 1.19.2 SMP World with a fresh clean map
– Factions land claim
– No griefing
– No pesky mods or modpack installers required! But Optifine will let you see our highly custom armor sets!
– Whitelisted for development currently

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TWWOM – The Wizarding World of Minecraft – HARRY POTTER [1.15+]


Wizards, witches and muggles! Have you ever longed to receive your acceptance letter from
Hogwarts, learn all the spells of the wizarding world, fly on broomsticks
and have your own pet?

From the ashes a server is reborn… The Wizarding World of Minecraft has arrived!

On our server we can offer you the most fun at the lowest cost… no Forge or mods necessary,
just put the IP in your server list and get in. you will be prompted
download a texture pack, which you can pre-download at

You will be able to explore the entire magical world of JK Rowling and become part of
the community as if you were a real Hogwarts student.
You’ll pass places like Diagon Alley, Kings Cross, 93/4 station and
finally… you will arrive at the best school of magic and wizardry in the
world, to finally be selected and manage to learn the beauty of
to magic.

You could say that we are in a “beta” mode
from the server, because there is a lot of content missing to add so much of
this saga (as of others *cough* *cough*) and there is still a lot of work to be done
end up. However, you will not have a bad experience, since the
content that is missing itself, are they cosmetics or advanced stuff for a
new user. All kinds of bugs can be reported on the Discord forum or community.

⌁ Forum:

⌁ Textures/textures: click here!

⌁ Store/shop:

⌁ Discord: click here!

⌁ Facebook: click here!

⌁ Instagram: click here!

What can our community offer you?

We have more than 90 spells that you can learn in the academy, and with that explore Hogwarts to complete more than 40 missions (more will be added over time) that will immerse you in the magical world. You will be able to carry out special missions to be able to choose your side within the community.
All this you can do alone, or with your friends and/or your clan. We have a clan system, with the idea that more sides are created and thus, a kind of clan war. Each clan has its grade, and its “power-ups” that will benefit it in every fight or encounter they have in the magical world.
We can also offer you some beautiful pets, highlighted as strange magical creatures, who can help you a lot when you need it.
And last but not least… we can offer you a very friendly community. Both the users and the STAFF will be willing to help you and be your adventure partner.
What are you waiting for to enter?



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Lostshard RPG [Custom] [Magic] [Spells] [Skills] [PvP] [SMP] [1.16.5]

Lostshard, a Minecraft RPG server and revival of the original Lostshard.


Discord: click here to join

MC Version: 1.16.5Welcome to Lostshard – on our server you will find a completely custom RPG / MMORPG type experience loosely based off Ultima Online.

Insane PvP, and skill, class, magic, plot, clan + economy systems built from scratch.

No mods required but completely reinvents how Minecraft can be played

And for people who played on the original Lostshard, welcome back!

Come join our discord:

Pictures below to offer a glimpse of what Lostshard is like – come check it out

Brewery Chairs Chestshop Donorperks Faction Pvp Factions Landclaim Magic Mcmmo Needstaff Pvp Shopgui Spells Treeassist Veinminer

Magic Factions

Magic Factions
A 24/7 Dedicated Server
Plugins: Jobs, mcMMO, Factions, Magic, Paintball, Economy, Shop, ChestShop, VeinMiner, TreeAssist, and more!
New server looking for members as well as server staff.
But you can’t be any geek off the street, gotta be handy with the steel, if you know what I mean, earn your keep

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Welcome to ManticoreMC! Our goal is to give all
players a chance to play with their friends without having to jump through 15
hoops. While offering private worlds, we offer many customizable features to
make your world just the way you want.

What makes you different from the other survival servers? Glad you asked!
While we pride ourselves on giving all players the same fair chance at playing
without emptying their bank accounts. We offer many custom plugins, not only
including; McMMO, Custom Enchantments, Kingdoms, Land Claiming, Marry and
Player Shops.

As well as having new custom plugins, we have an active Staff Team that
will be more than willing to help at any time you have a question. With a 99%
uptime we are constantly improving and pushing to make this server as enjoyable
as possible. Since you made it this far, why not stop by and give us a try! Can’t
wait to see you there!

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harry potter server (english only) 1.13.2

this server has spigot with a harry potter plugin, you can do spells, teleport through floo, get sorted, go up to year 7, house points and more. (plugin isnt mine) you can use the plugin to duel or rp or something else the map is hogwarts castle theres pretty much the entire map but there are some missing blocks like missing floors or walls if you see some send a message in game

if you want me to open the server dm me in discord DanielGame2932#3285

about the skin plugin: you can get a skin from any minecraft account by doing /skin (playername) or you can use any skin if you use /skin url (url) (steve/slim, then use /skin update to update your skin, /skin clear to reset your skin. if you want to know more about this plugin heres the link

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Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales

What happens after the end? After the prophecies of great godly reckonings come to pass? After the apocalyptic plagues and land-mauling storms? What happens to we who were not intended to survive? It’s any fools’ guess as to what happened. Some blame the gods. Others say it’s the natural culling of the herd. The more naturally gifted can feel it- slowly creeping with cold claws into this world.

Many small towns have fallen to the chaos. Larger cities have held onto some semblance of order through sheer will and ignorance. No matter where you are, rumors linger of new lands. A place of solace for the persecuted, a blank slate for the unwanted. New opportunities in a world that has begun to fall apart at the seams.

Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales Minecraft Server

Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales is a Dark Fantasy 16+ Roleplay Experience! Our server utilizes dark storytelling and custom lore to enhance events and storylines. We utilize DnD mechanics to enhance the experience of leveling up in character with DnD & homebrew classes and races. We pride ourselves on making every character feel unique, and work to fit every character in to the lore and story, as we believe every player should feel important.
Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales Minecraft Server

Over 11 unique races with in depth lore, culture, and religion

12 classes and over 50 subclasses from multiple DnD books and outlets

Unique XP and leveling system

Roleplay focused leveling, so those who cant attend events don’t fall behind!

Unique professions and economy

Deep player involvement with player ran events, player written lore, and more!

Homebrew races, classes, items & spells, added by staff or submitted by players

Artryphae (Bugpeople)

Chimarae (Satyrs)


Hin (Halflings)


Nymphs (Mermaids)

Salamandrae (Lizardfolk, Kobolds & Tortles)

Sylphae (Pixies Fairies & Harpies)


Uruk’kin (Orcs & Goblins)














While this is our current list of approved classes, we will be adding homebrew classes and subclasses as we go!

Wicked Roots and Twisted Tales is a 16+ experience due to it’s dark themes and mature audience. More information is on our website. We also have a whitelist that you can apply for on our discord!

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Endless Realm | 1.18.X | SMP | 150+ Custom Weapons | Custom Biomes | Free Pet | Land Claim | Discord | Voice Chat | Custom Food |

Endless Realm

Hi there!

Welcome to Endless Realms! Our server is ultimately centered on community and activity. As the owner of this server, I strive for a great SMP and Discord community, where we all are active as if we are all long-time friends. We also voice chat for games outside of Minecraft, whether to talk or play drawing games like Gartic phone. As long as you’re friendly, mature, and interesting; come and join! We’ll love to see you!

With that aside, in our Minecraft server, we have the following:

  • 200+ Custom Weapons and Food: Every weapon and food have a unique texture, with varying abilities and skills!
  • A Custom Magic Wand: Craft a wand that follows survival progression, unlocking new skills and powers!
  • Custom Terrain Generator: Bored of Vanilla? Join a vast custom world, filled with colorful forests and giant forests!
  • A Customizable Pet: A Petblock for all players! Customize their skin with over 1000s to choose from and remember to name!
  • Land Claims: Claim land and be able to buy, sell and rent them!
  • Custom Titles: Show off your Custom Rank!
  • Discord: Our Minecraft and Discord chat and voice chat are connected, so there’s never a moment of silence.
  • Silkspawner: Be able to mine Spawners!
  • Custom Mobs: Found in our Custom Terrain for those we want to test their powers!
  • Graves: Died? No worries, having a craftable grave token will save your items!
  • Economy: Auctions, Admin Shops, Player Shops, Lotteries!
  • Magic Compass: Hate memorizing commands? Now with this magic compass, access all commands you need without memorizing them! Click and done.
  • Why all these features? Because vanilla eventually becomes stale after a while, these features help allow the server to add some additional gameplay and grind. Ultimately, most of these are not necessary as we have 2 worlds. One for those who enjoy an untouched vanilla world for casual players. And another, made for Custom terrain, inhabited by Custom Mobs for those who want the grind. But these worlds have cross-play; accessible and habitable by any players.

    I hope those who read this far join our community, because you already seem like a wonderful individual if you did. If I still didn’t convince, regardless, I hope you have a great day!

    118server Anticheat Antigrief Bedrock Claim Claimland Coreprotect Discord Discordsrv Disguise Disguises Dynmap Economy Essentials Fantasy Friendly Fun Griefprevention Java Javabedrockcrossplay Javaedition Keepinv Keepinventory Landclaim Magic Magicspells Mcmmo Minigames Pets Powers Rpg Safe Silkspawners Spells Survival

    [1.18.1] MC Gardens – Survival [Fantasy][Magic Powers][Java & Bedrock]

    Welcome to MC Gardens We are a friendly, survival server focused on creating a magical, fantasy-like experience in Minecraft 1.18

    We do not tolerate discrimination against religious belief, gender, age, race, or sexual orientation! Come join us today!

    Make sure to join our Discord to connect with our online community!

    – Add a new server (not a realm)
    – IP:
    – Port: 25558


    • Explore the Enchanted Gardens, a fantasy world created with custom terrain generation! Features: • Enchanted forests with blue grass and spiraling trees • Pink, purple, & blue leaves • Volcanoes • Dragons, demons, & other custom monsters • Mystical, winding caves

    • Choose a Magic Class consisting of many unique and gameplay-enhancing abilities. Use /magic to select the following types in-game:
      • Water: naiad
      • Air: fairy, angel
      • Earth: dwarf, elf, hobbit
      • Slayer: dragon, demon

    • Collect rare, powerful items including magic wands, swords, and ancient treasure!
    • Purchase cool, custom items in /pointshop !
    • Enter in on quests using /battlepass (coming soon)

    • Join one of the 🏰︱kingdoms to claim a room/base in a tight-knit community, and secure a personal Vault for your items and wealth! All kingdoms are visitable via /pwarp
      • Grotto: lush caves and rich mines forge the perfect home for dwarves, hobbits, and elves alike!
      • Black Sea: naiads and merfolk live far below within depths uninhabitable to even the most magical of creatures…
      • Harbor: a point of safety and trading; all are welcome! (coming soon)
      • Midnight: castles and strongholds make up the royalty-class… (coming soon)
      • Inferno: a kingdom built in the deepest, darkest pits of the Underworld, venture in at your own risk… (coming soon)

    Economy Netherupdate Roleplay Signshop Spells Towny


    Notable Features:

    – Fantasy Role Play

    – Spells

    – Towny

    – SignShops


    Anivaria is a brand new Minecraft Fantasy Role Play Server. The Sol storm swept across the land, changing the entire known world as we know it. This catastophic event has introduced a new near-magical substance called “Sol.” It’s mysterious and invaluable properties make it into the global coined currency used by all civilizations in the land. The Sol storm has been on a decline and has left new areas of the world livable again and available for resettlement. “Koth” is one such place, and is the focal point of the server.


    MC Version: 1.16.3

    Anivaria Awaits!