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Sunset Parks

Welcome, to Sunset Parks. A place where one can come to experience the magic, of real life Disney parks, or lose yourself in the wonders of a customized park, designed in the same way the real-life Imagineers create their parks!


  We are currently set to open in the next few months, as we finish up the last few things needed to open Main-Street, and Tomorrowland in Smithland! If you want to help create the parks, feel free to DM @IronSmithMC#3835 on discord to apply! We currently offer many positions to choose from, so that you can find one you’re interested in.

•[​Envisioner] -{Envisioners are the ones who come up with the ideas, develop the ideas, and truly make them great. Envisioners work closely with the Owners and help bring ideas to their finished state. While one of the least intensive jobs, its also one of the hardest, as you have to be very creative, and be willing to have those ideas be changed and worked on by others.}

•[​Builder] -{Builders, as the job name suggests, are who bring the Envisioners ideas to a finished product. Not only do these Builders bring these places and rides to reality, they provide them with what they should look, and feel like.}

•[​Technician] -{Technicians are the ones who bring the rides and lands to life! they make the rides work, bring the audio to the lands, and make the rides and lands feel alive}

Dm me, and join the discord to apply today!

Discord: Click here!
instagram: Click here!

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The Moist Server

Hello! This is a new server that I started recently. This server is still in development and still just survival, but I hope you to make it a towny one day. We are currently looking for staff of all ranks and I am hoping to start building a small community too. I hope you enjoy the server and if you need anything just ask. Also, sorry for the bad banner. I am not good at photoshop.

Discord Friendly Hiring Staffneeded Survival Towny Vanilla

Dream World [Semi – Vanilla] [Join our Discord] [HIRING]

Hello Planet Minecraft,

My name is Vkzo, I am the founder of Dream World. I come to Planet Minecraft to present my server. With that being said let me tell you a little about us.

Currently the server is in a state of building blocks. Most if not all of it is subject to change. I don’t plan to keep the server vanilla, so I want to give you all a fair warning before joining us. The server is currently in a semi – vanilla state, but we plan to do much more than just leave it that way. Dream World is designed to be well thought out, and have wonderful unique functions. We plan to make the server a friendly Towny server. No PVP, player economy, cosmetics, ect. We want to give the players a chance to join us and start the foundation of our community. If you just want to check us out there will be a link for our Discord at the bottom of this post. For the people who just want to join and play, we will have a temp world setup for you as well. However with that being said that world and your progress will not be long lived. As soon as we get the ball rolling we will be wiping the server and converting it into a full fledge Towny server. Don’t let that discourage you, we plan to give those who played in our (Beta) a special reward. Something that will show that you were here from the start and stuck with us. We truly believe that those who join us on this journey will be compensated for your time. Like I said we are mainly looking to get the community constructed so we can get a better understanding of how to approach particular things. So weather you want to just join us for the ride, or are looking to play we welcome you. Thank you for your time, I personally hope to see you online and enjoying what we have worked hard to do.

For those of you looking to become staff: We will be filling multiple rolls, such as Builders, Helpers, Mods, Admins, and even other roles not mentioned.


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Moljas Better Survival Server

Welcome to Purpleninja951s better survival server
Our server now includes magic and tech

Players will choose to build freely in survival mode (with the option of land claims) or players can live in the city and utilize existing shops/homes
We have added a progression system (slimefun) to help add more exciting features

We are always looking for builders to develop more land and moderators to help watch over the server
for applications email [email protected] and tell purpleninja951 why you are a good choice

Join our discord at Ninjas Better Discord

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MineWeb Survival

MineWeb Network Presents
Survival (1.18.2)

➲ Custom Terrain

➲ GUI Menus

➲ Land Claiming

➲ Bedrock Support

And much more!

MineWeb is a Minecraft server founded by @GrowTaz which was first released on 05/07/2020 for it’s first time. Our server offers a great survival gamemode for all our players to enjoy & have fun in. Interested? Join the community now!
(Gamemodes are constantly updated, staff are friendly and we welcome bug reports to improve our server! Join today! )



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NebulaCraft – Season 3 & 1/2 ¦ 20w14infinite; Vanilla; SMP


We’re a Minecraft Java server with a great community and lots of plugins to make the perfect experience! As well as this we pride ourselves on our unique custom generation that makes the game far more interesting… We would love to see you here.

– Plenty of QOL Datapacks to keep the vanilla experience.
– A cheap store to support us and get amazing rewards!
– Lots of giveaways at regular goals.
– A friendly, growing community with nearly 300 people.
– Quality hardware to hold many people without any lag!
– 2,147,483,645 new dimensions!

Server Info:
Server Address:

Season 1:
Start – 4th March 2021
End – 9th June 2021

Season 2:
Start – 26th June 2021
End – 21st July 2021

Season 3:
Start – 26th July 2021
End – 22nd October 2021
Season 3.5:
Start – 6th November 2021

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Just an Earth Server 1:500 Towny + MCMMO



NEW 1.16.3 Survival opened literally 5 hours ago.
Towny server with MCMMO. 1:500 Earth Map, donator ranks, nations, towns, claim plots and towns, SHOPS, wars coming soon. Cosmetics, particles, mineable mob spawners all around the world, NETHER BIOMES UPDATE!!

Online 24/7, Lag Free, large view distance, custom plugins, /tpa, new nether, GOLD-Based Economy. Voting gives high rewards.

FAST START, BRAND NEW MAP, visit the place where you live in real life!

We are looking for helpers and mods. Join our discord listed above.

Yes, Just an Earth Server, that’s it.

Furry Hiring Other Roleplay

Aura330’s Furry Server! (HIRING BUILDERS AND ADMINS!)

Hello everyone!

I don’t have a lot of things built on this server, and am really really early in the stages of building the server, but I wanted to post early to try and find people who want to help build the server and want to make friends before everything is built! I am hoping for this to be a small server that is a safe place for furries to come together and hang out. I am hoping to make this a server for many things, survival, creative, PVP, and role-play! I also would like to emphasize that this is not ONLY for furries, anyone is welcome, unless you are spreading hate to anyone. Trolls will not be tolerated. I understand the stigma around furries, and I understand that not everyone supports them, and that it is a very common thing for people to raid or troll furry servers. If anyone is suspected of trolling or raiding, they can be kicked or banned, with no warning. You can PM me here if it was a mistake, but I have seen too many examples of this and know how common it is to tolerate it at all.

I am currently looking for any staff willing to work any jobs! Be it builders, moderators, or admins, just let me know and we’ll see about a process to hire you as staff! (Staff are unpaid of course, this is all just for fun!) We are in large need of builders, so please let me know if you are interested! I would like to only officially hire people as staff after they gain my trust and have spent significant time on the server. I do not have all the details worked out yet, but I will let you know in game when I have things worked out.

This is still a very very young server, and I am not sure how it is going to go. I plan on making this much more professional In the future, but like I said, right now I am just looking to have fun and create an accepting community for furs to enjoy Minecraft together! I wanted to post this ASAP to get some help starting up the server, as it is a big task and I cannot do it alone. My main goal here is to have some fun, make some new friends, and hopefully make something worthwhile! Please know that I do not know how long the server will be up, or how committed I will be to it, but I was looking for a fun project to take on, and this is what I chose. That being said, I hope to see you there!

Feel free to add me on Discord and let me know if you are interested in applying for staff, or even just playing! I’ll make a Discord server if we get enough people interested!

Discord- Aura330#9125

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Apollo Network

Apollo Network
  • Modded Servers
  • Vanilla Servers
  • Custom Plugins
  • Active Staff
  • Community Based
  • Categories
    Custom Hiring Needed Other Rpg Slimefun Staff Survival Wom

    Slimy Network

    Slimy Network is an awesome server based on slimes and fun features. With the owner being a developer, suggestions can be added quickly and bugs will always be fixed. We have many features planned on top of our current feature set.

    Lobby Features:

  • Awesome lobby build
  • Easy to use server selector
  • 1.4.7 – 1.15.2
  • Survival Features:

  • Slimefun with Exotic Garden
  • Tree feller (Sneak + Axe)
  • Stackable spawners, items, and mobs
  • Griefing is allowed (except spawn)
  • 1.8.8 – 1.16.1 (1.16.1 recommended)
  • World of Minecraft:

  • 1.12.2
  • Based on World of Warcraft
  • Awesome RPG weapons and quests
  • A difficult but fun custom gamemode that has been in development for 4 years.
  • WoM needs some helpers, please contact Deadlykill on our discord for more information!

    We hope you will enjoy the server and that you will join us through our Discord link:
    Discord Link

    If you don’t have Discord you can always contact us through our forums page:
    Forums Page