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BITFOR 1.16.4 [mcMMO] [Residence] [Slimefun] [Quests] [ShopGUI+] [PlayerShopGUI+] [HeadDatabase] [Spartan AC]

BITFOR Minecraft is a minimal modified survival server that provides additional content for you to enjoy, with popular plugin favourites like mcMMO, Slimefun4, ShopGUI+, Head Database and Residence for easy anti-grief protection!

Below is a full list of plugins currently available on our server.

Feel free to join us on our Discord at


  • mcMMO Overhaul
  • Slimefun4 + Official Addons
  • ShopGUI+
  • PlayerShopGUI+
  • Quests
  • Residence
  • Head Database
  • MyPet
  • Spartan Anti Cheat
  • Hacked Server (Client Detector)
  • Oraxen (Custom Weapons Coming Soon)
  • CMI
  • LuckPerms
  • CoreProtect
  • Vault (Economy)
  • Voting
  • NuVotifier
  • ProtocolLib
  • Multiverse (Builder Access)
  • Multiverse Inventories (Builder Access)
  • FAQ

    Q: Mob Griefing?
    A: Mob Griefing is turned off. Creepers will not destroy your house.

    Q: Keep Inventory on death?
    A: Keep Inventory is turned on. You will not lose your inventory when killed in any of our worlds. (This may be subjected to change with a notice on our Discords #updates channel if we ever decide to change)

    Q: Whats the Multiverse plugins for?
    A: They were created so that our builders can help the staff create server owned and protected builds for example the spawn area.

    Q: How do I become/apply to be a builder?
    A: Staff looks for dedicated and trusted members. Build your own area first protect it with residence and when we are looking for builders, we will look at residence owned lands and see your building capabilities. If we like what we see we will send you an invite. We do not accept applications.

    Q: Can I teleport to players?
    A: mcMMO provides party teleportation. The staff has an always-open staff-owned party that you can leave and join as you wish as soon as you join the server. Alternatively, you a free to make your own open or closed party as well!

    Q: How does anti-griefing work?
    A: We provide a plugin called Residence which allows you to easily protect your land yourself without the need for staff intervention. All you need is a golden hoe as your selection tool and a small amount of ingame currency.

    Q: What about cheaters and hackers?
    A: Our server is equipped with two types of anti-cheat/hack plugins. One of these plugins is called Hacked Server which will prevent clients from joining the server with modified clients. Our second plugin is Spartan which if clients, cheats and hacks bypass our first filter Spartan will alert and take appropriate actions automatically.

    Q: What about donations?
    A: We try to provide a non-pay to win server. Mainly everything in our server can be obtained without the need for actual use of money. The only commands or features that are restricted to donors are the /hat, /craft, /anvil, /ender and /back. Donors also get the ability to purchase a pet that can help you along in your travels as well as riding and even flying with your pet once it’s levelled up! With most of these commands being funny or simple quality of life changes. You can see everything we provide in our donor packages at

    Q: Can I apply for staff?
    A: Simple answer is no. Be active, dedicated, trustworthy, knowledgeable and friendly. Sooner or later you will get noticed by the staff and when we need additional staff we may ask you to join. This does not only apply to the Minecraft server. Join the Discord as well and be active!

    Creative Griefprevention Jobsreborn Mcmmo Modded Mypet Other Pvp Slimefun


    Hello and Welcome!
    ColoradoBlocks! is Colorado’s finest Minecraft server. With weekly updates and a solid dedication to player satisfaction, we have been refining our server for over half a decade in order to provide the best service possible to all of our players. We boast a small community and a variety of gamemodes to explore. All ages are welcome, but keep in mind that this is a PG-13 server and inappropriate adult content is not allowed. We offer multiple worlds, a free discord voice server, and many top plugins to give our players the gaming experience they seek while the entire server is protected by core protect; meaning that unwanted grief is a thing of the past! Raiding and PVP are allowed in unclaimed and expired areas, so active participation is mandatory. Once you join, you will be automatically ranked to “Citizen,” and based on your actions in the server, your title will change accordingly. Welcome, and thank you for choosing ColoradoBlocks! for all your Minecraft needs.
    Happy gaming!

    ~Sidious82 Owner/Operator

    Adventure Balancedeconomy Barren Barrenrealms Community Crates Economy Landclaim Landclaiming Landclaims Mcmmo Mypet Pets Pve Pvptoggle Quests Semivanilla Spigot Survival Vanilla

    Barren Realms – 1.15.2 Survival!

    Barren Realms is the best survival experience on 1.15.2! Grab yourself some friends or venture off solo and enjoy an epic semi-vanilla survival experience!

    The server features Land Claiming, McMMO, Balanced Economy, MyPet, Auctions, PVP Toggle, Silk Spawners and much, much more!

    Join today and become apart of our growing community!

    Economy Griefprevention Leveling Minigames Mypet Mythicmobs Pve Pvp Quests Rpg Stats Survival

    MythicMinerRPG / ShadowEmpire

    Connect Address:
    MythicMiner RPG style server is aimed to have a little bit of everything for everyone. Starting with its RPG style stat system, quests, economy and Companion pets that can also gain skills; these are just a few of the leading features that the vast world of MMRPG has to offer. Players are welcomed to claim land / towns to protect it from greifing (claims will expire if a player is not online for more than 2 weeks) or players are also welcome to raid and loot any unclaimed land they may find.

    In short; MMRPG is a friendly Community based RPG style server that caters to all types of players, good or bad.

    Connect Address:
    Welcome to the ShadowEmpire hard challenge server, There are a few changes to the way players craft and build; Most importantly is the crafting restrictions such as no pickaxe, bucket, low-level item and enchantment table crafting. players must overcome these limitations to survive in SE. and eventually thrive.Players will find the Creeper Quarry to be a helpful starter to blast mining, and the servers only enchantment table atop Mount Doom should prove difficult to even the most veteran of crafters.

    In short; SE is a hard challenge mode server with very little rules but multiple crafting restrictions forcing players to find alternate methods to solve everyday tasks and think outside the “cube”.

    Players can connect to either server in-game by passing through the portal at /Warp HUB or by visiting the Ship of the Damned located at both server harbors.

    Antigrief Economy Landclaim Mcmmo Mypet Nopvp Other Pve Semivanilla Survival


    Welcome To AspireTown, a non-grief survival!

    AspireTown is a family-friendly survival community with a strong focus. We strive to provide everyone the best atmosphere and survival experience in the community. All grief can be undone and pvp is disabled in our survival world. Alongside all the chests, furnace, doors, and trapdoors you place down will be automatically protected from griefers. We also offer an anti-grief plugin to protect your buildings from griefers.

    We are not a pay-to-win survival community. We offer free perks through our perk crate for everyone all you need to do is to vote. We have a voting system where you can vote to rank up. We also offer 5 popular plugins which are Slimefun, Vehicles, McMMO, MyPet, and Dynmap.

    What are you waiting for? Come join us to relax and have a fun time. AspireTown is a place where you can come and make yourself at home!

    Server IP:

    1144x Chestshop Classes Customenchants Customitems Dungeons Griefprevention Mobarena Mypet Mythicmobs Pve Quests Rpg Survival Towny Townyserver Townysurvival


    Welcome to MysteriaMC, We are a friendly community driven server with a aim to make fun, challenging content for our players to enjoy. We welcome anyone and everyone and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with what we have to offer.

    Please visit us at

    Towny includes a wide variety of features to enhance cooperation between players and includes many features not seen in regular survival. Create towns and nations, go to war with other nations or work together to create your own little paradise..

    Custom Mobs and Bosses
    All monsters that roam Mysteria have had a upgrade with monsters becoming stronger and faster depending on their level, new mobs have also been created like the Ghost and the Bandits, each bring new attacks, skills and loot to the game.

    Bosses are extremely dangerous and normally require a team to bring them down, be prepared before challenging these titans otherwise you’ll soon end up dead…

    Remnants and Artifacts
    Remnants can contain random custom enchantments, weapons, tools and artifacts that may prove useful on your adventures, you’ll obtain them from time to time by killing monsters that stand in your way.

    Artifacts are items with special properties, some repair broken armor, others can be used to teleport you to unknown lands.

    Chat Titles
    Earn unique titles to display and show off your achievements, tags can be found by purchasing ranks, drops from a mob or by completing quests.

    Quests and World Events (new)
    Quests can be found in spawn and around special towns and cities, they vary from little story missions to simple fetch quests, Complete quests to earn special rewards.

    Events are global missions that pop up from time to time, these include fishing competitions and more.

    Friendly Community

    We strongly believe that the community is the heart of a server, Our staff and players are very welcoming to new players and we have no doubt you’ll be making new friends in no time, Toxic behavior and drama is strictly not allowed and is swiftly taken care of by one of our many active staff members.

    Admin Auctionhouse Crates Creative Customarmorstands Discord Economy Fly Freefly Griefprevention Heads Jobs Kits Marriage Mcmmo Mypet Ranks Rtp Shop Silkspawners Skyblock Survival Wild

    || Joy Company | ☄️ Everyone Has Fly | ⚔️ mcMMO | 💰 Jobs | Creative & Skyblock ||

    Joy Company is a small Discord-based community. We’ve recently expanded allowing us to host this survival Minecraft server for all interested.


    We’ve made efforts to tailor your experience to be closer towards a semi-vanilla survival server.

    Admin Shops and the Auction House are available to all players. Nearly every item can be sold or bought through our Admin Shop.


    We do not allow third party clients.

    We have recently expanded to include a Creative & Skyblock server!


    ★ Free Fly to all Players

    ★ mcMMO

    ★ Silk Touch Spawners

    ★ Every Chunk is a Slime Chunk

    ★ Free Ranks

    ★ Admin Shop

    ★ Auction House

    ★ Grief Prevention

    ★ Discord

    ★ Crates

    ★ Full Decorative Heads Database

    ★ Second World Option

    ★ Daily Kits

    ★ No Phantoms

    ★ Always Adding New Features

    ★ & Much More!

    Yes, we’re 420 friendly 😉

    Biomes Claim Creative Custom Customworld Enchants Friendly Griefprevention Hub Items Land Luckyblocks Magic Marriage Mcmmo Mobs Mypet Pets Plots Runecraft Skyblock Slimefun Survival Towny


    Welcome to Legacy where you can experience tons of hours of fun!
    Currently we have a Survival world with tons of great features such as:
    – Towny
    – SlimeFun
    – Runecraft
    – Custom Worlds
    – Custom Enchants
    – Quests
    – Pets
    – marriages
    – mcMMO stats
    – and tons more!

    We also have a plot world which offers:
    – custom plots you can merge and form huge plots
    – monthly build competitions you can enter and win in game money
    – tons of features to customize your plot before you even begin to build!

    Also join us on Discord!

    115server Civilization Civilizations Community Creative Economy Essentials Fastasyncworldedit Hubserver Jobs Landclaiming Largeplots Minigames Mmoitems Mmorpg Moddedserver Modpack Mypet Mythicmobs Nogriefing Nowhitelist Pixelmon Pixelmonreforged Plots Plotscreative Plotsquared Publicserver Pve Economy Shops Skyblock Slimefun Slimefunskyblock Smallserver Survival Townyeconomy Unlimitedworldedit Worldedit

    RealmportalMC (Vanilla 1.15.2) / Modded Minecraft
    Is looking for new members who want to be part of a welcoming and
    friendly community. 24/7 Server. Dedicated machine. Minimal lag.

    We offer several game types on the network. Creative, Survival, Skyblock,
    Minigames, CivsRPG, And possibly more in the future. We try to not reset
    worlds too often. We are stable and don’t plan on going away any time

    The Game Types:

    3 256 by 256 plots. Nearly unrestricted worldedit and voxelsniper
    (including brushes and copy/paste). custom skulls, an armor stand editor
    and various other utilities.

    Due to recent poll results, the Survival server will likley be reset
    for the 1.16 update. However, We are looking for community feedback on
    which types of mechanics should be added.

    Skyblock on RealmportalMC is heavily centered around Slimefun; which
    adds many new features to the game, from New Weapons and Items to
    jetpacks and nulcear reactors.

    Realmportal has some of the standard games you may see on other
    minigame servers such as bedwars and Paintball, but we also have some
    more unique games such as our snowball fight with grappling hooks.

    Brings town based survival to a whole new level.
    Survival/Economy/Towns/RPGMMO Plus a touch of Factions all in one. Build
    structures to perform automatic tasks, Explore and collect new items,
    fight custom monsters, choose your government type and work together to
    run your town the way you want to. Choose from different classes each of
    which have unique abilities. Bringing friends will help you succeed, as
    town population affects certain aspects of gameplay.

    The Rules:

    > PG Subject Matter / No Swearing / No NSFW (We want everyone to feel welcomed)
    > No Griefing/Raiding/Stealing (We can see who was responsible and roll it back)
    > Don’t Cheat (It ruins the fun for everyone)
    > Don’t Harass Others (You want to be respected; so do others.)
    > General Abuse (No lag machines, flooding chat, using crash exploits, etc)

    Additional Information:
    We like to hear feedback from the community. If you have suggestions, Please let us know.

    If you have questions, or need assistance finding your way. Just ask. We will be glad
    to help.

    Connect at:

    Mcmmo Mypet Projectkorra Pvp Slimefun Towny Vampires Werewolves


    Have you ever wanted to play modded survival, but don’t want to download the mods? Here, you don’t have to install anything! Elemental Staffs, Jetpacks, New Ores, More Foods, Industrial Machines, Magical Armor, Elemental Bending and so much more all in a Towny environment! All this accomplished through SlimeFun, ProjectKorra’s Elemental Bending, Vampires and Werewolves.
    All of this combines together to make your factions experience truly awesome!

    At Craftlords you will enjoy:

    – Towny
    – ProjectKorra Elemental Bending
    – Slimefun
    – Vampires (become the living dead)
    – Werewolves (gain power with the blood moon)
    – Slimefun Exotic Garden
    – 13 ranks which you obtain by /rankup with in-game currency
    – MyPet companion to follow you in your adventures and help you fight your opponents
    – Removed attack cooldown added by 1.9
    – Timber plugin
    – Mcmmo to help you build your power
    – Friendly knowledgeable staff
    – Stable server built and hosted by professionals

    Join us for the adventure while you build your way to the ultimate rank of CraftLord!

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