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PlunderSeas – A Pirate themed roleplay server!

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PlunderSeas is a pirate themed survival server! Our focus is in a strong community with a friendly environment! We strive to make everyone feel welcome and accepted. The server features numerous popular plugins including Movecraft, Mythic Mobs, and Island Craft. Players can have fun with any of our features including custom dungeons, quests, and items.


Using the plugin ‘Movecraft’ PlunderSeas allows players to make working ships. Arm them with working cannons and roam the seas!


PlunderSeas runs its own custom trading system. Choose to make your fortune as a simple merchant or as a pirate preying on the profitable trade routes.

Cursed Islands

Tackle islands populated by MythicMob bosses and their minions. Steal their loot and use it to add to you and your crews arsenal!


Use custom plants suchs as hops, grapes etc to make consumable brews like rum and beer.


Grow drugs such as tobacco and opium on your island and sell them for profit.

Islands & Claiming

Choose from over 400+ islands to set up your own pirate hideout.

You can use an Island Claim to protect whole islands!


Team up with your friends to create your own crew, or join already established pirates and try to rule the Seas!

War & Blockading

Don’t like another crew? Declare war on them to fight them with your own crewmates. You can even Blockade them. A successful blockade grants you ownership of their island!