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Craftedia SMP

What is?

Craftedia SMP is an extension of the “Craftedia” line, it is a Survival Multiplayer server (premium) with crossplay (java and bedrock) for version 1.19.4, it is a public server, that is, anyone can enter the server!.

Java IP:

Bedrock IP:
Port: 8100

You can find more information, such as rules or ticket creation to communicate with the staff through our discord!

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KOLOMC is a vanilla revisited, with a new world, new challenges, all in hard mode, allowing players to build their own house and collaborate if they want

Superhero or Villain?
When you are born you will be entrusted with a superpower, learn it for take advantage

New World
Biomes and dungeons rebuilt from scratch, in hard mode with leveled mobs, 50+ new enchant and 16 new bosses

Hard Economy
Nothing is free, no server shops, only shops created by players, no easy money, create your own shop, work and find a way to make money, no pay2win

1.19.4 | Main Plugin
Levelled Mobs

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What is all included
– Custom world gen
– Custom mobs and bosses
– Custom abilities and enchants
– Nations system
– Custom models for bosses and mobs
– Entirely bedrock compatible
– No pay-to-win aspects a permanent guarantee
– Custom pet models
– Custom furniture
– Custom cosmetics
– Custom resource pack
– Custom economy based on streamers
– 1.19 through 1.19.2 server runs on 1.19.3
– Same ip for bedrock using port 26299

What is coming very soon
– Network-based server filled with other streamer smps
– Minigames
– Bedwars
– Prisons
– Skyblocks

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Based off of the PS2 game! [24/7] [Builders Needed!]

Versions 1.7 – 1.19.3 supported. Server Native Version 1.12.2.

Check out our discord at:

Check out our server page at:

This is an Action-Adventure server. We have over 25+ missions for you to
complete. We feature:

➤ Detailed story 📜➤ Custom map 🗺➤ Guns 🔫➤ Custom plugins (like our mp3 player!) 🎵➤ Parkour 🦘➤ Hundreds of NPCs to interact and fight against ⚔➤ A large open world 🥾➤ And so much more!

If you like Minecraft adventure maps, this server is PERFECT for you. Come and play to start your adventure! You won’t ever see another server like this!

Come and play to start your adventure! You won’t ever see another server like this!

All donations go 100% to server costs and maintenance. None of it is withheld by staff for personal use.

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MREPUBLIK is a new Minecraft server which started development back in August 2022 and the team on MREPUBLIK have spent an enormous amount of time building up this roleplay based server.

Playing on MREPUBLIK you will be able to own or rent properties to live and work out of which includes anything from a market stall, shop in any of the towns and cities to farms all the way up to industrial factories and warehouses with the use of various mods to help with production! In terms of buying or renting a house we have many starter homes and apartment open to players or if you wish to build your own house and do your own design, you can purchase up a piece of land within a city or town. If you get tired of the cities and towns you’re living in, you can setup your own towns and cities!

Players on MREPUBLIK can get around the map using buses in the towns and cities to trains to travel across the map quickly to airports to fly the long distances or can opt for their own personal vehicles which they can customise the colour of and the design of the cars and trucks with plenty of storage space for moving about their goods! Just make sure to fill up on fuel!

Players on MREPUBLIK can either be local upstanding citizens running legitimate businesses with the use of the wholesale discount at adminshops to fill their stores or… if players fancy a more darker take on Minecraft can turn to a life of crime. We have many criminal elements open to players to earn dirty money and enrich themselves! Be careful though, other criminals may want to start battles with you and also the Feds will keep an eye on you… policing with a light tough of interference if you go to far.

Regardless of players preference of being legitimate or turning to a life of crime, MREPUBLIK has missions which players can do and earn themselves some extra money!

Daily Bonus when you login! $100 for the first day, $200 for the second day, $300 for the third day and repeat from $100. On average players can earn $6,000+ by just logging in daily.

Trusted players have the option of joining the Civil Service which help maintain the server, build huge projects, maintain roads and transport links to helping new players. We also a have a police force where trusted players can join to help protect players from server core rule breakers. Police Officers can also enforce local laws in regards to the criminal element of the server to frustrate the criminals.

Like what you’re hearing and want to become part of the MREPUBLIK Community? Perfect, we can’t wait to meet you.

MREPUBLIK Mod Package is delivered via the TECHNIC LAUNCHER. Search ‘Technic Launcher’ on your preferred choice of search engine, download it and login with your Minecraft login information, Mojang or Microsoft account and search ‘MREPUBLIK’ and download the mod package. Do ensure that your ram usage for Technic is assigned to at least a MINIMUM 4GB’s to ensure smooth running of the mod pack on your PC/MAC/Linux system.

Visit our website for more information including a full guide to the server, links to our discord, server rules, how to join and what mods and plugins we use on MREPUBLIK.

MREPUBLIK Features in a nutshell:
1) Buy or rent properties in housing to live or commercial to start businesses
2) Buy land to build and live on or develop and sell on for housing or commercial use
3) Start legal businesses in retail with the added benefit of the wholesale feature
4) Start industrial businesses to supply goods to players on an industrial scale
4) Start a criminal enterprise
5) Work in the MREPUBLIK Government building infrastructure projects
6) Extensive Public Transport with FREE trains or paying for flights across the map
7) Personal car or truck ownership, any colour, any body, any engine size you like
8) Great community with a discord server for all the help and support you need

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Soul SMP | 1.19.3 Vanilla Survival

Soul SMP is a normal survival server with few plugins.
New server, trying to get members.
log on if you want a normal smp with no life steal or other stuff that everyone is doing.
encouraging more community and building rather than griefing and killing everyone you see.
Voice chat compatible!

8000 x 8000 block custom map.×8000-1-19-landscape-amp-survival-map-dungeon-amp-custom-ave-bedrock-support/

Join the discord and contact me if there is anything wrong with the server or players you would like to report.


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Welcome to SolaceMC!

If you’re looking for an enhanced survival experience then you’ve found the right server! You’ll never get bored on Solace as there is always something to do; if it’s quests, jobs, mcmmo leveling, going through our ranking system, exploring custom terrain, villages, POI’s, dungeons and much much more! Come on and check us out; you will not be disappointed! One of the coolest things about Solace that most servers don’t have is our Mob Net custom plugin which allows players to catch animals, mobs or entities inside of a net for easy transportation. Very handy when trying to bring villagers back to your home without having to explorer and run into issues when trying to keep them safe! Below are some of the coolest features on the server:

SolaceMC Server features:

  • Economy
  • Ranking System
  • Mob Nets
  • Jobs
  • Quests
  • McMMO
  • Menu GUI
  • Land Claim blocks
  • Custom enchants
  • Player shops
  • Server shop
  • Custom terrain overworld
  • Resource world
  • Bank
  • Spawner shops
  • Playtime rewards
  • Crates
  • Custom heads
  • PVP player heads
  • Player particles
  • dback (teleport to death location)
  • and so much more! Come visit us on the server, we’re developing a very nice and relaxing community experience!

    Server IP:

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    🍭Welcome to Candyland! We are a new server which aims to bring fun to our community, while also giving back to those in need.

    🍭Candyland is a dedicated non-profit server. All income, aside from upkeep costs (we are fully transparent with finances), will go to charity!

    🍭What are the charities? We have a growing list of carefully researched chosen organizations in which we feel confident will use our proceeds to the best degree.

    🍭Along with this, we plan on hosting multiple giveaways to give back to you, as a player. Keep in mind, these giveaways are coming from our pockets, and we will also occasionally do donation matches for certain charities that we are especially passionate about.

    🍭If you would like to learn more information about our charitable efforts, please get in touch with the owners!

    🍭We a survival SMP Minecraft server in our current state, and we plan to develop more gamemodes as we progress through our journey, and hopefully expand our network to other games.

    🍭We offer the full enhanced survival experience, with jobs, quests, cosmetics, and more!

    🍭So what are you waiting for? Join our Discord today and prepare for launch!


    – Monthly Charitable Donations

    – 1.19 Version

    – Jobs

    – Quests

    – Ranks

    – Warps

    – Weekly Events

    – Giveaways

    – Land Claiming

    – Voting Rewards

    – Friendly Staff

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    Join the ultimate survival experience on EntrepreursMC! Our server offers a custom survival map with realistic features, as well as various addons to enhance your gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to Minecraft, there’s always something to discover on our server. Come build, explore, and thrive on EntrepreursMC today!
    “But that’s not all, EntrepreursMC also offers a unique economy system where players can start their own businesses and trade with other players. You can become a merchant, a farmer or even a blacksmith. The possibilities are endless!
    We also have a great community of players who are always happy to help out new players and make friends. Our staff team is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has a great time on the server and is always available to help with any issues.
    So what are you waiting for? Come join us on EntrepreursMC and start your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur in the world of Minecraft. See you in-game!

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    Sammy’s Pixelmon Adventure!

    Check out the Discord for instructions on installation!

    Welcome to our custom Pixelmon modpack server! Are you ready to put your skills to the test in our challenging gyms and battle against the Elite Four?

    But that’s not all – our server also features unique custom towns, each with their own distinct personality. Imagine building your own home in a bustling city or setting up shop in a quiet countryside village. The possibilities are endless!

    As we grow, we want to create a welcoming community of players to populate the cities and explore the vast world of Pixelmon. You can even purchase your own property to buy, sell, and trade with other players.

    And if you’re looking for something to do, grab your camera and go on a Pixelmon hunt – snap some amazing pictures of the creatures you encounter!

    Join us now and be a part of our exciting server adventure.