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CubeCadia SMP | 1.19.1 | Custom Items | Dungeons | Blood moons



Hi crafters, I just launched my 1.19 SMP a few days ago. The CubeCadia team has been putting hours into this work and would like to see what the world thinks so far. We’ve done a lot of the basics of survival setups and are currently making all kinds of custom plugins to be added. But that will take time.. We want to see what you all think so far, and any suggestions! IP:

Server Features:

Custom Seasons

The world is enchanted with spring, summer, fall, and winter. Each season creates a new atmosphere like no other and changes some mechanics

Daily Global Shop / Player Driven Economy

Our global shop rotates every 24 hours and holds limited items. This is to ensure that the shop isn’t a main focus to the economy but more of a support.

Casino / Gambling

We offer an assortment of gambling options. This includes crash (Classic csgo game), coin flips, roulette, jack pot, rock paper scissors, bar gambling, and upgrade gambling. Many of these can be played alone or with friends.

Jobs + Quests

Another way to make money on our server is by doing jobs or quests. Work a job to earn money or do daily quests. Jobs also offer a skill tree to get premium items. Quests also offer a great way to get free crate keys.

Custom Events

This server offers many events that happen from time to time. This includes various fishing contests like catching the most fish, catching the largest fish, or catching a legendary fish. We also have contests like shearing the most sheep or milk the most cows.


This event doesn’t happen often, but when it does, be prepared for an army of the undead to attack! During this night, you can gain large amount of EXP


We also offer dungeons on here. This means starting at dungeon level 1 and working your way up the ladder. Dungeons offer keys and custom loot. This is an excellent way to grind for premium items.

Custom Features

We have a few features in productions right now… This includes a Bee tycoon plugin, player holograms, and enhanced mining. These will be released with time!


Survival servers are becoming increasingly popular with many features. We hope to eventually bring something new to the table. This means 1st having a great foundation and then creating an enhanced survival experience that will be memorable. We would love for you to join our server and rate our progress so far. We are far from perfect, but hope to create something that stands out with time. Thanks for reading. And hope you have a good rest of your day!

Server IP:
Discord Server:


Written by: huntingzap (CubeCadia Owner)

Blodmoons Bloodmoon Chill Customenchantments Faction Pvp Factions Fishing Fishingevent Fun Koth Minecraft Mobcoins Pay2loose Pay2win Pvp Semivanillafactions Spawners Survival


Modern Factions Server


– Skills

– Custom Enchantments

– MobCoins

– Fishing Events

– Koths

– Envoys

– Fun Community

Open Date 25/7/2022

1182server 1182survival 118server 118survival 2b2tanarchy Anarchy Bloodmoon Cheatsallowed Coolserver Exploitingallowed Norule Norules Norulesanarchy Plugins Survival

Bring on the Anarchy (1.18.2)

This is a 1.18.2 anarchy server and we can support up to 150 players on the server
if the server is off, boot time is 7:00 am Eastern time.
Mandatory server restart time is at 8:00am Eastern time.
Theres also now BloodMoons that are really hard and come every 10 Minecraft days.
This is a Semi-Vanilla server because of the Bloodmoon event.
The only server Operator is: Im_stupid_lmao
You can email me a message to put as the Message of the day at [email protected]
Server help email: [email protected]
Keep inventory gets turned on during the weekend and turned off during week days

If you die its okay you just need to know that your trash
Resource packs are no longer manditory

Argentina Backpack Bedrock Bloodmoon Cmi Customadvancements Customenchants Dungeons Economy Fastlogin Java Jobs Mcmmo New Nopremium Premium Protectionstones Quests Rankup Rules Spanish Survival


Survival server focused on putting a challenge when playing, that not everything is easy to obtain and the desire to play stays, that everything does not end when you have reached full netherita.

Server features:
/rankup system with which you rise in rank by meeting its objectives, earning commands and other benefits that make you want to reach the last rank, although it will not be easy.
Skills with McMMO, new balanced enchantments, missions, jobs, balanced economy, Spanish server, protection ores, automatic login system for premiums, backpacks.

Around the world there are new structures (dungeons), some have modified mobs, very good loot, and who knows what else it brings…
New achievements were implemented that are in English by default, with the resource pack that is mentioned in the chat from time to time, the vast majority will be in Spanish, because not all of them come from the same datapack.
Most of the achievements give rewards, in total there are more than 1000, if you are a fan of completing achievements you have for a while!
There is an area to trade tools and armor better than vanilla, for that it is required to advance to the Trader rank. They are balanced because it is totally optional.
Every certain night a special night is enabled where hordes spawn at random near the players, the mobs become stronger and have more life, their drops and experience are better however when you die on that night you lose all the xp, you don’t know can’t sleep either.
A single VIP rank with buffs that don’t give you too much of an advantage over others, as is often the case on servers where they give you full armor with protection 4.

Server hosted in Argentina. – 25565 port for Bedrock.

247server 247uptime 24x7 Anticheat Antixray Awesome Bloodmoon Community Communitydriven Communityoriented Communityserver Cookie Cookies Discord Discordserver Discordsrv Essentials Friendly Jobs Lagfree Lagless Mcmmo Nolag Open Oreexcavation Semivanilla Slimefun Small Smallserver Smallsurvivalserver Smp Survival Survivalserver Uptime Uptimealways Veinminer Velvet Vote Voterewards Votifier

Velvet | Survival | MCMMO | Veinminer | SlimeFun | ChestShop

Welcome to Velvet!
Make sure you join our discord so we can give you some extra perks!

Velvet is a small, survival multiplayer server run by the Velvet Community, bringing new, exciting, and interesting gameplay mechanics to the realm of Minecraft! We have additions like vein miner, custom cave generation, MCMMO (an RPG leveling system!), and more!

We change what it means to be a Minecraft server, beware of the trees, make lots of friends, and have fun in our small and friendly community!

✨ Heads up!
We are currently undergoing a name change from our old name, CookieMC to Velvet!
Expect some information about the server to not match the name for the time being.

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Glistering Melon | Lands | Jobs | Economy | Custom Enchants | +More!


  • AdvancedChests – w/Custom recicpes to craft MASSIVE chests!
  • Advanced Enchantsments – w/Over 150+ Custom enchantsments that work with Vanilla methods as well!
  • Tags – Lots of tags that can be earned from Crate Keys!
  • AngelChest – Don’t worry about losing your gear all over the place!
  • Auctions – Player hosted Auctions!
  • Dark Auctions – Rare items are posted here every few hours!
  • BeaconPlus2 – Upgraded beacons for all of your needs!
  • BetterBackPacks – Craftable backpacks that will satisfy your hoarding needs!
  • Blood Moon – Night become much scarier every few day cycles but is worth the risk to venture out!
  • Chest Shop – Setup your own shop on your land to sell to others!
  • Lands – Claim land, make nations, rage wars, it is all up to you!
  • Chat Colors – Get custom chat colors from Crate Keys!
  • Custom Recipes – Awesome recipes have been setup for making spawners, chests, and various other things!
  • Minepack – Virtual storage that is expandable over time!
  • EpicFunaces – Upgradeable furnaces that make your life easier!
  • EpicSpawners – Spawners have never been so awesome with the boosts you can apply!
  • HiveChecker – Makes managing your Bees so much easier!
  • Jobs – With several jobs available to you there is surely something that will fit your game play and earn you money!
  • PetBlocks – Earn several different types of pets from Crate Keys!
  • Banking – Earn intrest on money you store in your bank!
  • TempFly – Earn flying time every day or purchase with in-game currency!
  • Quests – With over 900 quests you will be busy for a long time to come!
  • So much more!
  • Discord: Click me

    Website: Click me

    Bloodmoon Breathofthewild Entertainment Mcmmo Pve Pvp Survival Towny Townysurvival Zelda

    SkullCrew 1.16.1 Towny Survival

    Welcome to Skullcrew official 1.16.1 Survival server!
    this server was founded by Twitch Streamer, theskellyassassin
    who has Solo and build this server by himself and has taken the time to help his followers Enjoy a 1.16.1 Survival experience!
    with the New nether update here He has founded this server for anyone wanting something new, Interesting, and Best of all a New growing community that can provide feedback for the server and help it grow!

    Inspired by Breath of the wild we have a Wonders of Neat and cool features such as:

    Bloodmoon! Gannon comes by making the Nighttime even more challenging! check out the night of Horror and see if you can survive the Hardships of the night!

    BOTW Theme spawn and PVP, Inspired by the Zelda game we have a Spawn theme Base around Breath of the wild, Spawn in Gerudo Town and Visit their market, or wait till night falls and visit kiltons Fang and bone!,

    Ever wanted to build a town? Now you can! this server is a Towny server that encourages you to bring friends and build a town and Survive the day together!, Or Start wars and Nations with enemy/allies or take on night challenges. But be warn Don’t mess with the chickens!… Just like in Zelda games, Chickens are your Greatest Enemy!

    Vanilla with magic is here on the server, We have some exciting runes you guys can use and make! check them out have fun with them!

    If all these Intresset you, we have plenty more things and are ever-expanding and improving the server block by block! So come check out Skullcrew official Survival server! and see what we have for you!
    If you bring a friend! u and your friend will get Bonus cash!

    Block Locker Bloodmoon Bounties Chestsorter Death Chest Exp Shop Jobs Reborn Purchaseable Permissions Rollback Shopguiplus Survival Towny

    The Valhalla Project Reborn [1.16.1] [Death Chest] [Improved ShopGUI Plus] [Chest Sort] [More Ores]



    Why Join Valhalla
    – Valhalla has a small very friendly community
    – Theres around the clock support varying from in-game to discord
    – The server is always being constantly updated with new features and plugins
    – We host a refferal scheme, You invite your friends and i will reward you
    – There will be special events for players as the server grows

    Valhalla Features:
    – AFK Mob farming is allowed
    – Minimaps are allowed (No x-ray or any other kind of mods)
    – Optifine is allowed
    – Fantastic Donor ranks, in-game items , commands and kits for very cheap prices
    – The ability to purchase permissions with in-game currency

    Top Plugins included in Valhalla are:

    – Core protect (This plugin ensures in any times of disaster i can rollback the server to a previous state)
    – Death chest (This plugin protects your items upon death)
    – Player Vaults X (You instantly have access to personal vaults via /pv)
    – Chest Sorter (organise your chest and inventory with 2 simple commands)
    – Votifier (We have 7 links set up each link will reward you with 2 diamonds, 1 vote key and $1250)
    – MCMMO (Level up your skills via the RPG like skill system)
    – MCmmo GUI (Redeem your skill points here)
    – BloodMoon (Mobs become harder and have special ability’s but drop special loot)
    – Crazy crates (Try your luck with many items to be won)
    – Shop GUI Plus (Access the virtual in-game shop with /shop)
    – Jobs Reborn (Choose from 12 jobs to join with /jobs browse)
    – BlockLocker (Lock your items away by placing a sign on your chests)
    – Marriage (Pop the question to the special one with /marry)
    – Bounties (Set a bounty on your desired enemy player with /bounty)
    – SilkSpawners (Mine spawners with silk touch)

    Donor plugins:
    – Gadgetmenu (coming soon with access to gadgets, pets, trails etc…)
    – Decoheads (Access over 500 equip-able decoheads with /decoheads)
    – SuperTrails ( Access over 50 equip-able trails for your character)

    And lots more…

    – No duping of any kind
    – No being disrespectful
    – Always be kind to other players
    – No Advertising
    – No Bad language
    – No modded clients/ hacks of any kind
    – Be ethical
    – Use common sense
    – No griefing of any kind
    – No spamming

    This server abides by the rules and will not tolerate breaking of them. Anyone who breaks the rules will be banned.

    Arcade Bloodmoon Creative Creativeplots Extrahardmode Minigames Parkour Skyblock Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    FyraCraft – A Multiworld server!

    Come join us where we have multi worlds available. There is plenty to do with a little something for everyone. Check out our discord and join the community

    Blood Bloodmoon Crates Hard Mcmmo Rankup Rtp Slimefun Survival Voting Wild

    ZatieCraft – | Blood Moon | Slimefun | MCMMO | Crates |

    This server is a non-economy, survival server. The mainly depends on playtime, experience, and claim blocks. Some cool add on features are

    Blood Moon – An event that happens after every 5-6 nights in minecraft. It last one night, and causes every vanilla mob to become more OP than they originally are. This includes adding a scary atmosphere with mobs that have different abilities.

    Slimefun – Adds a ton of custom items and blocks that have certain requirements or levels to achieve before learning them. It adds a FTB atmosphere to non-modded survival servers.

    There’s a lot more to discover on ZatieCraft. Join now to experience the basic, but intense atmosphere of survival!