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Moonglow Adventures

If you want to join our Server pls go to and write an application. If you fit in, you will become a member.

We started in July 2021 but unfortunately a lot of people aren’t playing anymore so we decided to restart and give other people a shot.

What we offer:

  • GriefProtection
  • Advanced Teleport
  • Chestshop Plugin
  • Multiverse (Not connected to Public yet)
  • Dynmap
  • Who we look for:

  • Long-term and active players with great ideas
  • Play legitimately and follow the rules to the best of his/her ability
  • People who enjoy trading with others!
  • Accomplish personal projects and contribute to community established ones
  • Participate in community events and activities(not always mandated)
  • Interact with other people in a mature way
  • 18+ year old players only!
  • English only!

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    Mwester Studios Official Minecraft Server

    At it’s core, Mwester Studios is a 1.17.1 survival minecraft server that hopes to bring back some of the same spirit of community that seems to be lacking nowadays. Join other players in a common purpose to play the game the way it was meant to be played (with some minor tweaks of course).

    With an easy to understand yet deeply complex economy system in place, players now have goals other than those of the base vanilla game. Players have the option of becoming merchants, hagglers, or even real estate agents buying and flipping plots!

    Speaking of plots, the server hosts a fantastic plot system, in which all players by default are entitled to one free plot! Players can harvest materials in the dangerous and risk-filled survival world and bring them back to build on their own plots without worrying about getting griefed or stolen from.

    So come on down and experience what it’s like to have genuine fun on a good-old-fashioned minecraft server with players just like you!

    Welcome to the official Mwester Studios Minecraft Server!



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    Welcome to ClickyMC!
    We hope you have an amazing time surviving and thriving with us.

    Server Information:
    Version: 1.17.1
    Cracked?: No, we are not a cracked server
    Bedrock Support? Yes, but this is completely beta. If complicated issues arise, support will be removed.

    ClickyMC is a survival multiplayer server. Work was started towards the month of September 2021. It was ready for release in the early month of October 2021. We released wanting to create a wonderful community, that we can all enjoy. With how the world is, we wanted the server to be a place where you can put that behind you, even if it’s temporarily. We do strive to be a non-toxic, and friendly server. We will not tolerate toxicity, discrimination, or anything that is straight up rude.

    If you’re interested in trying out ClickyMC, even if it’s just once, or you stay and play for months/years to come, please read on.

    Some of our features include:
    (!) Level System (Level up your level to earn rewards and perks.)
    (!) McMMO (Level up skills to earn amazing perks with certain task, such as mining, swords, fishing and so much more.)
    (!) Economy (/pay, in-game shop to sell items and earn in-game money.)
    (!) Playershops (Create shops to sell or buy from players while offline or online.)
    (!) Playerwarps (Create playerwarps to allow users to easily teleport to a location of your choice.)
    (!) Community Events (Events to keep community engaged and allow players to earn items/rewards.)
    (!) Land claiming (Claim your land, easily, to prevent grief and looting.)
    (!) Voting (Vote to earn free rewards in-game.)
    (!) Crates (Open crates to receive items and rewards.)
    (!) And so much more… come join us to discover!

    Disclaimer: Both the discord and Minecraft server of ClickyMC will log messages sent by you. For privacy reasons, logs aren’t provided to the public.

    Website: (Ad link removed)
    Modifications: (Ad link removed)
    Rules: (Ad link removed)
    Instagram: coming soon
    Twitter: coming soon
    Tiktok: coming soon
    Email: [email protected]
    Support: 🎫support-tickets of our Discord.

    Voting Links
    Links coming soon.

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    Rising Dragon 1.17 Survival

    Rising Dragon is a 1.17 (greylisted) survival server, with some plugins like mcMMO, jobs(reborn), ChestShops, and NPCs with quests. We welcome anyone who likes to play in an anti-grief and friendly environment. The server is private owned with an open mindset towards feedback from you.

    Feel free to look around, and if you wish to build let us know so we can promote you for free. We got a discord that you can join, but that’s completely up to you.

    There is a small pvp arena (brawl pit) for those that like to challenge others.

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    The Basics – MC Server **BETA**

    The Basics server is a place where you can be you and play with your friends and family. This is a new server with a small community. We keep the server at a max 10 players to prevent crazy chat spam and lag.

    If you have a plugin that you would like added, you can ask Thunder and the community will vote.

    That’s It!

    Arena Challenge Chamber Creative Faction Family Friendly Fun Games Horse Mob Parkour Race Racing Survival

    ♦GameChurch City Network♦[Survival] [MobArena] [PlotMe] [Parkour]

    Greetings citizen! Welcome to GameChurch City, the official Minecraft server for GameChurch! GameChurch City exists to provide a friendly environment to experience your favorite Minecraft games such as Hunger Games, Paintball, Village Defense, and Parkour maps as well as classic modes like Survival and Creative plots.

    Everyone likes to take a break from survival, and the fastest way to do so is with minigames! We provide a constantly-growing collection of parkour worlds, PVE Minigame arenas such as Village Defense, and over 30 minigames including Cookie Clicker and Tetris to pass the time while that iron smelts.

    The survival world operates using a jobs plugin to build money, Residence to protect your land, and Chest Shops to sell(or buy) all of those precious diamonds. Even if you run out of things to buy, there are plenty of cosmetics and mounts available to customize your experience!So come say hi and see what you think!

    Accepting Adults Allages Claims Communityoriented Family Friendly Fun Girlfriendly Jobs Lgbtfriendly Mature Mcmmo Ownersplay Points Survival Voting

    Weridos Survival 1.16.1

    Welcome to Weridos!

    We are a fun, friendly server that is run by adults but all ages are welcome. We are a 1.16 Survival server with MCMMO, Jobs and more!

    Claim your area to protect from griefing and mobs! No raiding and a great, friendly community makes our server a great, fun place to play.

    Rewards for voting, reviews etc. Commands, ranks etc can be bought with voting points!!

    Come join us for fun!

    Claim Economy Family Friendly Survival

    STAFF NEEDED | Pixel Skies | Unique SMP (Survival Multiplayer)

    Welcome to Pixel Skies Survival!

    IP –

    Invite Link –
    Site –
    Store –

    We’re a small survival community, we just aim to have fun! We hope you’ll enjoy it!

    What is Pixel Skies?

    Pixel Skies is a small server with a friendly community with various unique features and add-ons, some of our features are:

    – Shops
    – Crystals
    – Balanced Economy
    – Player Visits
    – Kits
    – Land Claim
    – Custom Advancements And much more!

    Community Countries Discord Dynmap Earth Economy Factions Family History Jobs Landclaim Mcmmo Paper Pve Pvp Roleplay Towny

    Anno Domini: The Global Server

    Anno Domini (AD for short) is a relaxed historical role-play server set in the year 1AD! This server is set on a 1:1000 scale Minecraft map of Earth with a spawn point in the land of modern-day Ethiopia where players have access to warp portals to each continent.

    New players will be considered nomads until they apply for or get invited to a nation. Each nation starts off with a 3×3 chunk of land and must build their nation from the ground-up, hovels to empires. Nations claim land to expand their territory and are required to mirror the claims that their nations would have had in real life, but other land can be claimed as long as their real-life land is claimed first. These nations are able to settle disputes via organized and moderated warfare for any reason when their application for war is approved by an admin.

    Players are encouraged to role-play how they would like (E.g. class structures, themed Minecraft skins, religions, and nationalism) for the pursuit of making this server a fun place to be!

    Bettersleeping Bloodmoon Chairs Chatbrawl Chatgames Civs Coreprotect Crystaldreams Customdungeons Dangerouscaves Dangerousnether Diablodrops Dreams Essentials Family Familyfriendly Friendly Fun Glowing Itemsadder Lightapi Marriage Marriagemaster Mcmmo Modded Mythicdrops Mythicmobs Playerradios Playerranks Playershops Poses Resourcepack Rimworld Semivanilla Slimefun Surivival Treefeller Ultimateclaims Ultimatekits Ultimatetimber

    Crystal Dream World

    CRYSTAL DREAM WORLDSoaring Through the Sky ♥ Even Just For A Day
    Discord: Click to Join Our Dreams

    On the server, we always try to make sure that you’re having a good time. Sometimes there will be bugs and perhaps some crushes but always remember that we always try to work on the issues as soon as possible. Also here are just some of the features that you will find on the server when you do join.

    BetterSleeping: Receive buffs from sleeping. Bloodmoon: A night time that keeps you hiding, but better drops. Chairs: For those who like to roleplay, teaparty anyone? ChatGames: Many chat races to compete with other players and get rewarded. CoreProtect: If you don’t like being griefed, we can restore it. CrystalSparkle: When you die, you wont lost your stuff but you have to pick it up. Glowing: Luminous Objects glow in your hands Jobs: Get a job and make some money. Civs: Make buildings that make money and invite friends. Marriage: Form a bond with your partner and get benefits. McMMO: Gain levels on different skills Custom Dungeons: Explore new dungeons with new loot Player Radios: Broadcast a Station and listen to music TreeFeller: You cut down alot of trees already, so we make it easier Slimefun: Advance your research to discover new recipes


    We are interested in our players helping us monetize our server but we aren’t going to do it the way other servers have done it. Our server strives to be friendly to both adults and chidren. We decided to remove loot crates; it kinda feels like gambling to be honest. We might add it in future but we won’t make it such that you used actual money to roll. We want our players to have fun so we provide almost everything on a progression basis. Which means you can even earn fun cosmetics for free. Monetization is done through donation mainly and we improve the server even more for each donation goal we achieve.

    We Hope You Enjoy Your Visit On The Server ♥ Even though it might just Be For A Day