Minecraft Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Sipervivencia Survival Tecnico

Server de Minecraft 1.16x para adelante Survival y Técnico

Los invitamos al server formar parte de la comunidad de LegalGamer , por que ahora contamos con server de minecraft propio el cual es ip:
este server es survival de la 16x para adelante puedes jugar un survival normal con tus amigos o ser un jugador técnico y jugar con muchas granjas.(no premium y premium)
-que te diviertas
Discord: ttps://

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SurvivorNation is a new network which we are happy to finally release to you! We welcome everyone to come to check us out and grow this new community.

Our Prison server is the most developed with tons of custom features/enchants as well as including guns, kits, gangs and loads more! We also have a large selection of cosmetic items/pets!

Skyblock is still in Alpha, it is playable but still requires attention, We are looking for help to get this finished sooner.

BedWars is all playable, we currently have a few maps and plan to add a few more very soon!

We have a discord server @ Here you can talk to the staff and interact with the community.

We look forward to watching this community grow!

Hope to see you join us! 🙂

– SurvivorNation Team

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Sorryboucha.MC.GG [24/7 Survival 1.16.3] [CRATES] [BOSS MOBS] [DUNGEONS] [JOBS]

Server IP: Sorryboucha.MC.GG

I Made Sorryboucha.MC.GG to create a relaxing environment for crafters to come and chill and talk at.

We are aspiring the old way of Minecraft on the New 1.16.3 Version. We have all sorts of Plugins that enhance your Survival experience such as Dungeons, Markets, even a Token Reward System. The Server is Currently in BETA So if you want in please let me know in the comment section with your username and i’ll add you to the Whitelist!

Server Enhancements

My YouTube Channel

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BraveHeartRP Survival

Welcome to BraveHeartRP Survival! This Server contains many features that are open to every player. We offer old school survival with a mix of Towny, Economy, Shops, War, Alliances, and Role-Play between players! Our goal is to bring features into a survival server where people can own their own towns/kingdoms and go to war with other towns/kingdoms or create alliances or simply trade between one another! We hope to see you here soon and hope you enjoy!

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NuclearCraft server

Hello my name is Dylan an i am trying to start a new minecraft server that is running 24/7. Right now it is just a normal world as of 7/12/2020 and the server is in minecraft version 1.15.2.

Eventually later down the road the server will be reset and will become a factions server along with much more to do once things get in line. There will eventually be Bedwars, skyblock, PvP and much much more. Sadly right now i dont have that all set up. but soon to have it done.

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[No Mods] rSurvival [Custom Tools, Armor and more!]



  • Custom Armor
  • Custom Tools
  • Custom Mobs
  • Custom Terrain
  • Adventures
  • Building

    A server by PedestriaMC (

    Fullpvp Fullpvpbr Minecraftpvp Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Pvp Pvparena Pvping Pvpserver

    VGCRAFT – Servidor FullPvP e Mini Games – Maquinas e Spawners 1.8x-1.15x

    Servidor de Minecraft FullPvP

    IP: ou
    Servidor na versão 1.8x – 1.15x

    Ping BR – Média 10ms

    – Sistema simples na compra de Vip’s
    – Sistema de Pescaria
    – Sistema de SPAWNERS
    – Sistema de MAQUINAS
    – Sistema de Caixas Misteriosas
    – Sistema de HG
    – Sistema de Mina privada para os Vip’s
    – Sistema de Plantações
    – Sistema de Terrenos
    – Sistema de eventos Fight/Gladiador/Bolao/Killer/Drop/Spleff e muito mais.
    – TAG do MitoDoPvP
    – Pirata e original
    – E muito mais só entrando para jogar e descobrir as diversidades do servidor!

    IP: ou

    Build Friendly Minecraft Minecraftbukkit Minecraftepic Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Quera Querasmp Smp Smpvp Staff Survival

    Quera SMP

    Quera SMP!!

    We are a Semi-Pure Vanilla Minecraft server, and we are a community and we are looking for players!

    Some of our plugins we have include: QuickShop, SinglePlayerSleep, HolographicDisplays, and much more!

    We would love to have a ton of more players join Quera SMP!

    Our rules are simple, be respectful, and have fun!

    Our spawn is filled with airships of all different colors, and a big castle with a lot of decorations!

    Please feel free to join the IP above, and our discord! We would love to have you! We are open to every single player out there!

    We also have anti mob griefing so mobs will not destroy your builds, in addition, keep inventory is turned on everywhere so you will not lose your items when you die! In addition, we also have NO LAND CLAIM! Come join us!

    Discord Join Link:

    Server IP:

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    [1.15.2] DarkageMC

    DarkageMC is a survival server based on Towny. Create towns with your friends or live in a town by yourself. The choice is yours. DarkageMC also offers shops that players can create to buy / sell stuff in game to other players. Sell anything from Sticks to Diamonds. The choice is yours.


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