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🐝 The Colony SMP (Bedrock + Java) [1.19.3] 🐝


The Colony SMP
A 1.19.3 SMP Survival Server [​Bedrock & Java]
IP [​]

Welcome to The Colony, the premier pure vanilla Minecraft server with a twist!

Our server is designed to provide a unique and creative environment for players of all types, from the casual player looking for a place to build and relax, to the creative builder, to the experienced PvP veteran. We offer a variety of features to keep the game interesting and challenging, such as a custom world generator, custom mob spawning, and custom enchants.

The Colony server is hosted on both Bedrock and Java editions, allowing for a wide range of players to join in on the fun. We feature an extensive economy system, with auction houses, custom shops, and player-run businesses. We also have a unique resource management system, where players must manage their resources to get the most out of them.

The Colony server is purely vanilla SMP, with no additional plugins or modifications, making it a great place to experience the true vanilla experience. Despite this, we still offer a unique twist on the classic SMP experience through our custom game mechanics, such as custom mob spawning, custom enchants, and our unique resource management system.

We strive to provide a friendly and welcoming environment to all players, and we have an active team of admins and moderators who are always willing to help out with any questions or issues that may arise.

So what are you waiting for? Join The Colony today and experience a unique and creative twist on the classic Minecraft SMP experience. See you in-game!

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MercyMC – Survival Vanilla – 1.19.3

Brand new world!! Released on 12/31/2022

MercyMC is a vanilla survival server non pay to win, we try to make our player’s experience fun and different from other servers.
If you have any question feel free to contact us via discord!

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Conquerors SMP (NEW, SEASON 1, BETA)

Welcome to the Conquerors SMP! We are a newly formed survival SMP looking for active members with mediocre-good Minecraft experience.

Here is some general information:

– Our server is running the most current version of Minecraft 1.19.2 (with Paper installed)

– We have a small custom spawn, themed for the Halloween season!

– Anti-Xray

– Teaming will be allowed, and teams may be bound together if requested (meaning no friendly fire, team color, etc.)

– Proximity Chat will be later installed

– PvP and griefing are allowed, and Elytra PvP will be disabled

– This server is for real hardcore players, looking for competition between others for loot and power! Will you become the best player?

– More features to come!

Our server is planned to launch tomorrow, Oct 2nd 2022 for the first time. Please keep in mind our server is still developing and more features will be voted on by the community and possibly added, so YOUR voice does matter!

If you have any questions, please join our discord server and contact me or one of our other admins.

Good luck, and may the best player/team dominate!

– famferenc, Co-Owner

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The Sandbox

The Sandbox – Minecraft Made Simple!
Why does this server exist?
ο»ΏIn a time where multiplayer Minecraft is seeing less and less players and more and more complex, pay to win servers, The Sandbox is here to provide you with a fun, basic, traditional survival multiplayer experience!
Does this server offer donor ranks / perks?
ο»ΏNo, and never! This server is funded 100% by the server operators. Why? Because we love multiplayer Minecraft and we want to see it thrive! This server is made by the players for the players!
Is this server “Vanilla” or “Semi-Vanilla?”
ο»ΏIt seems like players always have new ways of describing semi-vanilla or vanilla servers, so for simplicity sake, let’s say no. We offer a few plugins and data packs on The Sandbox, such as multiplayer sleep, /home sets, player teleport requests, and chest claiming. More features may be added in the future if you and the rest of the community want them added!
ο»ΏCan I claim my land on The Sandbox?
ο»ΏAs of right now, our claiming and protection system is very simple and bare bones. You can claim interactable blocks like doors, chests, and others by placing a sign on them using our BlockLocker plugin. If any damage is done to your builds, a server operator can revert all of it back to normal in a matter of seconds!
Are you looking for new staff / operators?
ο»ΏAlways! The more help, the better. You can fill out the application form on this PlanetMinecraft page! Just look for the button that says “Operator Application” and a response will be emailed to you within 24 hours!ο»Ώ

New Newworld Smp Survival Vanilla


Survival Vanilla 1.19 SMP PvE | Play vanilla survival with your friends in an infinite world of resources. Available protections, commands, take advantage of the fact that the world is new and you can have an advantage.

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Is just a small minecraft server.
PvE Survival.
There are some plugins to help make thing easier.
It’s a new world nothing touched yet.
Hope to see ya on here.

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BE Minecraft | Building and Exploring Vanilla Minecraft

Welcome To BE MC! Building and Exploring Minecraft.

Join our journey in a BRAND NEW Minecraft world, in 1.19! VANILLA Minecraft 1.19, and I mean VANILLA.
World border is 20k by 20k.
Experience everything new in 1.19!

There are NO Claims, no Teleports, and no unfair advantages.
NO datapacks. A fabric .jar for best performance only.

Only 3 game rules have been altered.
DoFireTick False, PlayersSleepingPercentage 33% and SpawnRadius 0.

That’s it. I’m not running a whitelist.


π΅π“Šπ’Ύπ“π’Ήπ’Ύπ“ƒπ‘” 𝒢𝓃𝒹 πΈπ“π“…π“π‘œπ“‡π’Ύπ“ƒπ‘” 𝑀𝒾𝓃𝑒𝒸𝓇𝒢𝒻𝓉

Friendly Newworld Semivanilla Survival Whitelist

ShadowGlass MC Server [Semi-Vanilla] Season 1 Advertising [Whitelisted]

We are a semi-vanilla 1.18.2 Minecraft server, with plans to launch into 1.19 when the game and mod versions update. The first season of the server only started today, so it’s a great time to join.

Requirements to join:
β€’ Play on Minecraft version 1.18.2 Java (launching into 1.19 when the game and mod versions update)
β€’ Friendly with new people.
β€’ If you decide to join, you will need to contact an OP Level 3+ to start your joining process.
β€’ Once joined, read the rules and follow them to ensure the best server experience for everyone.

Mods the server includes are:
β€’ Terralith
β€’ Repurposed Structure
β€’ Dynmap
β€’ Other quality of life mods
Note: These are Server-side mods, no download is required from you.

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Strifemc is a brand new factions/survival server looking for staff and players. we are currently in beta under development just looking to get our foot in the door. Come check it out and join the community.
Join our discord

1182server Minecraft Newworld Survival Trailer



Are you looking for a fun and exciting new Minecraft SMP server? Well look no further than ArcadeCraft:SMP. As we officially end our beta season and start season 1, we are looking for amazing new players to join. If you feel you meet the criteria required for joining, don’t hesitate to fill out an application. Our SMP Admin team will reach out ASAP for an interview with you if your application is accepted.


  ‒ Be at least 18 years of age
  ‒ Have experience playing on an SMP Server
  ‒ Will be an active player on the server
  ‒ Content Creation is NOT required but is HIGHLY encouraged