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BITFOR 1.16.4 [mcMMO] [Residence] [Slimefun] [Quests] [ShopGUI+] [PlayerShopGUI+] [HeadDatabase] [Spartan AC]

BITFOR Minecraft is a minimal modified survival server that provides additional content for you to enjoy, with popular plugin favourites like mcMMO, Slimefun4, ShopGUI+, Head Database and Residence for easy anti-grief protection!

Below is a full list of plugins currently available on our server.

Feel free to join us on our Discord at


  • mcMMO Overhaul
  • Slimefun4 + Official Addons
  • ShopGUI+
  • PlayerShopGUI+
  • Quests
  • Residence
  • Head Database
  • MyPet
  • Spartan Anti Cheat
  • Hacked Server (Client Detector)
  • Oraxen (Custom Weapons Coming Soon)
  • CMI
  • LuckPerms
  • CoreProtect
  • Vault (Economy)
  • Voting
  • NuVotifier
  • ProtocolLib
  • Multiverse (Builder Access)
  • Multiverse Inventories (Builder Access)
  • FAQ

    Q: Mob Griefing?
    A: Mob Griefing is turned off. Creepers will not destroy your house.

    Q: Keep Inventory on death?
    A: Keep Inventory is turned on. You will not lose your inventory when killed in any of our worlds. (This may be subjected to change with a notice on our Discords #updates channel if we ever decide to change)

    Q: Whats the Multiverse plugins for?
    A: They were created so that our builders can help the staff create server owned and protected builds for example the spawn area.

    Q: How do I become/apply to be a builder?
    A: Staff looks for dedicated and trusted members. Build your own area first protect it with residence and when we are looking for builders, we will look at residence owned lands and see your building capabilities. If we like what we see we will send you an invite. We do not accept applications.

    Q: Can I teleport to players?
    A: mcMMO provides party teleportation. The staff has an always-open staff-owned party that you can leave and join as you wish as soon as you join the server. Alternatively, you a free to make your own open or closed party as well!

    Q: How does anti-griefing work?
    A: We provide a plugin called Residence which allows you to easily protect your land yourself without the need for staff intervention. All you need is a golden hoe as your selection tool and a small amount of ingame currency.

    Q: What about cheaters and hackers?
    A: Our server is equipped with two types of anti-cheat/hack plugins. One of these plugins is called Hacked Server which will prevent clients from joining the server with modified clients. Our second plugin is Spartan which if clients, cheats and hacks bypass our first filter Spartan will alert and take appropriate actions automatically.

    Q: What about donations?
    A: We try to provide a non-pay to win server. Mainly everything in our server can be obtained without the need for actual use of money. The only commands or features that are restricted to donors are the /hat, /craft, /anvil, /ender and /back. Donors also get the ability to purchase a pet that can help you along in your travels as well as riding and even flying with your pet once it’s levelled up! With most of these commands being funny or simple quality of life changes. You can see everything we provide in our donor packages at

    Q: Can I apply for staff?
    A: Simple answer is no. Be active, dedicated, trustworthy, knowledgeable and friendly. Sooner or later you will get noticed by the staff and when we need additional staff we may ask you to join. This does not only apply to the Minecraft server. Join the Discord as well and be active!

    Adventure Backpacks Cracked Customworldgen Decoheads Lang Minecraft Plugins Residence Server Survival

    [EU] Adventure – Avaloncs.gorup

    Hello Minecraft players,
    We would like to introduce you our server comunity named Avaloncs.
    We are international comunity with Headquarters in central Europe.
    We run Minecraft servers but we also run other game servers NoMoreRoomInHell, Fistful of Frags, Smokin’ Guns, Hurtworld,..

    You propably asking what you can expect from our minecraft community?
    Its simple.
    We have [EU] Adventure – server

    where you’ll find: server translation (/lang) , 2 residences(200×200), custom generated worlds, bosses and bloodmoon, free fly in residence, shop, deco heads, jobs, teleport, unique spawners, backpacks, pvp, weather voting, auction house and other interesting features.

    Visit our:

    We look forward to your visit and we hope that you’ll be satisfied with our servers and our Admin Team. (Staff recruitment contact me on discord: Secret Sn0w#3682)

    Best regards your Avaloncs team.

    Clans Economysurvival Events Jobs Lwc Mcmmo Minigames Playershops Pvp Residence Survival

    Corex 1.16.x [ Jobs, Claims, Shops, Survival ]

    Corex is what we think a survival 1.16 server should be, always looking for ideas, open to discussion and a place for everyone to call home.

    Join and experience this type of survival 🙂


    – Residence
    – LWC (Chest Protection)
    – MCMMO
    – Jobs
    – Clans
    – Shops


    Agressivemobs Economia Mascotas Pve Residence Skins Survival Tidyingchest Tiendas Trabajos Trade Ultimatetimber


    Hola que tal, MugroKraft es un servidor Survival sin muchas complicaciones, tiene plugins de protección como Residence, Trabajos, PVE, Pets, entre otros, basicamente para entretenerse.

    Estamos siempre abiertos a mejoras, adiciones, sugerencias, cambios y Staff dependiendo de las personas que se vayan uniendo.



    Amplified Antigrief Community Creative Economy Griefprotection Mcmmo Minigame Pineapple Plots Protection Residence Shops Spigot Survival

    MineApple – [Survival] [Minigames] [Anti-Grief] [Max ViewDistance] MC1.16.1

    MineApple offers a fun survival experience. Play on the server, gather resources, reach milestones and earn perks.

    We offer the vanilla survival experience you know and love, but with unique and fun extras. Players can aqcuire custom perks, items and abilities through custom game mechanics and machines from CraftBook, McMMO, our own plugins and more!

    We are a No-Griefing and No-Raiding server and offer plugins like Residence that allow you to easily claim land to use by yourself or together with friends.

    Aside from Survival, we also offer a Creative Plotworld and have a custom PvP Minigame in which you can fight your friends or someone from our community using special abililties. Furthermore, we are constantly working on improving your experience, by creating more fun things for you to enjoy.

    We strive to get the most out of vanilla Minecraft mechanics and try to use them to make original things that should keep you entertained.

    If you are looking for a great experience, join us at MC.MINEAPPLE.NET

    Admins Auctionhouse Auctions Economy Landclaim Pets Playershops Pve Pve Economy Residence Shop Shops Survival

    McEcon! [PVE] {1.16.1} {Survival} {Land Claim} {Player Shop} {McMMO} {Grief Prevention} {Pets} {Auctions} {Community} {Discord}

    Come join today, build a shop, earn money for killing mobs and become the wealthiest on McEcon!


    – Friendly, welcoming community. 🙏
    – We offer a moderated, no grief experience for all players and ages! 📚
    – Active admins 👥
    – PVE 🎆
    – Residence / LandClaim 🏛️
    – Player Shop (Economy) 💸 💰
    – McMMO 🌎
    – Pets 🐶🐱
    – Auctions 👀🗣
    – and more! 🌈

    We look forward to seeing you on the server!

    What is McMMO?:

    – Increase your McMMO power level to unlock special abilities by performing tasks!
    – Level up abilities like Acrobatics, Alchemy, Archery, Axes, Excavation, Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Repair, Salvage, Smelting, Swords, Taming, Unarmed and Woodcutting!
    – Unlock skills like Dodge, Roll, Catalysis, SkillShot, Daze, Retrieve, AxeMastery, CriticalHit, GreaterImpact, ArmorImpact, SkullSplitter, Fishing, FarmersDiet, GreenThumb, DoubleDrops, HylianLuck, ShroomThumb, DoubleDrops, BlastMining, RepairMastery, SuperRepair, ArcaneForging, AdvancedSalvage, ArcaneSalvage, FuelEfficiency, SecondSmelt, FluxMining, Bleed, Counter, SerratedStrikes, Gore, FastFood, ThickFur, HolyHound, ShockProof, SharpenedClaws, CallOfTheWild, Disarm, Deflect, IronGrip, IronArm, LeafBlower and DoubleDrops


    1. No griefing
    2. No cheating
    3. No macros/automated scripts
    4. Be respectful to other players
    5. Keep the server appropriate
    6. No player traps


    Deathchest Economy Jobsreborn Landclaim Mcmmo Pve Pvp Residence Shops Survival

    || The Lost Isles! || PvP & PvE Survival ||1.16.1! || Spigot || 24/7 ||

    Welcome To The Lost isles
    Server IP-

    Welcome & Hello We Are The Lost Isles Server, We Are A PvP & PvE Survival Server! We have many plugs they are listed below we are open to add more that you like playing! so just ask and we will look into it, if your good at building say as there might be a place for you to help build on the server!

    We are 24/7 only downtime is for server updates we have one restart a day to keep the server fresh this is done @ 4AM GMT Every Day, all server ranks are in game no real money needed to go up ranks, ranks have extra commands and much more! more info in server!.

  • CMI
  • CoreProtect
  • Chest Sort
  • Gold Bags
  • More Ores
  • Spartan
  • MobHunting
  • SkillsPro
  • Ultra Permission
  • Nexel Wilderness
  • Phantom Combat
  • QuickShop
  • Ultimate Claims
  • Ultimate Fishing
  • Ultimate Timber
  • Have Any More Idea’s!? Then Let Us Know And We Shall Look Into It!.

    So Come join Check Out The Server And See If You Like It Or Not Always Open To Improve Your Time On The Server!

    — Infamous_Kronk

    Bedrock Java Jobs Mcmmo Minecraft Nogriefing Pve Pvp Residence Server Smp Survival

    LiveAndBuild.Net | Survival Server (Java & Bedrock)

    CROSS PLATFORM! Both Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition can join!

    Welcome to LiveAndBuild.Net… Completely based around the community, using user feedback we believe we have crafted one of the best survival Minecraft servers on the planet. With over 8 years experience running game servers you can have trust in us to provide fair, equal, and balanced game play. Whether you like to PvP, or just build in peace we offer the tools to do this.

    What are you waiting for? Join MC.LIVEANDBUILD.NET today!

    Crates Events Pvp Residence Survival


    Сървъра е Residence. PvP-то в сървъра е без никакъв лаг и много лесно можете да се сдобиете с ITEMS за PVP.

    Crates Events Fun Pvp Quests Residence Survival


    Our server is ready for you. Come have fun and we will try to improve it with each new day. We have enough plugins to make the server fun to play.

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