Fantasy Medieval Modded Moddedserver Survival

Yoinkus Doinkus Medieval MC 1.19.2 Fabric

Started as of 9/23/2022

Yoinkus Doinkus Mediecal MC server

Fantasy world inspired idea of no rules and see how that goes for now.

Come join and see what all you cant discover.


This is not my modpack, Link is above to see more.

Fantasy Lotr Lotrmod Medieval Modded Racesandclasses Roleplaying Skills Survival

Age of Power

┌───── ⋆»«⋆ ─────┐
———-Age of Power——-
└───── ⋆»«⋆ ─────┘

⟿About Age of Power:
“Welcome weary traveler! Join us and create your own character as you forge your own adventure in the vast world of Middle Earth! Join whatever race you so choose within whatever Kingdom you so desire and build, travel, adventure, fight, and most of all enjoy the world of Tolkien’s Legendarium.”

⟿Some Things We Offer:
✯ Character Freedom and Faction Choices!
✯ Fun Events for the entire server such as raids, sieges, relic hunts, etc!
✯ Self-Promotion!
✯ Partnerships!
✯ Peaceful Wanderer Roles!
✯ Lore based characters such as Elrond, Aragorn, Gandalf, Sauron, etc!
✯ A fun and fair atmosphere!
✯ Open to suggestions!

⟿Partnership Regs:
✯ Must be SFW
✯ Must be non-toxic
✯ Must not support hate or intolerance
✯ No Member Requirement
✯ No Activity Requirement
✯ No Invite Rewards

Come join Age of Power. We promise you will enjoy your stay.
Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:

Still W.I.P. join the DC for further updates!

Server invite:

Adventure Fantasy Harry Harrypotter Hogwarts Magic Medieval Potter Roleplay School

Fawkescraft – Back to Hogwarts!

Welcome to Fawkescraft! Fawkescraft is the ultimate Harry Potter roleplay Minecraft server. We offer you to become the student you’ve always wanted to be as you experience life at the famous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Study all kinds of charms and spells, mix magical drinks, take care of fantastic beasts and plants, and embark on a journey through the wizarding world full of familiar locations.


Getting Started
When you first join the server, you’ll spawn in the Diagon Alley and you get a list of supplies you need for your first year at Hogwarts. On top of the school supplies, you will be able to buy a pet, and lots of other supplies and clothes for your adventures. V.I.P. players are able to customise the cosmetic qualities of their wands and pets.

After getting the school supplies, you will step into Hogwarts and go through the Sorting Hat ceremony to place yourself into one of the four Hogwarts Houses – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. The Sorting Hat takes your wish into account.

The Hogwarts Castle is based on the books description.

Read more at our wiki:

Altdorf Castle Creative Empire Environment Fantasy Forest Giant Huge Kislev Land Map Mountains Old Sigmar Warhammer Warhammercraft World Worldpainter


WarhammerCraft is committed to accurately building the Old World continent as depicted in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. The WarhammerCraft server is the ultimate unofficial recreation of Warhammer in Minecraft!

Players can fly around and admire our work, or apply to join our fantastic build team!

WarhammerCraft uses the standard Minecraft launcher, implementing unique models and pack resources to better our world visually. The map of the Old World is currently 73,728 x 46,592 blocks – approximately equivalent to 3,435 sq km of land and ever growing in detail and size!

Whether you’re a fan of Warhammer, buildings amazing castles in a massive map or just enjoy Minecraft, WarhammerCraft is open for all to explore!

We are always looking for builders to help with this gigantic project!

Join us on Discord for the latest info, how to build or just to chat!

247uptime Betterend Betternether Dimensions Dragons Fabric Fantasy Flight Hard Levelz Moded Mods Mounts Pvp Rpg Survival Twilightforest Voidz


This is a challenging survival server with rpg levels, custom armors and weapons, and magic. I’m open to feedback and work on the modpack often if there are any issues or balancing problems with gear level wise. The server wipes once every 3 months. Server is running Minecraft 1.18.2 and has proximity and group voice chat. Requires the fabric mod loader in order to play found here although i highly recommend using the gdlauncher found here

Server restarts daily at 6am cst and 6pm cst

Biome Custom Dimension Dungeon Fantasy Magic Overhaul Survival Terrain

Overhauled [1.19.2] (Custom terrain, magic and more)

Minecraft: Overhauled is a sequel my discontinued Minecraft server called “Minecraft Plus”, that aims to improve the quality of the game, make it more pleasant to play and give more variation.


Click to reveal
Bigger beacon radius
The radius of a beacon’s area of effect is doubled.

Carpeted blocks
You can place carpets on stairs, slabs and many other non-solid blocks. In order to place a carpet, you have to sneak and place the carpet at the block that you want.

Climbable chains
You can climb up and down chains.

Fast leaf decay
Exactly what the title implies, leaves decay faster!

Fixed tripfire
Players can trigger tripwire hook blocks instead of just tripwires.

Hanging moss
Moss carpet blacked on other blocks looks like they’re hanging.

Colorable item frames
You can color your item frames by sneak right clicking on them with a dye. You clear the frame by breaking it or using a water bucket on it.

Movable cake
A cake will now drop itself when you break the cake block, and it will contain information about the number of slices left.

Paper bark
“Paper from reeds? Where are we, ancient Egypt?”
When stripping the bark from a log, there’s a 20% chance of it dropping paper.

Rope ladder
Sneaking and placing a ladder will continuously place ladders down in a chain; an easy way to get to the bottom of caves and ravines.

Shrieker tracker
Upon entering a deep dark biome or an ancient city, four diamonds are displayed in the player’s actionbar. A diamond will be filled when a shrieker has been triggered, indicating the player’s warning level accordingly. When four diamonds are filled, the player has reached the max warning level, and the warden will spawn.

Tree capitator
Chopping trees and getting wood is made much easier! If you cut a log block from a tree, all the logs above will drop as well.

Useful composter
If you put a composters on crops level and fill it, it will feed the crops in radius 4 like bone meal.


Click to reveal
Deep Dark dimension
Since Mojang is hinting so heavily that there will be a new dimension, I decided to include a non-official version of it to Minecraft: Overhauled.

Improved birch forests
A new Wild Birch Forest biome. It has lots of foliage, and mushrooms growing from trees. The mushrooms can be harvested directly from the trees, and can also be crafted by combining two brown mushrooms.
There are ruins in the normal Birch Forest biome. They’re made mostly of mossy and normal variants of stone bricks and cobblestone, but you can also find there moss blocks and even tuff.

Improved end cities
End Cities have a new design.

Improved ocean ruins
Cold ocean ruins are replaced with more detailed custom ones.

Improved ruined portals
Tired of the old boring ruined portals? On Minecraft: Overhauled, those old boring things are replaced with more detailed ones.

Improved villages
Plains, taiga and desert villages are replaced with more detailed ones.

Improved woodland mansion
All parts of the woodland mansion are redone.

More dungeons
Fossils are replaced with custom dungeons. There are eight different dungeon desings and they all contain either guardian, vex or zombie spawner. The dungeons are little less common than fossils normally are to make it more balanced.

Overworld overhaul
Minecraft 1.18 brought a massive overhaul to world generation. Minecraft: Overhauled takes that overhaul and turns it up to eleven to provide a completely new experience. There are over 85 brand-new biomes as well as almost every vanilla biome are updated with new and improved features.
Caves have been overhauled as well. Minecraft: Overhauled’s underground is a place with as much variation as the overworld above.

Revamped Nether
The Nether is completely revamped. In total, there are 8 brand-new biomes and 10 new structures.

Taller trees
The base height of each type of birch, oak, and dark oak tree are increased by 2 or more blocks.


Click to reveal
Extra information
Compass, clock, map and lead displays extra information.
Compass: displays the player’s bearing
Clock: displays the current time in 24 hour format
Map: displays the player’s coordinates
Lead: displays the speed and jump height of the horse you’re riding

Mining helmet
You have no longer to worry about crafting 80 stacks of torches when you are going to mine. When you wear the Mining Helmet it will emit dynamic light. You can enchant the helmet and repair it with gold.

Overhauled [1.19.2] (Custom terrain, magic and more) Minecraft Server

Recharging totem
When a totem of undying is used, instead of being removed from your inventory, it slowly recharges, visually indicated by the damage bar, and cannot be used again until it has fully recharged.

Totem of End-eyeing
A new totem that saves your items instead of your life. As long as this totem is somewhere in your inventory, all of your items will be sent to your ender chest upon death. To craft the totem of end-eyeing, combine a totem of undying with an eye of ender.

Wooden and stone tool variants
All the wood blocks got variations- doors, fences, etc., but the tools didn’t. Minecraft: Overhauled has unique textures to each of the wood and stone variants.


Click to reveal
Chicken shedding
Want feathers without all the animal murders? Chickens have a 10% chance of shedding a feather rather than laying an egg.

Yes, Minecraft: Overhauled has dogs! You can get them by naming wolves as the name of the dog breed by using a name tag.
List of dog names:

Easy breeding
Dropped items are able to breed animals, which allows for farm automation using dispensers, droppers, water streams, or really any method that puts the animals in physical contact with their food.

End phantom
The Phantom, one of the most hated mobs spawns only in the End Dimension, specifically in The Small End Islands. Be careful when you bridge over the void!

Fireflies on swamp biomes, which can be caught in bottles for decoration. Not edible by frogs!

Sleepings mobs
Mobs sleep at night. Crouch down to not to wake up the wolves or the illagers.


Click to reveal
AFK detection
“Hey Steve, can I borrow some cobble?” … “Steve?” … “Oh, he’s AFK.”
If you’re inactive for 5 minutes, a message is posted in the chat.

You can crawl by looking down and pressing sneak. To stand up, press space or look up.

Fast travel
Minecraft: Overhauled utilizes amethysts. You can build fast travel points by making a 3×3 amethyst block platform with either copper, iron, gold, emerald, diamond or netherite block in the middle. The tier of the block in the center determines the time it takes for the fast travel point to channel.
To connect two fast travel points, the first one must be marked first. To do this, stand in the middle of an unconnected platform and hold an amethyst shard in your hand. Now you can go to the second activated unconnected platform and do the same as you did with the first.
To activate the platform, you must stand in the center of an activated connected fast travel point and hold an amethyst shard in your hand.
Mobs can be taken along by standing on the platform. However, this consume an additional amethyst shards.
A fast travel point can be renamed with a name tag. Its name is shown when a player travels to it.
If any block of the platform is removed, the fast travel point is destroyed. The connected platform will now also no longer work.

Overhauled [1.19.2] (Custom terrain, magic and more) Minecraft Server

When a player deal the killing blow with a golden axe, it will drop its head.

Set home
You can teleport to your home with a simple command.
To set your home, type /trigger SetHome
To then teleport home, type /trigger TpHome
To remove your house, type /trigger RemoveHome

Skip night
The night is skipped if 20% of players online are sleeping.


Click to reveal
Bell recipe
Bells can be crafted from 3 planks, 4 sticks and 1 block of gold.

Overhauled [1.19.2] (Custom terrain, magic and more) Minecraft Server

Cheapter rails
Crafting rails in mass is less expensive. You can craft more normal rails or activator rails or detector rails by combining one of them with a iron ingot. More powered rails can be crafted by combining a powered rail with a gold ingot.

Craftable chainmail armor
Tired of not being able to craft chainmail armor? Using the chains, found naturally in Bastion Remnants, you can craft chainmail armor!

Cheapter chains
Since the chainmail armor is craftable on Minecraft Plus, I figured the recipe for chains should be cheaper; three iron nuggets for eight chains.

Craftable horse items
Saddles and horse armors are craftable.

Extended blast furnace
The blast furnace has all the recipes a normal furnace has in 1.16. Like stone, glass, sandstone, terracotta, etc. Several recipes are added to the smoker instead – popped chorus fruit, green dye, lime dye.

Colorful cauldron
Bedrock’s cauldrons are ported into Java cauldron.
You can dye the water in cauldrons by drowing a dyes into them.
You can throw dyeable items into to a cauldron that is filled with colored water to change the color. Throwing multiple dyes into a cauldron, it will cause the color to mix together.
Dye bottles are cosmetic items that you can get by throwing a glass bottle into a dyed cauldron. They don’t contain any potion effect.

Washable wool
You can clean the color from carpets, wools, banners and beds by throwing them into a cauldron with water. The cauldron uses up one water level in the process.

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MadCraft Heroes

However, it is in a closed beta testing phase! Please message me, or join the discord to be added to the whitelist!

Im STILL looking for players experienced in java for possibly paid positions as well as a handful of players to help test features and balances.

Use discord below if interested:


Elderscrolls Fantasy Fantasyroleplay Magic Medieval Quests Roleplay

Realm of Navia

Realm of Navia is a modded fantasy roleplay server!

There are quests where you can earn money and then proceed to buy your own home or items!

and of course you can roleplay with the community!

many races/species to roleplay as and many items to use for more of a roleplay experience

the lore and rules of the server are in the discord server

it is required to be in the discord server

discord invite code


{Mods and texture packs are in the discord}

Builder Builders Fantasy Roleplay Server

W.I.P Fantasy World

Who are we?

We’re a fresh server looking for passionate builders to help build a roleplay and adventure centric fantasy server before its formal launch! Builders don’t have to have tons of experience and can have long-term or short-term positions (you can help with a single pathway or make a giant castle to assist us) and have the possibility of playing as normal players after the release if they choose (with or without a custom rank that we offer to each builder!) and we take extra care to fully publicly credit every builder for the work they do on the server!

Our goals?

We aim to make an extremely unique never done before complex fantasy map with many high quality quests and roleplay aspects that transport you to our mystical lands! We plan to have many features that separate us from other fantasy roleplay servers!

Other things you need to know?

Builders must formally apply through our website link to our application form at the bottom of this post! Feel free to message the creator of this post at anytime for any help related to the server!

Interested in waitlisting to join the mc server when it releases? Your not alone! Ask in the comments for a link to the waitlist!

Fantasy Medieval Modded Moddedserver Survival

1.16.5 Medieval/Fantasy Themed Modded Minecraft server

We are relatively small modded, medieval and fantasy themed minecraft server (with a small amount of geopolitics mixed in for some extra kick) for 1.16.5, we have mods such as ice and fire, medieval craft, epic fight, oh the biomes you’ll go, and minecolonies. If you are interested in joining please join our discord, it will have everything you need to start playing, make sure you read the rules of the discord, and be friendly. Dm the owner, Brodiavolo for any questions. I’ll see you there!