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Cxmc is a semi-anarchy, pure vanilla survival experience. Griefing, stealing, and killing other players is all allowed. However, unlike regular anarchy, hacking and exploiting is not allowed.

Join our discord:

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A new Survival plots server where the objective is to go out into the wild and gather resources then come back to your plot and build away to show off.

Sonorabuild Survival Wilderness

🌵 SonoraBuild 🌵 – 256 km² Custom Survival World | MCMMO Ranks and Careers | Hella Good, Lefty Community (1.15.2)

SonoraBuild is a Survival MCMMO server with 100% custom terrain based on the American Southwest, with some other North American terrain to match! Come and discover a world full of surprises you won’t find in normal Minecraft. Keep in mind we’re still heavily under construction and features are being added pretty much every day!!!

Grief Prevention! SonoraBuild uses Residences to let players create their own settlements and towns.
No Nether! Unlike most servers, our world doesn’t have a Nether. Instead, you can mine for hellish resources at /warp volcanoes.
Vote Crates! /Vote and get crate keys. You can open the crates at /warp crates .

Walk out of the spawn house (or use /rtp to teleport a short distance away) to begin your journey. You start as a Newcomer, and cannot create your own residence claim. Even as a Newcomer, you can still build (or rent land from other players) and explore freely! After 1 hour and gaining some MCMMO skills and 1 km of travel, you have the ability to /rankup to Rookie. At this point, you can make claims using the stick item and the /res create (home name) command. Higher ranks will gain the ability to claim large amounts of land and create sprawling towns.

Griefing and raiding is not allowed. Those who do so will be banned on sight.
Do not PVP unwilling players. This is very unfriendly behavior and also very bannable.
We are a safe space! Please be civil and tolerant towards others and refrain from using sexist, racist, or homophobic language.

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Bee Time

Bee Time is a friendly, growing vanilla community using no cheated items or abilities such as flight, teleportation (to a certain extent /spawn /home /wild) or claims. We do have plugins to protect our players and deal with those who dare do bother. We try our best to involve our whole community and create something truly unique. We are looking for more dedicated friendly survival players to join us.

We have a small whitelist application which all of our players have to fill. This application tries to prevent griefers, hackers, trolls from joining but also gives us a small introduction about the player.

Please apply in our discord:

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[SEASON 2 Just Started!] $150 Payout For Island Top! | Diorite Network

SEASON 2 JUST STARTED! (30th May 2020 – 30th Jun 2020)


ISLAND 2nd PAYOUT – $50 PAYPAL! + $50 Buycraft

ISLAND 3rd PAYOUT – $50 Buycraft!

Join our server to participate!

Server IP:
Version: 1.8 – 1.15.2

Diorite Network | Small Cosy Community
Skyblock – Bosses, Event crates, Dungeon, Pets, Wilderness & more!

A unique Skyblock experience, unlike any other server. Join us to find out more!!

It gives a fair chance for every player to fight for the TOP 3!

Insane in-game lottery will be given EVERY HOUR on the dot!
We are pumped to invite you guys over to join us in the fun. We are still growing and newly launched, so do help us out as we continue to improve the server and grow as a community! See ya in game!

Looking for YouTuber and experienced developers, builders & moderators. Do feel free to come join us and see if this server suits you! 🙂

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Prime Survival [1.15.2]


Enhance your survival experience with Prime Survival

Prime Survival is just as it says, survival at its prime! With player market, grief prevention, advanced armour stands and many more, Prime takes the survival you know and love and makes it even greater!

Here at Prime, our friendly staff actively work to maintain your enhanced survival and protect the community from any ill intent. Our rules are straight-forward and will never hinder your gameplay or communication with your new friends.

Due to our SINGLE rank for players, (with the exception of donators) our chats are neat and extremely easy to read. Each player is equal and no one stands out exceptionally above the rest!

After joining Prime, you can use our portals to visit both player markets and jump into the wild. You can also visit both from anywhere in the world by using /warp market and /wild

Want a specific direction? You can always walk right out of spawn. Don’t feel safe from other players? Disable your PvP using our PvP toggle!

Prime works to make our community as flexible as possible. If you feel we’re missing something, our suggestions channel on our discord is open 24/7. Leave your desired plugin, rule change, or addition and other players can vote on it. We let you shape your ideal server!

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Dark Souls Minecraft Server

Kawaii Gang live

Minecraft is a very hard game it can be easy to get overwhelmed and quit because of this, this guide will get you started and help you progress, please keep on reading before joining this server as it’s very hard. I’m already hard and I haven’t even played today yet.

God item villager trader in Minecraft Dark Souls server.

It’s important to never start alone, find a party of cute anime loving friends who will join you. There is no really much of a limit on how many can be summoned over the infinite sea of interwebs, and you can summon as many as you like by talking to witch girl traders at spawn.

Dark Souls Minecraft server witch girl villager trader at spawn.

Use your brain when playing Minecraft. It is an enormously powerful tool, and by learning the ways of the brain, you’ll be able to use it to solve problems. Don’t worry, you won’t run into bunch of griefers, you’ll also learn how to better anticipate in game problems.

When mean girls grief me I give them god apples to bring them peace, only for them to call me a ‘bitch’.

Not only they defeated me in the wild, they even stole my bonefire but I sethome in their base.

Gamer defeated and punished in wild PvP on Dark Souls of Minecraft Server.

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🏹 GoldCraft – The #1 Factions , Anarchy, Survival, Skyblock Network Server

GoldCraft is a server that wishes to bring you the best Minecraft server experience. With 10 years of experience and an amazing staff team, premium anti-cheating plugins, Multiple Server game modes to choose from, No lag, 24/7 support. Along with an economy that has been balanced and perfected, server player shops, auctions, vote rewards, in-game purchasable ranks that give you special perks as you advance. There are no guidelines, no expectations, and no limits to what you can do. The world is truly yours.

Servers Available:

  • Factions (1.15 with 1.8 Combat)
  • Anarchy
  • Survival (With Land claiming & Land Wars, Economy, Ranks, & More)
  • Skyblock
  • Discord:

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