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Bananarine | Server of Dreams

Compatible with 1.8 – 1.16.1

Welcome to Bananarine! The Server of Dreams.

The best server you’ve ever seen (probably not) with many unique minigames (some are still WIP) and attractions!

oh and also brought back from the grave and restructured.


  • Hide and Go Gortume
  • Hide and Go Gortume RSE
  • RollerMiner
  • Tourney (Beta)
  • FruitQuake
  • SheepQuest (missing lobby)
  •     Attractions

  • Bearchm Memorial Center
  • WildAdventures | a.k.a. Survival/Factions
       Note:: WildAdventures is in 1.16 and up!!
  • Redstone Games
  • Reprisal’s Paradox Prison | a.k.a Prisons
       Note:: 1.8 – 1.8.9 recommended!!
  • CrazySide
  • Sweet Sweet Stressed World (eaten)
  • Twisted Kuru Forest (overgrown needs trimming) <-- almost done trimming!
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    “There’s a new shierff in town!” ~ CrAzyM4nG0