Anarchy Crazy Fun Norules Survival

Kampfer Anarchy 1.12.2

Server is fairly new, has no rules. Staying in 1.12.2 forever with no world resets. Not too many players, only some of my friends, and people that I dont really know. Very strong economy, letting users discover duplication glitches for themselves. Dont want to make money owning this server, just want to have fun and watch people build, hoping to get some more players that are interested.


Crazy Creative


Its free so
You can use tnt, go in dimensions, and more.
There are no rules.
Moderators, admins, and owners can use cheats

Just to notice, I tried to put my banner but it didn’t work, the banner is in my site or in my other java list servers

9.1 Crazy Create Don't Farm Fun Have Java Job Jobs Sec Store Thing Vote World

Adamantium Security

( JAVA -_- BEDROK ) World to have fun, create crazy farms and whatever you want. Paid Jobs, gifts, votes, checked armor and many more things, have a great time and enjoy (YOU DON’T HAVE MINECRAFT, GO BY THE STORE I’LL GIVE IT TO YOU)


Chan Crates Crazy Custom Economy Enchants Events Faction Faction Pvp Factions Futur Keys Mcmmo Tron Trong


Crazy Factions is a New faction pvp server with some fun plugins for players to enjoy such as crates/keys, Custom enchants, Free ranks etc.

This server has McMMo. Still open to ideas for future updates.

Strongest factions get bonus rewards. Tournaments includes.

There are free ranks for dedicated players. ranks typical are won by entering tournaments/events or loot crates spawned around the world.

Crazy Ect Fire Jump Life Lifesteal Name Paw Rules Spawn Steal Tea Title Tpa Welcome

Crazy Egg

Welcome to Crazy Egg a life steal server with tpa and a spawn where there is a fire jump

There is pvp


Do Not Mine Spawn

Do Not Use Spruce

If you violate a rule you lose 20 Health and if you don’t have enough health you get eliminated.

2023 Armor Crazy Farm Farms Gaming Gift Gifts Hate Minecraft Security Survival Tebex Upload Votes

Adamantium Security

World to have fun, create super crazy farms and whatever you want. We also have gifts, votes and armor checks and many more things have a great time and enjoy
Adamantium Security Minecraft Server

300 Ashes Cheap Courage Crazy Economy Freeze FTB Kie Oura Playtime Price Prices Skyblock Survival

FTB Skies – Splodge Official

Splodge bringing you FTB Skies!

If your Minecraft client crashes or freezes try adding more RAM, the pack has over 300+ mods… 8-12GB should be enough but we like to go for 16GB just in case.

We offer ranks that increase with playtime giving you more perks the higher you get.

We have a donation store available… wait hear me out! If you take a look you will find that the prices are crazy, this is to discourage advantages over other players. Donations go towards supporting the server’s and we can’t thank you enough! It’s not cheap running minecraft server.

We hope you enjoy playing with us, feel free to join the discord:

As per usual, griefing will not tolerated!

300 Ashes Cheap Courage Crazy Economy FTB Oneblock Parkour Playtime Price Prices Skyblock Stoneblock Survival

FTB Stoneblock 3 – Splodge Official

Splodge bringing you FTB Stoneblock 3!

If your Minecraft client crashes or freezes try adding more RAM, the pack has over 300+ mods… 8-12GB should be enough but we like to go for 16GB just in case.

We offer ranks that increase with playtime giving you more perks the higher you get.

We have a donation store available… wait hear me out! If you take a look you will find that the prices are crazy, this is to discourage advantages over other players. Donations go towards supporting the server’s and we can’t thank you enough! It’s not cheap running minecraft server.

We hope you enjoy playing with us, feel free to join the discord:

As per usual, griefing will not tolerated!

Anarchy Crazy Discord hardcore minecraft Interesting Minecraft Anarchy Minecraft Anarchy Server Nothing Pay To Win Plugins Promo Promotion Promotions Qol Stupid


We are a hardcore minecraft anarchy server, we have a unique set of small qol plugins with nothing over the top, we have an crazy spawn area with some interesting lore, we are active daily and have a discord server too, we have 0 pay to win features, no stupid spam or self promotions and are growing each and every day, come join us today 🙂



1 20 1.20 Apa Atapacks Content Crazy Datapack Datapacks Itsreddy12 Mean Pac Pack Smp Survival Weird

Reddy’s Crazy SMP

An SMP with a few datapacks and plugins, but aside from that, should be vanilla. Also the 1.20 and Bundle datapacks are enabled, so expect some of 1.20’s content. THIS SERVER IS MADE WITH ATERNOS, THIS MEANS THAT IT IS NOT 24/7 ON

1.10 1.11 Bots Cheap Cheater Economy Hacker International License Mini Games Paid Parkour Pvp Survival Territory


– works continuously
– constant update to the new version
– beautiful buildings
– it’s convenient to play for people from all over the world, as the server is international
– cheap donate
– does not require a paid Minecraft license
– protection against griefers, cheaters, bots and hackers
– private territory
– many interesting plugins
– the project has been working since 2016 and is constantly improving
– adequate players
– active administration
We are waiting for you on this server. Come on in.
The administration wishes a pleasant game!

Compete Dev Development Economy Factions Factions Server Function Large Love Mcmmo Mpet New Minecraft Pete Survival Vanilla


Astr0Ant is a new minecraft survival/factions server that is in progress of development, but is still playable and function. Come check us out and give the server a try. We would love a larger community to join and play and compete to become #1 on the server!!!

Admin Better Design Good Nostalgic Playing Problems Quality Sign Suggestions Survival Multiplayer Tak Treasure Version Who

NiveWorld Minecraft Server

NiveWorld is a good and favorable server for playing on version 1.5.2; We guarantee you a quality game without lags and other problems. On our server there is an adequate administration and a good community. Every day we improve and make the server even better. The server is designed only for players who like to nostalgic. We take into account all the opinions of players in terms of improving the server. You can always contact the administration and make your suggestions in the server treasure. Start playing on our server, you won’t regret it!

Acting Economy Experienced Exploring Fanta Fantastic Friendship Nostalgia Pve Recreate Ship Ships Survival Towny Vanilla


Antiquity is a vanilla-based Minecraft server with one and only one goal: recreate the nostalgia that many of us experienced when we were younger. Many of us look back on the years pre-2015 and recall our fantastically fond memories. The time spent exploring an uncharted world. The time spent interacting with our fellow players. The time spent forming connections and friendships. The time spent forming memories. We may each recall our own antiquities. Come join our community and take part in forming another great age.

Auras Bubble Chairs Craftbook Dwarf Emperor Horsetpwithme Human Knight Pvp Roleplay Selection Survival Trails Wizard


AuraScape is brand-new and unique medieval/roleplay survival experience:

With loads of custom crafting recipes and unique items that aren’t in Vanilla Miinecraft, you’re sure to find a new tool or armour kit that takes your fancy.

Quests: Talk to most NPCs in the game and you will be given all sorts of fun and rewarding quests to complete, ranging from simply catching fish, to large quest-lines that take you on crazy adventures!

Race selection: Choose between being a Human, Dwarf, Orc, or Elf! Each comes with their own custom /kits and perks to use to your advantage whilst building your empire in-game!

Become a Knight, Lord, King, Emperor, or even Wizard of the realm with our ranking system that gives each rank so much more to offer with every upgrade!

The server has loads of plugins to help make it more player-friendly and overall enjoyable, such as SlimeFun, Exotic Garden McMMO,, Quests, Towny, RPGHealth, Citizens, Brewery, Chairs, Lore, Lockette, SilkSpawners, ChatBubbleLite, CraftBook, HorseTPWithMe, Trails, SimpleRename, and so much more!

1.13 Art Elf Enjoy Fres Fresh Freshstart Friends Mcmmo Riends Star Start Survival Tmc Welcome


Welcome To FreshStartMC! We are a new 1.13 Survival server with plenty of plugins to enjoy yourself. So come join and have fun while making new friends.

Exploring Factions Minez Model Pvp Raiding Resource Pack Skin Skins Survival Survival Games Weapon Weapons Zombie Zombies

Valius Factions | guns | zombies

Server Desc:

Valius Factions is a unique Minez server with many features of a faction server. Loot, build, and kill your way to the top while exploring the depths of our completely custom 6K x 6K map! Completely mod-free, we strive to deliver an experience like no other, with our custom made resource packs and over 45+ unique weapons!


-Custom 6k x 6k map
-Custom 3D model resource packs
-Unique guns with spray patterns
-Weapon skins

Join us on Discord:

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.8 1.9 Bran Brand Enjin Factions Factions Pvp Owner Pvp Raiding Schoo School


Welcome to VYPEX. Old school factions pvp server. Lots of plugins. Friendly staff.

Feel free to check the server out. Brand new! Join on 1.8-1.9-1.10-1.11-1.12!!

Owner: Vembz_

100x100 300 Creative Family Family Friendly Gobrush Plotworld Relax Relaxing Rush Sniper Ush Voxel Voxelsniper Worldedit


Welcome to zPlots!

zPlots is a family friendly plots server with many cool features such as:
Free WorldEdit, VoxelSniper and Gobrush!
Multiple plotworlds, 100×100 plots up to 300×300 plots!
Rank up by building!
Unique voting rewards!
15+ Custom Ranks
And much more!

If you are looking to have a fun, relaxing time then come join today! We are friendly and like to communicate with our players, we don’t bite!
What are you waiting for?
Join today at

Awesome Better Cell Crazy Creative Eso Incredible Kings Kit Kitpv Kitpvp Mini Games Need Skyblock Survival


iKings! is the most crazy awesome sauce server on the internet we have excellent staff for all your (help) needs. We have survival, creative, skyblock, Kitpvp, and so much more!!!! Plz check out this incredible server you will never have a better experience than this server! 13+ age requirement, friendly staff and community.

Economy Everyone Friend Friendly Great Mcmmo People Riendly Roleplay Servers Staff Survival Taff This Vanilla


This server is a fun well done server with great staff, and friendly people. It is a survival server and it’s fun for everyone! Join Now!

Economy Family Family Friendly Mcmmo Mini game Noob Noobs Persona Personal Pve Skill Survival Towns Towny Wns

[Family Friendly] [Towns] [mcMMO Skills] [Personal Land] [Mini Games] [Grief Free] Since 2011!

Apply Crack Cru Design Economy Enchants Enviro Environment Factions Forums Invite Iron Mcmmo Recruiting Survival

Cracking MC

welcome to KrakenMC

Here we have custom plugins designed for the best for you!

We have Custom Enchants, Custom PvP, Factions, Survival, Mcmmo and a great Environment for the players and the server is recruiting staff! apply on forums and enjoy thee server.
Our comity invites you!

Come and join us!

Battles Character Conquest Destiny Lord Lord of The Rings Mcmmo Medieval Fantasy Pve Pvp Rings Role-playing Roleplay Survival Tiny

Istria Roll

ISTRA is an interpretive role-playing server in medieval fantasy Minecraft similar to the Lord of the Rings. You embody the role of a certain character – the one you want – and you speak, act and think as he would in the game.

-Server theme?
The server setting is medieval fantasy.
For ISTRA we have thought that the gaming experience is based on the players themselves being the owners of their destiny, something that means that they are the leaders of the nations that will make up the World of Istra.
In addition, we want to make it possible for nations to go to war with each other, with PvP conquest battles taking place or for rebellion to occur within a nation.

Claim Cool Creative Dedi Edit Equal Features Laim Non Pay Plot Plots Port Win Worldedit

ZotexMC Creative

ZotexMC Creative is the only non-pay-to-win creative server where all players have equal opportunities to use cool features like worldedit and claim up to 16 plots completely free.

Anarchy Bon Challenges Cheater Daily Galaxy Group Islands Kitpvp New Items Optimized Parkour Pvp Skyblock Skypvp

Galaxy Mine

SkyBlock, unique survival on the islands with:
• Challenges
• Daily Bonus
• Auctions
• 4 Islands to create
And also we guarantee these things:
• Without cheaters (We have a good anti-cheat)
• New items (from 1.12)
• There are no lags (we have everything optimized)
• New PvP system (Slow)
• Frequent updates (We are trying to over the server)
Server group –

1.14 Survival Bank Bounty Capital Hunter Mcmmo Mojang Phantom Pve Pvp Randomteleport Resets Risnox Survival Vanilla


Server description

– 1.14 survival
– Anti griefing (Lands)
– PvP (outside of the capital)
– /spawn and /sethome(1)
– mcMMO
– NO RESETS (unless Mojang changes world generation)
– RTP (randomteleport)
– Ranks
– Bank
– Auction House
– Player shops & Player Warps
– Bounty Hunters
– Phantoms disabled

201 Creative Erp Factions Gamer Massive Mcmmo Multiverse Nline Open World Para Paradise Survival Survival World Worlds


Online since March 2016, this is an Open World Minecraft Multiverse server with creative AND survival worlds – YOU choose where you want to go. This is a server with lots of room to build – no games, just a massive MC Playground. 2 worlds to play in right now – 1 creative, 1 survival.

8.2 9.2 Creative Dark Design Economy Factions Generation Ideas Kitpvp Mcmmo Networks Next Gen Realm Trans

Dark Realm Factions

Dark Realm Factions is part of the next generation of networks. Designed to be for the players. Always constantly adding new ideas. Designed to be transparent. Designed for all.

– KitPVP
– Factions

1.12 1.12.2 1.8 Ark Big Dark Enjin Eset Growing Ice Mcd Nice Real Reset Skyblock

Darkade Network

SkyBlock [1.8 – 1.12.2]

Darkade just opened after a reset. We’re working on growing our server and becoming bigger.

We got a really nice community and a great staff team which always is willing to help you out.



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Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

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