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The DavidsonCraft Network is an extreme Survival and PvP Server! With 1.8-1.16 support, we truly have a spot for everyone. This community focused server is immersive and fun, taking advantage of events and many gamemodes. We offer Quests, Heads/Bounties, Auctions, Supply Drops, ranks, Voting/Crates, and other fun in game prizes!
Join today for a guaranteed fun time.
-DavidsonCraft Staff

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Bananarine | Server of Dreams

Compatible with 1.8 – 1.16.1

Welcome to Bananarine! The Server of Dreams.

The best server you’ve ever seen (probably not) with many unique minigames (some are still WIP) and attractions!

oh and also brought back from the grave and restructured.


  • Hide and Go Gortume
  • Hide and Go Gortume RSE
  • RollerMiner
  • Tourney (Beta)
  • FruitQuake
  • SheepQuest (missing lobby)
  •     Attractions

  • Bearchm Memorial Center
  • WildAdventures | a.k.a. Survival/Factions
       Note:: WildAdventures is in 1.16 and up!!
  • Redstone Games
  • Reprisal’s Paradox Prison | a.k.a Prisons
       Note:: 1.8 – 1.8.9 recommended!!
  • CrazySide
  • Sweet Sweet Stressed World (eaten)
  • Twisted Kuru Forest (overgrown needs trimming) <-- almost done trimming!
  •      Join the Official Bananarine Discord!

    Click Here!

    Follow us on Twitter for server updates @TheBananarine


    “There’s a new shierff in town!” ~ CrAzyM4nG0

    Auction Crazy Economy Exp Kitpvp Pvp Ranks

    InitiumPvP – Custom KitPvP Server

    Not A Regular KitPvP Server.
    – Custom Enchantments
    – Shops, Auctions
    – Custom Rewards
    – Level up to achieve higher ranks, and better kits!

    Collierplays Crazy Dynmap Economy Enhanced Legit Minimap Nocheat Nogriefing Nogriefsurvival Nohacks Nolag Noopstaff Optifine Perks Slimefun Small Smallcommunity Smallsurvivalserver Survival Survivalserver Vanilla Veinminer

    [1.16 READY!] CollierCraft | Enhanced Survival Experience

    Colliercraft is back, with of course many twists in game-play.
    CollierCraft aims at creating the most unique, modded minecraft environment you can be in, without using any mods at all.

    Normal Features:

    Player Features
    Voter Features

    This feature list is not complete. More will be added in the future.


    Q: What is vein miner and how do i use it?
    A: Vein miner is a feature based off the forge mod, vein miner. It allows you to do things like break all connected ores, and stuff like that. It requires you to have the tool for the block, an example would be pickaxes for stone. And then you can shift to activate it.
    If it does not work please make sure you voted for the server and that /vm toggle is on.

    NO ASKING FOR OP OR RANKS. You will be banned immediately.
    No Greifing
    Cursing is allowed, but please do not spread hate toward users using it.
    No Bullying other players.
    No using modified clients to gain a better advantage, or at all
    Optifine and optimization modifications are allowed.

    Adultserver Advanced Anarchy Animal Crazy Pig Piglin Pvp Relax Survival Survivalmc Survivalservers Survivial

    Crazy Pig Minecraft Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Pigs are nasty and nobody likes them because they’re so damn scary and you can’t feel good about being around them. One of the most effective ways you can train yourself to see them in a different light is by letting pigs out of the f—ing pen. I don’t mean to be a bad pig person, but you can train yourself to see pigs as animals, just like chickens. If you see a pig do something that makes you want to say, “Wow,” or “That’s not right,” just let them do it. Some pigs will even impregnate their owners mistaken them for bunnies. Sometimes pigs will even pick up their own feces and poop on their own plates and dishes. This is totally normal behavior, and the good pig will do it without being yelled at or cussed at.

    Base owner taming a pig to expand a pig farm in Minecraft.

    I have been surrounded by pigs for the majority of my life as a bunny. I have been to the land where my ancestors roam and know the way to the land of my past. The land of my ancestors is at the end of the mountain range; and this is the only way to get there, the only way to pass these roving pigs. One can do so but it is impossible to be at peace for this.

    Since I came to this land I have learned that our peaceful and tranquil lives are only a pretense and a deception. Pigs are strange creatures that live in a very different environment. It’s best to remember that they are active sexual hunters; they are instinctual and very curious about everything around them; they can cause mischief in the most unexpected ways. It was hard for me to believe, but my girlfriend is pregnant. Piglin is now growing inside of her.

    Accidentally taming a pig to expand a pig farm and hopefully make piglins in Minecraft.
    Kawaii Gang live
    Admin Australia Crates Crazy Custom Customenchant Enchantments Faction Factions Friendly Mcmmo Minion Minions Miniskyblock Minskyblock Moderator Needstaff Network New Newzealand Other Skyblock Skywars Staff Survival Youtube

    NZ Network – Factions – Crates – Custom Enchants – Minions and more!

    New Zealand Network
    Servers: Factions, SkyBlock


    – McMMO
    – Crazy Crates, Envoys and Enchanter
    – Free Crate Keys
    – Multi World Factions
    – Free Automatic Ranks
    – Free Spawners (with voting)
    – SpawnerShop

    – Minions (yep they do work for you!)
    – Free automatic ranks
    – A large Shop

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