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DeathRowNetworks is a modded community that is starting with the modpack ftb ultimate reloaded. We started making Minecraft servers for the people to enjoy and to get there mind off of things in there personal life. This server provides the plugins and mods associated with ftb ultimate reloaded to run with ease and to enhance your player experience. We can not currently use towny with spongeforge, so we decided to use a similar plugin called nations. Nations allows you to create your own guild or faction in a way. The goal with that is to build your own community within the server itself. We love friendly people and we tend to keep the peace more than others! If you are interested in the economic friendly server then don't waist anymore time and just go join.

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[24/7] 11/26/2020 – Anarchy Minecraft Vanilla Survival Server – 20w48a Snapshot

Vanilla Minecraft Survival
Est. 11 25 2020
Created by: Regency2004 & DarthDerp
Welcome to a Vanilla Minecraft Survival server. This server is dedicated to the true origin of what Minecraft is. No fancy plugins, no kits/commands, just strictly on how the game was meant to be played, and enjoyed.
Yes, that means there is no way to defend your base if you don’t plan accordingly. Keep in mind on every move you make, and where to spot down for the night, because you never know who’s watching.
Survival is the name of the game, and that’s what were gonna keep it as.
But also, creativity…
Build what you want, kill who, and what you want, do whatever you want on this server. There are very very few rules, which are listed just down below.

This simple server design choice is what we are aiming for, just a place to kick back, unwind, and Minecraft together!Server Rules:

• No cheating/using third party softwares
• No bullying other players
• No asking for any kind of ownership, you will be ignored

– If any other rules/changes come up, seek our PMC page for info –

Minecraft Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Sipervivencia Survival Tecnico

Server de Minecraft 1.16x para adelante Survival y Técnico

Los invitamos al server formar parte de la comunidad de LegalGamer , por que ahora contamos con server de minecraft propio el cual es ip:
este server es survival de la 16x para adelante puedes jugar un survival normal con tus amigos o ser un jugador técnico y jugar con muchas granjas.(no premium y premium)
-que te diviertas
Discord: ttps://

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Welcome to EternityRealm!

EternityRealm is a brand new Minecraft Server network which currently has Skyblock, but we are offering survival and factions soon!

Our staff applications are open! To apply, simply join our discord and apply here: [b=false][/b]

You can join on any version above 1.9 for skyblock, however Survival and Factions allow 1.8 and above to join.

EternityRealm skyblock includes: Skills, Collections, 100+ Quests, 10+ free islands, custom crates, custom ranks, custom coded features, Skyblock Menu, Custom Bosses & Minibosses, as well as so much more!

What are you waiting for? Join for a unique experience like never before!

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Venturecraft- A Vanilla Experience

VentureCraft is a java 1.16.3+ Vanilla SMP with a small (But Friendly!) community!
Moderatley Established Server, Share new builds and farms with us!
New players who commit are given tools and materials (by their own server members!)
Incredibly friendly, and helpful community.
Includes Shopping District, Nether hub, community projects and events!
Featuring: Some Hermitcraft datapacks, Coreprotect! ,DiscordSrv(links Minecraft and discord chat so you can cross type) and more!
Join this discord server to start!

Note: Whitelist is on

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Minecraft Haven

Cali Gamer’s Minecraft Haven Server

Join By Domain:
Join By IP:

Map Cycle Change Happens Once Per Day

My name is Teal, and I’m a Kid Friendly Game Streamer • Minecraft • Counter-Strike.

If you do choose to go above and beyond to support my server by following I’ll be incredibly grateful, every penny earned will be put back into improving the quality of the server and the viewer’s experience.


√ Twitch TV

√ Website

√ Discord

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Sorryboucha.MC.GG [24/7 Survival 1.16.3] [CRATES] [BOSS MOBS] [DUNGEONS] [JOBS]

Server IP: Sorryboucha.MC.GG

I Made Sorryboucha.MC.GG to create a relaxing environment for crafters to come and chill and talk at.

We are aspiring the old way of Minecraft on the New 1.16.3 Version. We have all sorts of Plugins that enhance your Survival experience such as Dungeons, Markets, even a Token Reward System. The Server is Currently in BETA So if you want in please let me know in the comment section with your username and i’ll add you to the Whitelist!

Server Enhancements

My YouTube Channel

Badserver Good Minecraft Minecraftserver Server Survival


On this server you just play survival and chat with other players !

116server 116survival Community Cratesplus Creative Creativeplots Creativeserver Customenchants Customterrain Donationranks Dungeons Dungeonsbosses Economy Epicworldgenerator Faction Pvp Factionsserver Fun Gun Gunfactions Kits Mcmmo Medieval Minecraftserver Nether Other Playershops Pvp Pvparena Pvpserver Railroad Railroads Server Survival Voting Website

RiverCraft – 1.9 to 1.16+ – Factions – Quests – Bosses – Hunting – Guns – Economy – Creative – Custom World



  • Our server is very community-oriented! We have a community built spawn, community ideas, and a friendly team.Our server is built around a Multi world capability that allows the use of Factions in one world and Creative in the next without leaving the server!

    The Survival world:
      Factions based MOB and PVP combat with CUSTOM Armor uniquely designed to our server!
    We have vote crates that give you a chance to win custom items and get ahead from the other Factions!

      Gather up a couple of friends and take on the BOSSES in spawn or accept quests that you can complete Daily!!
    There is ALWAYS something to do!

      Our Nether is a custom world suited for Mob and PVP Combat while gathering resources. Throw on a set of Fury Armor and never take flame damage!
      Check out our RiverCraft Armor! It’s ranged from Aqua to Fury! Helping for advanced PVP Combat. Fury Armor FLAMES the enemy and gives you regeneration while Aqua Armor SLOWS the enemy and gives you SPEED! Fury won’t burn you under ANY flame or lava! Aqua will keep you breathing at the deepest depths of the ocean. Our CRATES also have custom weapons, tools, and SHARK ATTACK Chainmail Armor that pairs really well with Tinman’s Protection.Don’t forget to try out the PUNTER stick that hits the enemy back by the enchantment of KNOCKBACK 7!!
  • UNIQUE SPAWN:  Our custom server spawn offers a variety of game enhancers! Ride the railway from one end of the map to the other! Or take a leap pad across the ocean! Maybe visit the Shipwreck and find out what’s in the boat? Don’t forget to find the Pet Store and ride an INSANELY FAST Pig!

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    BraveHeartRP Survival

    Welcome to BraveHeartRP Survival! This Server contains many features that are open to every player. We offer old school survival with a mix of Towny, Economy, Shops, War, Alliances, and Role-Play between players! Our goal is to bring features into a survival server where people can own their own towns/kingdoms and go to war with other towns/kingdoms or create alliances or simply trade between one another! We hope to see you here soon and hope you enjoy!

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