Semianarchy Survival Vanilla

A life

No nonsense multiplayer hardcore.

I have always been fascinated by multiplayer hardcore, and I think it’s WAY more interesting when there are no rules.

This server is 99.9% vanilla. The only change is that you have a random spawnpoint (to prevent spawncamping).

And the Discord server is here:
I recommend joining the Discord server because it has the rules in it and also is where you report hackers or lag machines.

This server will remain on 1.19 until there is a real workaround for the 1.19.1 chat reporting system.

Pve Pvp Raiding Semianarchy Survival

Legends Devolved This Is Where You Will Find the Things You Need. But Let Me Explain The Legends Mod For Those Who Don’t Know Already The Legends Mod Was Created By Tihyo And Is A Mod Where You Can Become Superheroes Horror Killers The Buildable Mech Kiryu (MechaGodzilla) And Much More There Are Maps Tattoine Mars A Space Station Space Itself (required flight and vaccum adaption) And Much More! In The legends Mod Everyone Can Have Fun One Of Your Friends Could Like Jason Vorhees He Can Become That Someone Might Like Iron Man He Can Become That Someone Might Like Star Wars You Can Be A Jedi Sith DARTHVADER! And Much More On This Server The Only Rule Is Against Hacking and Xray Anything Else Is Fair Game Make Secret Bases Make Guilds Make Enemies All Of This Can Happen On Legends Devolved

Deathban Hardcore New Pvp Semianarchy Smp Survival

💥 RadarSMP 💥 | 1.19 | 30 Minute Death Ban | Semi-Anarchy |

Welcome To RadarSMP!
If you die by ANYTHING you will get a 30 minutes death ban automatically.


Stealing & Griefing is all allowed
There is no limit to teaming
Hacking/Cheating isn’t allowed you will be banned for 7 Days
Swearing is ok keep it mild
Spamming isn’t allowed you will be muted

Bedrock Bedrockjava Bedrockjavacrossplay City Factions Fun Java Javabedrock Javabedrockcrossplay Kingdom Land Nohacking Norules Semianarchy Smp Survival


NorthMC is a Minecraft server unlike any other.
With only one gameplay rule to follow. No hacking. This server has kingdoms, towns, factions, wars, all set in a massive world where you can play however way you want to, without being restricted by a hundred plugins. This is a server where griefing isn’t frowned upon but is an integral part of how the game is played.

The server has an active and generally friendly community, and we love new players joining.

Nations Semianarchy Semivanilla Server Survival

Survity SMP

New another Nations SMP, with nice community, beautiful world generation and coolowner 😉 .

Bedrockandjava Cracked Crackedserver Crossplay Crossplaybedrock Customitem Griefingallowed Semianarchy Survival Survivalserver Vanilla


Welcome to ForceSMP! This server is a Semi-Anarchy server. So Griefing, Robbing and Stealing are all allowed. The server includes many unique features Like CustomPvP Arenas, Customized shops with custom items. And custom dungeons all made by the server’s admins. This Server is a Cross-Play one, So bedrock and java can play on the same server. If you have any questions Pay our discord a visit. Otherwise, Join the server. Enjoy your stay! And give us a feedback on it. Good Luck!

*Side Notes:-

– This server has online mode Off. That means that cracked players are able to join.

– This server isn’t family friendly. So swearing isn’t punishable. So we hope not to find any players that are below 13 y/o!

– Being annoying to the staff team is Highly Punishable. That includes Begging for unbans/ranks and pinging the staff team for fun.

– Visit Our Discord! As it’s very important to do so. All of the announcements/polls will be there, Discord Link:

Anarchy Bounty Economy Pvp Semianarchy Smp Survival Vanilla

Jimmy SMP | 1.19

Server IP :
The Jimmy SMP is an 1.19 Semi-Anarchy server, meaning anything goes!
Killing, stealing, griefing are all allowed!
Join the discord server for announcements and chat
with other players :

Anarchy Norules Pvp Semianarchy Survival Vanilla

Fine Vanilla

Looking for a simple survival server without all
the fancy plugins and moderation? Well look no more! Fine Vanilla is a
brand new anarchy server that doesn’t allow hacks, we aim to deliver the
most vanilla experience possible, no fancy plugins, no limitations,
100% vanilla gameplay. Fine Vanilla is a great place for you and your
friend(s) to survive and thrive in a world with other players. The
future is yours!

Crossplatform Semianarchy Smp Survival


Hey guys! What started as a local bedrock realm between me and my friends has expanded so rapidly, that ive decided to make it a java crossplay server for the public! On this SMP you are free to do whatever you please, say what you want, grief bases, raid bases, anything you’d like, only rule is you may not hack. Have fun! IGN: TFungle

Bedrock port is the default; 19132.

Java Semianarchy Survival Vanilla

Vanilla Ice

Sup Lads!
Some time ago, me and my friends got in the mood to play some Minecraft. We started our hunt for a standard vanilla server but after days of searching, we found absolutely nothing. Every server these days has a ton of plugins and we just weren’t in the mood for that. So we decided to make our own! We bring you Vanilla Ice! We have kept plugins to the bare minimum and the rules are very simple:
1. Don’t hack. 2. Don’t join just to spam.
Other than that, hop on and have fun! If this sounds like something for you then we hope to see you soon!