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Do you want a nice and comfy Pokémon adventure? Do you like adventure? Do you like catching Pokémon and train your way from zero? Then come join Pokémania! We are a new, but experienced little community who longs for a nice and fun way to play Pixelmon with you! We are currently using quite a few mods, such as MrCrayFish’s Vehicle Mods, Furniture mod, Macaw’s furniture mod among others! Optifine is also running, and we aim to include everyone. What we mean by this is that the server is optimized, so even if you have a weaker computer, you should be able to play without lag!

We are currently in a bit of a building phase, but exploration is of course not limited, so if you want a headstart on catching ’em all, join! We also accept helpers, as we have big plans, but not many people to build.

The server is running on dedicated hardware, with 16 cores, 64 GB of RAM, and from an SSD. Not sure how to install mods and play? All you need to do is click the Discord link, and we will guide you with the installation!

What are you waiting for? Join today!

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Yesta SMP [1.18.2 – Crossplay SMP] [Lore, McMMo, Custom Enchants] [Medieval Fantasy Roleplay] LGBTQ Safespace

Currently in Closed Beta!

Release soon!

This is Yesta SMP!
Short YSMP, a public and very QUEER Survival Multiplayer Server for you to enjoy!
With multiple LGBTQIA+ TwitchStreamers all around the globe, we made this possible.

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Welcome to the Roanoke Smp, a Minecraft survival earth map. Join Streamers, YouTubers, Furries, and Vtubers alike in conquering the earth map, building empires, and working together diplomatically. Streaming is welcomed and encouraged as well as recording.

(boi is work in progress lmao)

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Elementals Smp

~Welcome to the Elementals SMP~

We are a small SMP for small streamers/contend creators. Currently we are searching for new members!!
We are a origins server we run the base origin mods. Other mods we run are listed below
  -Extra Origins
  -Mob Origins
  -Origins Extra Keybinds
  -Simple Voice Chat

now that is finshed lets go to our lore shall we?


  There once was a world in the multiverse. In this world four elemental beeings ruled the land each one has a paladin assisting them. There are   the aroggant Fire Elemental with thier trusty fire Paladin, the impulsive water Elemental with thier loyal water Paladin, the harrmonic Earth and   Nature Elemental with thier rocky Paladin and the withdrawn wind Elemental and thier calm paladin. Thoes are the four powers in the lands   that life for now in harmony. But who knows how long this peace will last.
  One more thing…the world will slowly degrade and break down due to an unknown force. How long will the peace last in a crumbling world   with four godlike beeings that are complete opposites to each other.

we made it a part of the lore that the world is breaking down because we will switch to an custom made map. Builds will be tranyfered to the new map if possible and playerdata will be reset because of problems with locations with the map switch. Items will be restored thou


We handle it with origins that if none of the origins that are provided with the mods that we either accept origin datapack reqests or that me or my staff will search for an origin datapack that is interessting to you.

to make it easyier for all of us dont request op origins if you do not play a Paladin


Currently we have a few roles that are still unoccupied. those are the following

~Earth Paladin
~Wind Paladin

~Water Paladin

If you are interessted in playing one of those dm me and we will talk about your role and how we need you to play. For those roles there is a specific way we need you to play. For other roles there are mild boundaries in how you can play them but for the Paladins there are more harsh boundaries. me and my team will happily assist you in making your charakter

If you have any more questions and or want to join ill leave my discord below, please feel free to dm me in either of the two chases im there to help


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————————————————–[- WORLD SMP -]————————————————–
Welcome to WORLD SMP, a Java 1.18.1 Survival, SkyBlock, Hunger-Games
server and so much more! Our server is small we need players like you! If people
stream here lots of players will join which would make more action! I’m a small
streamer myself and want you guys to come and join since I’m kind of lonely. If
your a small streamer try playing the server! See you there minecrafters!

Join our Discord:
Server IP:
Version: 1.18.1

(We are CST, so most players may play at that time)

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Hello, welcome to Babosada MC, a community of streamers and users in which you will have fun playing PVP or if you want something quieter you can enter our Survival and have fun with our community. You can enter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a staff always attentive that everything is calm and works perfectly

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Middle school game

The Gam1ng SMP is a Survival vanilla multiplayer server.There are warp commands and we have our own mining output.There is also a discord server for the Gam1ng SMP so if you wish to join the server the add me on discord AdamGam1ng#6123We are currently working on a giant arena as well where different groups of players shall fight to gain rewards that can be extremely rare.But we are trying to build a friendly community and we would like you guys to be a part of it, so join up, and have fun, and Dont forget to check the rules witch are to the right when you join the serverHave fun 😀

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NotNot Twitch SMP [1.17] ❤️ [ – Survival- ] ❤️ | Claim Land 🛕 | McMMO 🛡️ | Twitch Integration 🎒 | Amazing Community ❤️

NotNot is a modern 1.17 SMP with Twitch integration.
On NotNot you will have a lag-free, fair square Survival Experience. Our cutting edge plug-ins make X-Raying impossible.

Here you can claim Lands, create entire cities and have optional wars with other Lands.
Trade with other players, increase your abilities and play with your favorite Streamers!

Griefprevention Promotion Streamers Survival Twitch

Legendary SMP

Join Legendary SMP, we are survival server with grief prevention. We have a plugin for streamers that we will select that best represent the server and their viewers can earn items in game just by being in their stream. We don’t have many rules other than don’t be a crappy person. We will be holding regular events. So join the community today.

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The best competitive server, including KitPVP, Skyblock, Skywars, 1v1 Duels & More! Daily events with massive prizes! Win shoutouts and money! Purchase special ranks from our website and apply for Youtuber + Staff ranks! Versions 1.8+ – 1.16+.