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Overhauled MC

> 1.20+ Java Minecraft server – Best Enhanced Vanilla Feel – No mods, you can join with any launcher!

> Waystones – The best Vanilla-like way to teleport where you progressed.
> No wipes – Everything you built is saved and we only update the unused chunks.
> Calim and Rent system – Protect and share your land. Turn on and off PVP, explosions and more. You are in full control of your claim.
> Battle Towers – If you prefer a real challenge.
> Chest sort – Easily sort your chests by double-clicking an empty slot.

With the help of datapacks, our server offers a breathtaking world generation with beautiful villages, extremely large castles, challenging mobs, and an interesting mob generation.

You don’t need to have any special client or mods or anything like that.
All you need is a Minecraft launcher and you are ready to go.
No, resource packs, no mods, no nothing, just join.

Join our Discord for more info, updates and to chat with others!

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FER Version .. – . NEW SYSTEM ss NEW PRIZES Minecraft server

Server owner “FER Version .. – . NEW SYSTEM ss NEW PRIZES” hasn’t added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

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CarbonCraft is an up and coming survival SMP server. Filled with features such as a strong player based economy, karma system, and endless build potential, join today for a refreshing Minecraft experience!

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Ances | Survival

Get Ready for Enhanced Survival Experience!

– Business Systems
– Casino
– Dungeons
– Arenalar (PvP, Dungeons vs)
– Before the System
and More Now Inside!

Come and Join the Fun!

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Coin KitPVP

a kitpvp server with bank system
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a kitpvp server with bank system and more!!
a kitpvp server with bank system and more!!
a kitpvp server with bank system and more!!
a kitpvp server with bank system and more!!
a kitpvp server with bank system and more!!
a kitpvp server with bank system and more!!
a kitpvp server with bank system and more!!
a kitpvp server with bank system and more!!
a kitpvp server with bank system and more!!

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MinesHub Hitech

Hitech is a game server focused on technological progress and industrialization. It is intended for players who are interested in creating and automating processes in the game, as well as for those who want to learn how to work with various technologies.
On the hitech server, you can use many mods that add new items, machines and devices, as well as the ability to automate the processes of extraction, processing and use of resources. With these mods, you can create your own mechanisms and automatic systems, which will make the gameplay more fun and interesting.
There are also various tasks and quests available on the hitech server that will help you develop and improve your skills. You can create your own designs and build unique structures, as well as compete with other players in various game modes.
The hitech server is a great choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of industrial technology and technological progress in Minecraft.

1.12 Cross-Play Emoji Factions First Mcmmo Opening Pvp Raiding Roleplay Sets Survival System Use Yone

Gods Of Eden

Welcome to the GODS OF EDEN server opening!
Greetings citizens! You’re all invited to our brand new Semi-Vanilla Zone SMP.
What’s a Zone SMP? A brand new SMP experience unlike any you’ve seen before. The world of GODS OF EDEN is divided into 4 main zones around spawn. Two ANARCHY ZONES and two CIVILIZED ZONES.
What’s the difference between the zones? The GAMERULES that determine whether you keep your inventory after death, whether mobs can grief, whether TNT destroys blocks and if fire spreads or not, allowing for two different SMP experiences on the same map that you can seemlessly switch between!
Explore our huge ANCIENT GREECE THEMED SPAWN with it’s many SHOPS that allow you to buy items with our physical ingame currency, GOLD.
Anyone can create their own FACTION, join an existing one or go solo, it’s your choice but remember: There’s strength in numbers!
The server is COMPATIBLE WITH ALL VERSIONS from 1.12-1.19.4, so don’t worry about which version you’re on.
The server is loaded with features like: Custom Dungeons with loot that regularly resets, Mining Dimension, Quests, Auctionhouse, Leaderboards, custom builds around the map, a skills system(AureliumSkills),trading between players, quality of life stuff like NPC’s,healthbars for mobs,sitting,timbermod,sleepvote,trading, xp can be sent between players and regular nether/end resets to keep things fresh.
We’re BEDROCK COMPATIBLE and there’s plenty of information around spawn to explain features and commands!
For any HACKERS/CHEATERS out there, we’ve got ANTICHEAT/DUPE so save yourselves the time and don’t join.
Be among the first to join our COMMUNITY SERVER with its many FEATURES like bots/emojis on DISCORD. INVITE:
This server has been in development for months and after many setbacks we’re excited to see what you think πŸ™‚ See you on the server!

1.12 Bedrock And Java Board Gift Hacker Les Moneyfrommobs Rot Sco Score Ssp Survival System Toc Use

This is a survival server with custom enchants and vehicles and crossplay bedrock and java with bountys auctionhouse shop (/shop) /tpa /rtp /trash and spawn prot and combattag skilles teams crates coinflip mineablespawners good staff team reports if theres a hacker warps and spawn a custom scoreboard stocks trade and gift system good anticheat moneyfrommobs sellgui and you can play from 1.12.x-1.19.x

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Biohazard SMP

Tired of the same old things in your SMP Minecraft server? Come join our newly launched server and experience a Semi Vanilla Minecraft world. With our simple and straight forward economy, subtle tweaks and more! Our tight economy will provide quite the challenge! Run by experienced developers, our server offers a unique, safe, and fun gaming experience. Join us today and start building the world you have always wanted!

This server will be used to build an ecosystem of interesting mobs in time πŸ™‚ Come join the fun early <3 Basic Teleport commands with Grief prevention. Some shops, but mostly on your own <3

500 550 Marry Minecraft Survival Origin Origins Protect Protection Protections Shops Summon Survival System Vip Vips

❖ SummoneaLandia ❖ The Origins

Minecraft Survival Custom 1.19.X

– Custom shops
– 16 Ranks with in-game money
– 3 Ranga VIPS
– Economy system!
– Protections!
– Marry

Enjoy our server at SummoneaLandia The Origins