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Sanctum Network

Sanctum Network is your home of Sci-Fi Minecraft with over 100 mods and is hosted 24/7

Our custom modpack is easily applied to your client, with first time installation only taking 10 minutes max, via CurseForge.

Join today where a world of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Technology, Magic, and new Dimensions awaits!

OVER 500 NEW ITEMS; Cosmetics & Furniture included

Discover the many technological paths, giving you balanced features to help and make your game more enjoyable. Use a Macerator Machine to double your ores, or try the Mining Lasers to blast a mineshaft open with ease! Of course you will have to power these things with electricity! There are hundreds of technology items and machines to learn to use to enhance your game.

Alchemy is the practice of Equivalence Exchange. It’s one of the greatest things to learn, and will be infinitely helpful to you. Every item has a energetic value, and can be transmuted from raw energy. Using alchemy, you can convert items into their raw energy, and then use the obtained energy to get any other item assuming you have collected enough energy (for example: Stone=1, Iron = 256). If you collect 256 stone, you can transmute one iron ingot from it!

Use the forces of the universe to discover your true nature and the nature of the cosmos. Magic is End-Game for balance but VERY fun once you get going. There are multiple magic systems and arts in place. Auromancy is the manipulation of the energy contained in your local area, focusing it to do your bidding. Golemancy is the creation of golems using clay + magic energy, golems perform various tasks and protection for you. Artifice is the practice of creating charmed items using magical energy you have collected. Arcane infusion is the infusion of weapons, armor, and ammo with magic which will enhance the items to your desire.

Discover the infinite dimensions on Sanctum Network or create your very own custom dimension to rule over. Of course, creating dimensions costs a lot of electricity to upkeep. However, there are still awesome dimensions free to explore. The Lost Cities is a dimension you will find which contains a world full of abandoned cities, and skyscrapers, full of loot and dangers. The Twilight Forest is a dimension full of magic, you can learn new traits of magic and find magical loot in this dimension, but beware one of the many bosses may total you easily!

Join us via Discord at

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⭐LOLILAND⭐❤️BEST ULTRA TECH 1.7.10❤️ Minecraft server

Welcome to the project
⭐ Come and explore the world of LoliLand with your friends!
❤️ We have high-quality assemblies and the best unique developments:

❤ LOLIENERGISTICS – unique mod
Adds tons of solar panels, 3D weapons and armor, and more!

❤ ANIME CASES (press F4)
Open cases and try your luck!

❤ ANIME CONTENT (press F4)
Decorate your home with unique anime art!

❤ BLOCK SHOP (press F4)
Conveniently buy the necessary goods directly in the game!

Get coins for activity!

▂▂▂ HiTech ▂ 1.7.10
technical server. Stock up on energy and boldly go towards the future!

▂▂▂ MagicRPG ▂ 1.7.10
A magical server filled with magic and fantasy creatures.

▂▂▂ DarkMagic ▂ 1.12.2
Magic server on the new version. Take a step towards the magic!

▂▂▂ TechnoMagic RPG ▂ 1.7.10
Tech server. The perfect fusion of magic and technology.

▂▂▂ NanoMagic ▂ 1.12.2
Tech server. Take the best from the world of magic and the world of technology!

▂▂▂Galaxy ▂ 1.12.2
Galactic Server. Create a technological empire and conquer space!

▂▂▂TM SkyBlock▂ 1.7.10
Techno-magic server where you have to survive on a tiny flying island.

▂▂▂ PixelMon ▂ 1.12.2
Pokemon server. Play with Pokémon and become the best trainer!

▂▂▂ FusionTech ▂ 1.12.2
A state of the art technical server at the forefront of technology.

▂▂▂ ElectroTech ▂ 1.4.7
Industrial server on an old version. Well suited for players with a weak PC and not only.

▂▂▂ Power Magic RPG ▂ 1.4.7
Techno-magic server on an old version, combining magic, technology and old-school versions of mods.

▂▂▂ UltraTech ▂ 1.7.10
Complex server based on technical mods, but without the GregTech mod. Explore space, chemistry, technology and more!

▂▂▂ TerraFirmaCraft ▂ 1.7.10
Server with mod TerraFirmaCraft. Go through all the development eras to reach your limit!

❤️ Come visit us and explore the world of LoliLand with your friends!
We are already waiting for you.

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Welcome to GenesisPlus, a constantly evolving modded Minecraft server filled with magic, technology, structures, dimensions, and more!
For more information join the Discord at

Crayfish Echo Engineering Forge Gun Guns Invade Invaded Moded Rpgsurvival Survival Tech Technology Zombie Zombieapocalypse

Aernas MC

Currently hosting Chromos – Apocalypse World modpack

Chromos is a zombie and infectum invaded world
Fight them with guns from “Crayfish Gun Mod” and its addons
Build and progress with techology advancement from “Immersive Engineering” and “Refined Storage”
Finally escape to outer space with “Ad Astra” mod and explore the other planet

For more information join our Discord Server

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Civilizations Of Kepler Modded Survival Server

Modpack Download: Civilizations of Kepler – Modpacks – Minecraft – CurseForge

  • About:
  • Civilizations of Kepler is about building civilizations with other players to accomplish large goals like space travel.

    To make Civilizations much better, mods added to allow armies, computers, massive technological machines, cars, planes, trains, guns, and many other things all compile together to make this pack amazing.

    Since it is designed to be played with friends a server is already started where you can play with me, the pack maker, and many of my friends and colleagues.

    Here is the Discord

  • Trading:
  • We have 2 mods installed so that trading with other players is a breeze. Shoppy mod adds bartering stations and shops. Bartering stations allows a player to trade items. The Shop allows players to trade items for money from the economy mod, eights economy.


    Does not work with optifine

    Civilizations Of Kepler Minecraft Mod

    Kinetic Server Host

    Flag Flags Innovative Lifesteal Lifestealcracked Lifestealserver Lifestealsmp Minecraft Gaming Minecraft Server Network Nolog Pvp Stratégie Strategy Technology Traditional


    Welcome to PlanetMC, a Minecraft server network like no other. Our network is designed to provide players with a unique and exciting gaming experience, featuring a wide variety of gamemodes that cater to players of all skill levels and preferences. Our flagship gamemode is our innovative lifesteal gamemode, which offers a thrilling twist on traditional survival gameplay. In addition to this, we also have plans to release a variety of other gamemodes in the future, including classic survival, creative, Skyblock, and many more.
    Our lifesteal gamemode is unlike anything you’ve ever played before. In this gamemode, players must fight to survive and steal life from their opponents in order to stay alive. This adds an extra layer of strategy and tension to the experience, as players must balance their own survival with the need to take down their opponents. With a variety of custom items and abilities at your disposal, the lifesteal gamemode offers endless possibilities for players to test their skills and strategies.
    But our network isn’t just about one gamemode, we have a variety of other gamemodes planned for release in the future. Our classic survival gamemode will offer a traditional Minecraft experience, with players working together to survive against the elements and build their own bases and communities. For players who prefer a more creative experience, our creative gamemode will allow players to let their imagination run wild and build to their hearts’ content. And for those who enjoy a more fast-paced and competitive experience, our Skyblock gamemode will provide players with the challenge of surviving on a small island in the sky, with only limited resources at their disposal. These are just a few examples of the many gamemodes we have planned, and we’re always working on new and innovative ideas to keep our network fresh and exciting.
    At PlanetMC, we pride ourselves on providing a stable and smooth performance. Our server is powered by the latest technology, which ensures that you can enjoy seamless gameplay without any lag or interruption. We also have a dedicated team of staff members who are always available to help with any issues or questions you may have. Our team is committed to providing the best possible experience for our players, and we’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance our network.
    In addition to our core gamemodes, we also offer a variety of features to enhance your experience. These include custom enchants, quests, crates, and more. We also have a lively community that you can join and interact with other players. Our community is the heart of our network, and we’re always looking for ways to involve and engage with our players.
    In conclusion, PlanetMC is the perfect destination for players looking for a fun and challenging Minecraft experience. With our unique lifesteal gamemode, and plans for many other exciting gamemodes in the future, we offer something for everyone. Our network is designed to provide players with a unique and exciting gaming experience, and our dedicated team is committed to providing the best possible experience for our players. So why wait? Join our network today and experience the ultimate in Minecraft gaming!

    Galacticraft Guns Hbm Imperial Modded Mods Nations Nolog Pvp Space Survival Technology Vehicles War Winter

    Space Imperialism

    Modded Minecraft. Conquer space and nations while advancing your technology to become the greatest super power. Join here to get the modpack.

    900 Bte Designs Dwarf FTB Irc Nvme One Block Oneblock Pickaxe Sandbox Ssd Stoneblock Survival Technology

    Stone Block 3 Server

    Welcome to Stoneblock 3!
    StoneBlock 3 is here and there’s more action and adventure waiting for you than ever before! In a world of rock and stone, release your inner dwarf and build your subterranean kingdom! Use magic and technology to forge your realm to your designs. Make your dimension your own, or play with friends. Featuring a free-form sandbox-style play with lots of quests and goals to guide you through the pack. With scripted events and interactions for players to explore along their adventure, you know every experience will be unique. With StoneBlock’s unique map generation the world and its biomes are created in concentric circles around your base meaning adventures to the nether or end are never more than a pickaxe (or 20) away!
    Server Specs
    Dedicated machine, not rented.
    I9 9900k (verry strong)
    1 TB NVMe SSD
    128 GB DDR4 RAM

    Anarchy Capitolcity Drones Economy Mapart Museum Pixelart Pvp Quarantine Searches Shop Survival Technology Towny Vanillalike

    TheDarkAge Survival

    Hello folks,

    Due to the quarantine’s 2 years ago we started a survival/anarchy server.
    Difficulty is set to hard, which suprisingly is really hard.
    Right now we’re around 10 active players, looking forward to meet you!

    It’s basically plain Vanilla everywhere except at the Capitol City. You can get your own free and protected chunk-sized property there to build and store items safely + players and mobs can’t harm you at all. The cool part of that is, if the city has no chunk left to claim it will automatically grow in size. So it’s gonna conquer the surrounding chunks eventually!

    To make the beginning of your journey more interesting you will spawn around 2000 blocks away of our city, so you have to get there first by wandering through ever more destroyed territory. To get there you’ll have to repair and follow a little drone, that will lead you straight to the city. Get your house there for free, play a little, explore and set up bases (together with friends if you want). This bases can be set up in any world and anything inside their chunks is protected from other players. You can increase their size chunk by chunk if you wish. You can theoretically get an infinite amount of bases to have safe points to tp to all over the world.

    There is a technology-tree with permanent upgrades and trades to unlock, which will minimize the boring parts of a survival server. Some of the /trades will automatically unlock with your progress to let you skip useless and time consuming searches for specific items.

    In case you want to build huge buildings outside of the city you can do so! It’s possible to set up so called monuments that are chunk-wise upgradable in size, where you can invite and build with your friends. Monument-Chunks are also protected of other players breaking or placing blocks, but they can interact with entities and chests etc. They will never be removed!

    There is a ingame player item shop you can access with /ah and an admin shop too.

    The worlds will never be reset! Yea what else… development is not compeletely done. So if you have ideas to improve the server tell us! We can implement pretty much everything for our community 🙂

    We also support pixel artists by buying pixel art from players and placing those inside a museum in the Capitol City.
    Oh we recently added a new dimension (yet to be improved).

    Hope to see you around!

    Anarchy Duping Explore Loot Ltt Nolog Oldschool Paper Starter Survival Tech Techno Technology Tower Vanilla

    BellTT – Oldschool Vanilla Anarchy

    Everything is allowed except Duping and lagging the Server. Explore anywhere and everything you want, but be careful, people will try to kill you and steal your loot! No special plugins, no starter kits. Old-school Vanilla Anarchy!