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Null Network – [Custom Survival] – [Cracked]

Null Network is a survival server that focuses on becoming a unique survival experience. Using a resourcepack we created, we made unique weapons and mobs that seperates us from other servers!


– Unique Weapons:
* Magical Instruments (Flute, Guitar, Harp, Bell)
*More is under development!*

– Custom naturally spawning mobs around the wilderness.
– Quests with unique Dialogue GUI.
– Direct Discord chat to in-game chat! Chat with your friends in between!

– Custom music that can be used in music discs!
– Skin changer in-game!
– Discord 2FA. Secure your account even more!
And many more!

We hope to see you in-game soon!

Server host is located at Singapore.

P.S: We are NOT looking for STAFF. Please don’t ask to be staff, too. Thank you!