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(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ━━✯.*・。゚ * GAMEON | PvP|PvE – Aussie Hosted | 80 Plugins 1.17.1 | Join Us!

(Zu.◕‿‿◕.) Zu
▬|▬▬ﺤGameOn━━✯.*・。゚ *

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Other Server I Admin On. Larrylith

LarryVille Middle School

(Zu.◕‿‿◕.) Zu
▬|▬▬ﺤGameOn━━✯.*・。゚ *
**Server Features:** Version 1.17.1 NEWSPAWN IN PROGRESS
-Lots of worlds to explore
-FPS style maps
-Bender fashion
-Magic Beginner Wand
-Magic Custom Items
-NPC Traders in Spawn
-Help Join Item Menu
-BlepFishing Tournaments
-McMMO Party Mode
-Fishing 36 Custom Fish
-Deep Storage Chests
-Infinity Stones
-Jobs Pay To Play
-Auto Play Time Ranks
-Discord Proximity Voice Chat
-Player Plots
-Starter Kit
-Advance Achievements
-More Ores
-Armored Elytra
-Lots of Commands
-Friendly Owner
Awesome Community To much to mention + Forever Evolving.

Any Problems See
Active Owner.

Need help?. Join Our GameOn Discord:

L4RRYtv -California Streamer, Server Admin and all around nice guy!

___MrCrazy___ -Australia Streamer, Server Admin (also a nice guy 😉 )

Larrylith Discord Server:

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Magic Valor

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Involve yourself
into the world of valor where courage and guts count, complete quests, learn
spells, defeat bosses, create towns, rule nations and more!