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Nuclearis Anarchy Server

Nuclearis is a Minecraft Anarchy Server on Minecraft 1.12.2, feel free to join, but you must understand the following things:

1. It is an Anarchy server, so there are no rules and everything is allowed, no sencorship or bans!

2. Hacked Clients, Exploits and Glitches are fully allowed, they won’t be patched as we feel it is not Anarchy if the admin patches exploits, glitches and hacks as it is Anarchy of course!
3. If you can’t stand your bases being grieved and raided, than this is not a server for you!

4. Do be aware that Anarchy server have no rules and nobody gets banned + everything is allowed, so also toxic messages, toxic behavior and political incorrect chatting, bases and builds are allowed!

If you want to join the server, feel free to join, but stay alive out there and much love to 2B2T and Constantium!

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Privileged Anarky

Hi, we are a small 1.16.1 Minecraft anarchy server, (survival with no rules, yes, even hacks are allowed). we have about 1-4 players online at a time. If you don’t join you will die tomorrow.

also if u wanna join the server discord, the link is:

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NSFW Minecraft Server

I like playing NSFW Minecraft server when I’m at work, makes me feel dangerous while my wife is away or my boss is in the poop field with the girls. It might be the only time I can get away with playing the wrong thing.

My wife is cheating on me with the friend of a friend, she also likes getting cut while having sex with them. Why don’t I tell them to screw off? What do you say to someone who just called you out for cheating?

I even tried dating and found a crazy girl who loves the idea of getting cut up, she said it makes her pussy super wet! But she is proud of the fact that she is still a young lady. So she can handle such situations. The contest is a unique challenge for her mind and she loves being a contestant. That makes her grow impatient and wants to stay in the contest longer.

The other girl I met was scared of getting shark bites, you should try to avoid those at all costs. Keep your head down and try not to move when under attack. Make loud noise to make yourself less likely to be attacked. Don’t raise your arms above your head, break sharks jaw instead, so the shark has no choice but to leave you alone.

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AND MAKE SURE TO VOTE! It really means a lot so the server and move forward!

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1.16.1 Nichi Anarchy No Rules Hacking Allowed Bedrock and Java Supported Flarlands And NO PAY TO WIN!!!!!

1.16.1 Nichi Anarchy No Rules Hacking Allowed Go Hard People No Pay To Win
Bedrock and Java Supported!!!

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This is a 1.16.1 anarchy server, and the more players that join the more f u n the server will become! so join already. please. Also. as a anarchy server, you can not get banned for anything and the only rules that exist only apply to the server owner (Owner not allowed to use admin only commands). Thank you for reading and join today!

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6b9t – 2b2t Clone

A little while back, I was playing on 2b2t. As usual, the tps was around 5. It slowly crept down, and eventually went to 1. The server crashed. And, when it got back up, I was stuck in queue again. This has happened multiple times. So, I thought, how about I make my own server. Where there is no queue or lag. For 3 months I have planned to keep this server up. 6b9t. Do you wanna join and make history? It’s your choice. Join 6b9t today.

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Pixicraft Anarchy

Pixicraft Anarchy is a vanilla (mostly) anarchy server running on the 1.16 snapshot that allows and encourages raiding, grieifing, stealing, and pretty much anything else you want to do. Hacking and exploits are permitted so long as they do not break the server or cause immense lag.
Unlike many other anarchy servers, we want to create a bigotry free and non-toxic environment that specifically welcomes lgbt+ players to ruthlessly slaughter eachother! (being lgbt+ is not required)
Please join our discord for more information and to be whitelisted!

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SmithCraft Anarchy | No Lag | No Rules | No Resets | PvP | [1.15.2]

SmithCraft is an Anarchy server with no rules, only pledges. We pledge to provide you the best experience we possible can.

  • There are no map resets
  • Active Playerbase
  • No rules
  • No chat filters
  • Griefing is allowed
  • Free speech respected
  • Hands-off approach to server administration
  • No queue
  • Our Discord

    Our Patreon

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    MinedHype Hardcore Survival 1.15.2 – 48 Hour Death Ban

    Connect IP:
    Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Central
    Server Info/Rules:

    Hardcore Anarchy with DeathBan! You will be banned for 48 hours upon death!

    Hardcore DeathBan Server Rules & Info: (

  • Hardcore Survival with DeathBan
  • You will be banned for 48 hours if you die!
  • No cheating/hacking/exploiting/xray/spam
  • Do not lag the server with large machines, farms, etc.
  • Chat is not moderated
  • Grief, Raiding, & PvP allowed
  • Spawn in a random radius of 2500 blocks
  • Difficulty set to hard with plugin to provide hardcore experience
  • Death count number will show next to your name when you push TAB
  • DiscordSRV live deaths/events/achievements/chat in #hardcore-server
  • Unlimited world size with no border

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