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Continuous Horizons

Continuous Horizons is a low-key whitelisted
survival server. The server has been public since late February 2020,
and has slowly grown through word-of-mouth and small advertising these
past couple months. It is a semi-vanilla server, meaning that there’s a
number of plugins installed to improve quality of life, but not
drastically change the core mechanics of vanilla survival.

This is not a comprehensive list, but those most applicable to player

Percentage Sleep
Chest Protection via LWC
Various Essential Commands /home, /tpa, /spawn, etc.
DropHeads Mobs have a chance to drop their skull

Server Rules Motto:
As for how I run the server, its pretty relaxed. In the past Ive played
on numerous survival servers for extended periods of time, and I always
loved to explore the world to see what others have made. Kinda watching
the history of the server develop. I try to apply that idea to my
server, allowing folks to build and play the way they want, and watch
the server grow around the players, with plans of keeping the same world
for the indefinite future. However, there are still some rules that
folks need to follow to keep the server in a nice, calming environment.
The following are the basic rules of the server, but are not limited to
this list.

* Respect everyone on the server. A really general rule, but this
basically means don’t grief or steal from other players. Don’t pvp till
both parties agree to fight. Respect the chat between players with no
spamming, advertising, or NSFW content.

* No hacking or cheating, it provides an unfair advantage over the other
players. Some mods are allowed however, like Optifine. Best to ask about
a mod before using it to see if its allowed.

* Be courteous with potential lag-inducing machines, as long as it doesn’t affect the gameplay of others, its all good.

Basically, play fair, respect others, and use common sense. By simply doing that we wont have any problems. 🙂

Community-wise, majority of current players are a bit older, 18+, but
there are a few who are younger but are well-behaved. I wouldn’t say were
like a hermitcraft server, but more of a hangout spot for busy people.
There’s no obligation to be active or interact with other players, but
the option to do so is available to you. I personally see it as a place
to go relax after a long day of work, and spend some time with other
minecrafters. If you’re looking for a more relaxed and hands-off sort of
server, this might be the place for you!

How to Join!

If you wish to join our small community, you can fill out an application
form at the Website URL, which should lead to a Google Form.

That should be just about it! Hope to hear from some of you!

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⇐ CrystalVanilla ⇒

Un nuovo server tutto vanilla in un mondo amplificato! Nessun plugin che riguarda i giocatori, solo per la gestione del server, un mondo che sarà costruito dai player stessi! Affrettatevi ad entrare!

Telegram Group
Discord Group

Survival Survivalworld

Medieval Outpost Survival and skyblock network server!

Survival server!
We are not like any other survival server some of the things that we offer to our players:

– Ranks that you can win with crate keys.

– Ranks include kits and permissions to improve your game experience.

– Crates are bought with in-game money

– Supportive staff members

– Jobs (have up to 3 jobs at a time)

– Land claiming

Aserver Greifprotection Keithcraft Lol Semivanillasmp Smp Survival Survivalworld Vanilla

Keithcraft {1.15.2} Survival

KeithCraft 1.15.2

This Server Is A Survival Server With Land Claims.
You can build and share land claims And Play With Your Freinds.


We Need Players and NEW staff!

We hope you enjoy our server

Survival Survivalworld

Random Survival Server

Just one of those random survival servers… Dont expect anything special.

*Mobs have a chance f dropping their heads when killed
*Players drop their heads when killed
*Less people need to sleep

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TwistedCraft is a brand new survival multiplayer server for grown ups.

Running some of XISUMAVOIDs vanilla tweaks pack, and staying true to the Hermitcraft style.

Entry is whitelisted and is by application only.

18+ Only.
Discord Required.

We want to create a strong adult community of minecrafters to enjoy this game together.

Content creators welcome and wanted! Twitch, youtube, whatever your platform, we welcome all content creators here. Though of course it isn’t a requirement.

Event Events Hiring Hiringstaff Minion Minions Needbuilders Needhelp Needplayers Needstaff Other Payout Payouts Pvp Pvparena Pvpserver Pvpsurvival Skyblock Skyblockislands Skyblockminions Skyblockserver Skyblockservers Staff Staffhiring Staffneed Staffneeded Staffspotsopen Staffwanted Survival Survivalserver Survivalworld Tntrun Toppayouts Votecrates Votifier

HyperMC Network | Island Top Payouts | 1.7-1.15

Welcome to HyperMC!

HyperMC is a community where you can talk to other people without having to deal with all those annoying people that just make it a bad experience. There’s also Skyblock island top payouts, and more. 😀

What does the HyperMC community have?

↬ Giveaways
↬ Live Streams
↬ Reaction Roles
↬ Minecraft Server
↬ Skyblock Island Top Payouts
↬ Friendly Staff
↬ Discord bots
↬ Music Channels
↬ Active Support Team
↬ And More!

We hope to see you in the HyperMC community very soon!


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Our website says it all! Take a quick peek:
Join us on Discord:

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NetherianMC is a whitelisted survival server! With a tight-knit community, conventional survival, and friendly staff, Netherian is a great server for anyone looking for a traditional Minecraft experience. Click here to apply today!

247server Anarchypvp Anarchytwist Aquatic Fight Hate Hater Minecraftserver Ocean Shark Survival Survivalworld Water

Official Shark Hater Server

Kawaii Gang live

I have hated sharks even since I was little and punched shark in the face once at age 7. Shark also have amazing swimming speed, which is one of the reasons they can sneak up on you. Before you think you’re going to get eaten by a shark, swim away. Sharks do not enjoy playing around with humans and will eventually make you mad. I even tried cuddling with a shark, nothing helps.

Player feeling bad for killing a shark in the ocean in Minecraft to gain it's loot and experience.

Common belief is that a shark can see you, I have no clue about that. Since I have no friends of my own age, there’s no way I can even experience this possibility.

Like it or hate it I will fight every shark I see until it is extinct. This brings us to the question everyone who hates sharks asks: ”what will our first nation look like without sharks?”.

I once saw a shark bite a girl and two people have become the same gender because of this or at least that’s what I told her friends.

Taming a shark in Minecraft, making a new pet for animal farm.

In the end the reason why I became addicted to sharks was their cocks. Although the semen provided me with great pleasure.

It was extremely pleasurable. The male fin is indeed rich in protein and the female is made of fat. There are many varieties of fins which we would use to seal our fin hole. And because there are no schools of fish the only safe option is to be seen by many fishery workers. So it is a happy outcome of that and certainly I enjoyed it.’

In the end the reason why I became addicted to sharks was their cocks. My “general wife” (Mia was her name) became so fixated on the high places of the shark’s reproductive organs that when I took her out for one of her first bj’s she wanted to fuck a shark. She was really into this voodoo looking clown. I gave her a free part of my own sword and out she went in that famous fatal shark attack.

Shark defeated Steve in Minecraft and climbed onto his boat to sun bathe.

The deeper you go the scarier sharks become.

You might notice that there is a camouflage factor in these sharks, their color and chest size, not to mention their overall physique. We always are attracted to sharks that can change colors and body or look like another species, but what is their utility in a hunting PvP context?

Perhaps we will know someday.

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