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Unlimited Anarchy

We are a new Minecraft Anarchy Server created on 29/10/2020.
We provide quality Gameplay with no lag and any studdering.
The server is on 1.12.2 and allows hacking!

Anarchy Hacksallowed Survival

AnarchyMine – Hacked Clients allowed

PVP – Survival – Anarchy – Hacked Clients allowed!


116server Anarchy Earth Fyp Hacks Hacksallowed Minecraft Nether Server Survival Vanilla

Frost MC – Survival, Vanilla

Frost MC is a Minecraft server that you can do anything on. Classic vanilla survival on 1.16.3. Why are you still reading, join already!

Anarchy Dupe Girls Griefing Hacksallowed Normal Norules Other Pvp Survival Vanilla

1.16.3 anarchy server

1.16.3 anarchy server No Rules
1.16.3 anarchy server No Rules
1.16.3 anarchy server No Rules

Anarchy Hacksallowed Norules Nostaff Other Survival

Hyperscape Anarchy

– Hyperscape-

Welcome to the page of Hyperscape! Hyperscape is an anarchy server which aims to bring back the old concepts of a proper anarchy server. As more have shown up, the less they have kept to the idea of anarchy, including some of which are pay-to-win. In this case, it is not pay-to-win, it has no rules, no staff, and hacks are allowed entirely. Now I didn’t say this would be fully vanilla, so it will include some non-vanilla features to spice up gameplay.
– Planned Features –

– Custom Enchantments
– Ender Chest Expansion (Maybe)
– A Custom Duplication Method
– Extra Notes –

I plan on adding more features but nothing that will take away the core concept of the anarchy server. Feel free to give some suggestions if you want at the server discord. No staff are going to build a fancy spawn mainly because it’s anarchy and a no staff server. I am not playing on the server and usually won’t be on unless someone threatens the well being of the server with lag machines or something similar.


Anarchy Anarchysurvival Hacks Hacksallowed Kits Nomods Norules Other

Music4lity Anarchy Server



VERSION 1.16.3

This server truly belongs to the players to make it what they want! This is FULL ANARCHY!
The server is SMP and ready to be shaped in your image. Come join today to make it yours!

Since this server is brand new, ALL new players will receive the [EP] rank as an Early Player! This rank comes with an OP kit sure to give you an edge over everyone else, as well as the ability to set homes – something regular members will NEVER be able to do!

2b2t 2b2talternative 2b2tclone Anarchy Anarchysurvival Hacks Hacksallowed Survival

Golden Anarchy

Golden Anarchy is one of the youngest 1.12.2 anarchy servers in Minecraft just like 2b2t. Our goal is to give a fresh, lag-free, and pure vanilla experience to old and new Minecraft anarchy players alike. There are absolutely no rules on this server, and you can grief, raid, steal, lie and hack to your heart’s content! Join us now and begin your journey at

Join our Discord

Anarchy Hack Hacking Hacking Allowed Hacks Hacksallowed Norules Pvp Survival

K4K Anarchy

K4K is a anarchy server that NEVER gets reset and will be up forever so anything u do will be there forever there is NO rules so u can do anything!

Anarchy Faction Pvp Factions Hacking Hacksallowed


The main aim/goal of this server is to create a hacking allowed factions server that creates a similar experience to an anarchy server.

Anarchy Anarchyserver Anarchysmp Anarchysurvival Anarchysurvivalminecraft Awesome Hacksallowed Libertas Netherupdate Survival



This is a 1.16.1 anarchy server, and the more players that join the more f u n the server will become! so join already. please. Also. as a anarchy server, you can not get banned for anything and the only rules that exist only apply to the server owner (Owner not allowed to use admin only commands). Thank you for reading and join today!

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