Aero Aids Crafters Economy Enhanced Fit Freedom Mini Games Parkour Pve Pvp Raids Ranking Survival Vanilla

Aero Crafters

AERO-CRAFTERS is a survival Minecraft server that offers a wide range of possibilities to enhance your Minecraft experience in (1.18.X-1.19.X) The server offers a community-driven economy, giving every player the freedom to earn, sell and trade goods with other players independently.

For added convenience and an enhanced experience, the server offers land claims to protect against attacks/raids from other players, allowing you to build something truly special and show your building skills to the world.

Ranking up for additional benefits, participating in different events, getting custom items and gear through crates in the spawn are some of the possibilities in AERO-CRAFTERS!

A New World Adventures Challenges Challenging Climb Mechanics Missions Powerful Ranking Rings Survival Tools Universe Vanilla Waste


Discover a new world of adventures and challenges on Olimpo, the Minecraft survival server with ranking mechanics. Here, you will have the opportunity to take on exciting missions and climb the ranks, gaining unique benefits in each of them.

What sets Olimpo apart from other servers is the presence of slimefun, an exciting addition that brings new possibilities to the game. With slimefun, you can create powerful items and tools, making your journey even more exciting and full of surprises.

If you’re a fan of Minecraft and looking for a server that offers a unique and challenging experience, Olimpo is the right place for you. Join other players from all over the world and explore a new universe of possibilities in a safe and fun environment.

Don’t waste any more time, create your account and start playing right now on Olimpo. Challenge yourself, make new friends and discover everything this amazing server has to offer. Come to Olympus and turn your Minecraft experience into something completely new and exciting.

Dynasty Hearts Imperial Instant Lifesteal Nasty Overpowered Proper Properties Pve Ranking Roleplay Survival Titles Vanilla

Imperial Dynasty

Explore the world and survive, ranking up the system earning you great titles. Start off as a commoner and work your way up to become what ever you want! Or purchase a rank and instantly become nobility of the server up to a King. Claims are enabled as well as being able to sell or lease land or properties. You may take someone’s hearts or make your own and become an overpowered individual.

Ash Astro Backpack Backpacks Economy Hosting Mcmmo Pets Pve Pvp Ranking Rings Survival Table Valley

Astro Valley

Astro Valley is a SMP server which brings a lot of cool things to the table. We have Pets, backpacks, quest, auto ranking and much more! Come join us and have an amazing Adventure!

Arcade Cash Challenging Compete Exclusive Kings Pete Points Prize Prizes Ranking Rankings Seasonal Skywars Supportive


Welcome to ArcadePvP, where you can put your skills to the test and compete for money and ranks! Our server is designed for players who want a challenging and rewarding Skywars experience, with the added bonus of cash and ranks as prizes.

We have a seasonal system in place, where players compete for the top spot in the rankings over a set period of time. The player who earns the most points at the end of the season will win a cash prize and an exclusive rank on the server.

But it’s not just about winning – our server has a friendly and supportive community of players who are always happy to lend a hand and offer advice. Whether you’re a seasoned Skywars veteran or a newcomer to the game, you’ll find plenty of like-minded players to compete and chat with on our server.

580 Creative Food Oneblock Presents Ranking Save Shows Skyblock Squid Squidgame Squidgames Surprise Survival Technical


Iipukema Network presents you Ipucraft,
the official McMMo server of the iipukema network, a survival economy game where you can sell and buy items with in-game money,
Bank to be able to save all the millions of iipucoins that you get, auctions to be able to sell what you don’t need, claims so that your things are always protected,
Clans so you and your friends can have a Gathering site.
Arenas con ranking,
Surprise boxes through daily voting,
Food market where you can buy any item you need,
lore and much more!!!
Find out at port 25565 Java and Bedrock! the only server that shows its face.! Follow us on Twitch and on the rest of social networks!!! Join the community… what are you waiting for?

We have SquidGames, OneBlock, Skyblock, Skywars, Parkour, Lifestile, Minigames, normal Survival and Technical Survival.
What are you waiting for to enter and try?

Achievement Achievements Black Good Game Hardcore Laugh Objectives Ranking Roleplay Semihanarchie Semivanilla Survie Top 10 Troll Trolling


HarDay is a vanilla plus+ semi-anarchy survival and hardcore server, with lots of new features that enhance the classic gaming experience. You would have the opportunity to do what you all want while respecting others and 3.2 rules of simple etiquette

What is the server?
HarDay is a competitive server: There will be many public statistics in top 10 format, your objective will be to be the highest in the ranking(s) you want, you will be free to proceed as you wish to achieve this. There will also be many new achievements to perform and daily quests to complete, all in a vanilla format that will not distort the game.

In the end, the goal of HarDay is to make you want to play Minecraft again by adding more objectives while not distorting the game and giving you greater freedom than many other servers.

I would like my server to be fun with a good atmosphere where you can laugh at everything without depriving yourself, so black humor, redneck jokes or simply trolling are approved! (Within the limit of respect for other players of course)

Anyway good game to you and I really hope you like HarDay ^^

Breeding Daycare Economy Lush Pixelmon Pixelmon Reforged Plus Pokedex Pve Ranking Reforged Slots Survival Unlock Ush

To blame Pixelmon

Welcome to Skuldalid Pixelmon!

We currently offer a vanilla styled Pixelmon reforged server with many features to explore!

Here’s some features we have:
– Variety of ranks that you can unlock by completing your pokedex.
– Unlock more daycare slots by ranking up.
– No breeding requirements.
– NO P2W.
– Vote on our server and get keys! We don’t sell keys. All of them can be acquired by playing on the server or voting.
– Plushies.
– Vanilla Pixelmon experience.

We are a new server created by players that enjoy playing Pixelmon and want to create a good environment for everyone.

Boxpvp Compete Competition Competitions Competitive Experienced Minecraft Pvp Pete Popular Pvp Ranking Tour Tournament Tournaments Weapons

Kuma MC

KumaMC is a Minecraft server specialized in the BoxPvp modality, a variant of the popular PvP game. Players enter a closed arena and fight until one of them is killed, giving the other victory. The server offers individual and team play options, as well as a wide variety of weapons and items that players can use to enhance their gaming experience.

KumaMC has a ranking system and regular competitions for the most experienced and competitive players. In addition, events and tournaments are organized regularly so that players can compete against others and earn in-game rewards. All of this makes KumaMC a great choice for those who are looking for an exciting Minecraft PvP experience and want to improve their in-game skills.

Challenging Cmi Cross-Play Economy Kitpvp Learn Minecraft Op Oneblock Op Prison Op Prison Server Premier Prison Pve Pvp Ranking


Welcome to RelicMine, the ultimate Minecraft OP prison server. Our server is designed to offer a unique and exciting prison experience to all players. We offer custom plugins, exciting events, and a friendly community that will keep you engaged for hours. Read on to learn more!

RelicMine is the Premier OP Prison Network. As a player, you will start your journey at the lowest rank, working your way up through the ranks to become the most powerful inmate in the prison. You will mine and sell resources, participate in mini-games, and complete challenges to earn money and advance to the next rank. Our server features a unique and challenging ranking system, with each rank offering new challenges and rewards. You will need to work hard, strategize, and collaborate with other players to succeed.