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Project Good

Project Enyo is a objective team PvP server running classic maps from the golden days of Minecraft PvP. There are iconic maps featuring Capture the Wool, Destroy the Core and Team Deathmatch!

Miss playing Airship Battle by dewtroid? You can play it on Enyo, as well as many other maps.

All versions from 1.7.2 to 1.18.x is supported. After you connect, type /join to enter the match.

Minecraft IP Webpage Mumble IRC #enyo @ Discord

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✦ SURVIVOR NATION ✦ Is a new network in beta, we currently have PRISON and SKYBLOCK, available on 1.9 – 1.16!

We welcome all players to join us and help grow this new community. We plan on making loads of new improvements and adding new features soon!

We are also now looking for helpers and staff, depending on the roles and experience.

We also have a discord server where you can chat with other players and give advice, opinions and suggestions on things like bugs and future updates e.t.c.

We look forward to seeing this community grow 🙂

Join us on discord @

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ZombieV – Player Versus Environment (PVE)

Welcome to ZombieV
We are a small, fun-loving, custom PVE server that is looking to grow! ZombieV has loads of fun features like Custom Boss Battles (one being a Herobrine Boss),
Daily Challenges and Minigames, Vote Rewards, Virtual Leaderboards, Dueling and so many other features. We pride ourselves and creating a one of a kind experience for all types of players to enjoy. By progressing through different Mob Arena waves and playing our server, you can level up and upgrade swords and armor and purchase different kinds of perks. We’d absolutely love to have you on our server.
Join our discord at:
View our forums at:
View our Store at:

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HZ Minecraft – PVP – NATION LANDS!!!

COMING SOON!!!! A PvP experience like you’ve never seen before!

Creative Creativeplots Creativeworld Faction Pvp Factions Factionsmcmmo Factionspvp Factionspvpraiding Greifing Mcmmo Pvp Pvparena Pvpfaction Pvpfactions Pvping Pvpraid Pvpserver Pvpsurvival Raid Raiders Raiding Raidpvp Silkspawners Survival Survivalpvp

Smokes Survival – Works On All Versions! [Factions] [McMMO] [Shop] [New]

Are you looking for a Minecraft server that is as good as the one you played back in the day?

Or are you just getting into Minecraft and looking for a quality server?

Look no further!

Join Smokes Survival and get the full experience! We have a variety of amazing plugins to make our server stand out from the rest.
We want people who like PvP and are into building their faction up to be stronger than the competition!

Looking to take a break from running the best faction in the server? Relax and claim your own creative plot and build your stress away!

We also host weekly events such as Drop Parties, PvP Tournaments, Parkour, Raids, and many more!

Stop by and give us a try!


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✨ SurvivorNation ✨ is a new network server that is now in BETA, it currently has two game modes: 

Prison, and SkyBlock.

The prison server is now currently ready for players and is needing testers/helpers and staff. It now has tons of new fun mechanics, including guns and gadgets!

The server is also full of custom menus to help make it more easily accessible.

The SkyBlock server will now make fast progress as I can give it more attention. with more help, I will be able to finish it sooner.

I am now looking for helpers and testing to help fix all bugs and permissions. other roles could be available too if interested.

follow us on discord @

hopefully, I’ll see you online! 😊

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Viral Factions / $1000+ FTOP / Perfect Cannons / Boss Fights / Daily Events / Active PVP

Server IP:
Season 1 FTOP reward: $1000+

Viral Factions is a brand new, professionally built and managed faction PVP server.

We have ALL sought after features, including: faction fly, trench picks, gen buckets, mcMMO, chunk busters, harvester hoes, custom enchantments, custom items, and so much more!

We really pride ourselves by how we consult our amazing community for feedback for server updates. Come check us out!

Fullpvp Fullpvpbr Minecraftpvp Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Pvp Pvparena Pvping Pvpserver

VGCRAFT – Servidor FullPvP e Mini Games – Maquinas e Spawners 1.8x-1.15x

Servidor de Minecraft FullPvP

IP: ou
Servidor na versão 1.8x – 1.15x

Ping BR – Média 10ms

– Sistema simples na compra de Vip’s
– Sistema de Pescaria
– Sistema de SPAWNERS
– Sistema de MAQUINAS
– Sistema de Caixas Misteriosas
– Sistema de HG
– Sistema de Mina privada para os Vip’s
– Sistema de Plantações
– Sistema de Terrenos
– Sistema de eventos Fight/Gladiador/Bolao/Killer/Drop/Spleff e muito mais.
– TAG do MitoDoPvP
– Pirata e original
– E muito mais só entrando para jogar e descobrir as diversidades do servidor!

IP: ou

Anarchy Bedrock Cracked Desert Faction Factionpvp Factions Factionserver Factionspvp Factionsurvival Hack Hacking Hacking Allowed Hackingsurvival Hacks Hacksallowed Java Jungle Norule Pvp Pvping Pvpsurvival Survival Terrain Tunnels

New Custom Terrain | Anarchy & Factions | Java & Bedrock | Utiltium

A survival anarchy and Factions 1.15.2 cracked server with both Dann’s World Generator and “the normal one” for Java and Bedrock via GeyserMC.Hacked Clients are allowed, just don’t affect the system performance.

Join for:

  • Factions
  • Anarchy
  • Nice terrain
  • Cross-platform
  • PvP with hacked clients
  • Factions map:

    115server 115survival Chestprotection Claim Claimblocks Claiming Claimland Claims Claimshovel Claimsurvival Corona Coronavirus Crates Customenchantments Customenchants Economy Elitemobs Fun Goldenshovel Griefprevention Keepinventory Keepitemsondeath Kits Landclaim Landclaiming Landclaims Mcmmo Minigames Money Playervaults Pvp Pvping Roleplay Shop Smp Survival Survivalpvp Survivalserver Whitelist Whitelisted

    Green Gem [Survival][Land Claim][McMMO][Custom Enchantments][Quests][NEW STUFF]


    Over 300 New Enchantments!

    Are you stuck inside during the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Are you afraid you might run out of toilet paper? Well, we have TONS! (And it’s edible)

    Do you want a fun Minecraft server to play on with your friends during this stressful time?

    Are you and your friends looking for a survival server where you can hang out and build in peace?

    Search no more! We are the server for you!

    We offer Land Claim, Keep Inventory, Teleport Commands, Safe Storage, Locked Chests, McMMO with RPG Skills and Stat Level Leaderboards, Economy with Shops, OVER 200 CUSTOM ENCHANTMENTS!!!, Quests, Crates and Keys, New Foods with Special Effects and Custom Items with Attribute Modifications, New Fishing and Mining Experiences with New Fish and New Gems and Ores, and an Expanding Universe Created Straight From The Brain of the Server’s Owner.

    So what are you waiting for?
    We’ll be waiting ;D

    ip = GreenGem.MC.GG