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Empire’s Conquest

Empire’s Conquest is a nation building geopolitics server. We engage in diplomacy and war along with building up our empires. We have many talented builders and are looking for more. Since the server isn’t quite open to the public, you have to go through a very short vetting process. But after this, the door is open.

Conquest Firstdawn Roleplay

☀️First Dawn Project☀️ – New RolePlay Server

First Dawn Project

About us

Hello! We hope you liked our trailer! Some of you may have seen some of our builds on PMC, some of you kind and amazing players may have also gave them a diamond, or even a favourite; and to you we say, you are awesome! Your diamonds has inspired us to keep going this far. The recommended resource pack for this server is Conquest_ as some builds heavily utilise the connective textures and biome specific texture changes, without it you would be losing out the most immersive and enjoyable experience. Our server safely supports Minecraft versions from 1.13 up to 1.15.2. For all rules, information and to meet our team, please join the discord.

We’ve been working collectively on a RolePlay Project for over a year now. With lots of huge builds to use for roleplaying in or even living in, from cities to a monastery. We now feel like we need to build our community and open to the public for people to enjoy the map and experience, however please remember we are still new, and we have many things we want to improve, change or redesign going forward. There may be bugs we have missed, but please just tell us so we can prevent it from ruining the experience.

Our Aim has been to create a roleplay server with an immersive and enjoyable experience, and as a result we have invested slightly too heavily in RPG features, such as races, challenging custom monsters and bosses, as well as discover-able regions, none of which is a bad thing, however it is a roleplay server.

You will roleplay the point of view of a peasant escaping to the land as a second hope at life. Your backstory is your own, a former king, merchant, soldier or even humble farmer, now reduced to the life of peasantry. This will come with the hardships of surviving in a overwhelmingly challenging country, laced with magical creatures, hostile animals and beautifully dangerous terrain.

Does this sound promising to you? Join our Discord at



The technology setting is late medieval with a fantasy mix, although we took liberties of allowing cannons on ships as it just made them look more menacing. This means that overall we do not allow for gunpowder in our roleplay, however there are other options such as magic, (Currently we use the RuneCraft plugin to allow for craftable magic). We have tried our best to reflect this era in our builds, we would respectfully request that you do the same.

The worlds is a heavily magically tuned world, therefore allows for fantasy playable races. Each comes with its own buffs and debuffs to your in-game roleplaying experience. For example the Dwarves, are known as mighty drinkers, therefore after a hard days labour in the mines, what better way to celebrate their hard-work than with a barrel of ale. To represent this they offer a range of effects to allow for a heavily inebriated night time experience. (Luckily though they don’t have hangovers!).

The list of current playable races and brief descriptions are as follows:

– Humans – Once the alpha-predator of the world, till they realised how large the world really is. This is your standard human, potential to learn magic, although very unlikely to possess it. They breed like rabbits, and can be found just about anywhere that is hospitable. Known for their vast cities, settlements and towering structures.

– Elves – Fast, nimble and taller than your average Human. Roughly up to 2m in height. Often known for intellect, however they have an annoying habit of being overly condescending. They are creatures at nature and can often be found in civilisations in the forest.
Elves, much like Humans, are entirely different depending on the region they inhabit. For instance some would happily live in grand structures with nature, whereas others would settle for lesser more au naturale conditions.

– Dwarves – Fierce, small, angry creatures, with muscles the size of trees, and stomachs comparable to the size of the barrels of meed they consume. Despite their size they are a exceedingly proud, warrior race. Some say its because of their height, that they are so envious of others, it fills them with spite. These creatures are mountainous dwellers.
Simple, sturdy, but renowned for their expertise with metallurgy. They are the most industrious of creatures, known for stripping mountains barren for resources, and creating impenetrable fortresses. Dwarves thoroughly enjoy a party and drink, therefore are commonly found in taverns at night generally being merry.

– Blight – These are creatures twisted by corruption and dark magic itself. They live and breathe chaos, often found around areas of mass chaos or tragedy. Although not the bringers of destruction themselves, they are drawn to these places like moths to light. As if it’s the oxygen that fills their lungs.
Blights alignment is always a mix between chaotic neutral and chaotic evil. This race is less of an individual species and closer to corrupted beings and creatures, from goblins to wolves that are tainted to the core.

– Undead – These creatures range from all races individually to combine into one as a whole. Traditionally referred to and acknowledged as Human or Elven Skeletons. Notable members of this race are the Dark Overlord, who transcended into the afterlife after becoming a Elder Lich; although this is not possible for normal Undead (or players).
They are known for being resilient creatures who usually serve those of great power or stumble with no real goal, due to their lack of passion and emotion. Although conscious, the very same magic that courses through their bodies to grant them life, restrain them from pleasure, joy, sadness or any other emotions. These are usually True Neutral to Neutral Evil, lashing out at those living in an attempt to feel something again.

We’re proud to finally be sharing the lore that we will be using for the server. This will be regularly updated in one of our Discord channels, with more updates to the storyline as the server progresses and events transpire. We are actively working on our own Wiki too, which is where we write in-depth lore about all our cities, towns, races and even characters. Although currently the wiki is a little bit behind as we are a very small team who have been focusing our efforts elsewhere.

“The sixth century has dawned upon Varkhest. The Emperor of Indarus, the empire that rules over the known world, has made preparations to expand the horizon of his lands. Conquest and exploration, diplomacy and war, and good and evil will take root in the outskirts and beyond, either creating chaos or bringing a golden age. Perhaps this will be a futile attempt, as the Dark Overlord, who has threatened the Indaran Empire, has also been creating evil schemes to either prevent the Indaran Empire’s expansion… or to destroy the empire as a whole.

You are but a normal person. One of the Peasantry. Perhaps just for now. You, among others, will create your own adventure, free from the bounds of the Indaran Empire’s homeland. You will take the laws into your own hands, but must stay civil nevertheless. And perhaps, you may create your own town. Your own city. Your own empire.

But you could end the threat, or bolster its resolves. You could make way for the colonists, or bar them from their newfound lands. You could be a hero of Indarus, or a villain who will serve the Dark Overlord. What will you be? What will you carve your legacy as in Varkhest?

Alidom, the region in Varkhest where you’ll be calling your new home for a while, however, this was not your choice. Your homeland has been usurped by sinister force, the best warriors of your kingdom were only merely able to hold off the invaders so that artisans and nobles such as yourself could escape. You’ve abandoned everything you hold dear, so that you may live to see another day. Putting forth the same amount of back-breaking labour that you endured to get to your previous quality of life seems futile, and an unrealistic possibility, given your current situation.”

Getting Whitelisted

Currently for a very short duration, the server remains unwhitelisted to build up a community and allow players to explore; this will soon change. Want to be permanently whitelisted? Here’s how:
In the comments below please leave a comment with this information.
– Your MC Username
– Your RolePlay Character Name
– Your Characters Race (You will be asked to select a race upon first login)

Although it is not mandatory, we heavily advise players to invest some time in character backstory and creation. Such as finding images to reflect your characters appearance, and details about them. There will be guidelines in our discord and a channel for you to post this in. With your permission, we would also be willing to help you improve your character or expand their backstory and create them their very own character biography page on our wiki.

Also on a final note please join our discord. We’re trying our hardest to create a loving and friendly community of people that we can enjoy our time and have fun with. Plus since we don’t have a website, its the platform of choice we use instead of a forums. Due to this we respectfully have to state we will not be allowing anyone under the age of 14 to join our community, as this violates discords Terms of Service; and since it is our backbone, we have to respect the platforms TOS.

Conquest Creative Earth Fantasy Hobbit Lord Lotr Middle Middleearth Rings Tolkien

ArdaCraft – Building Middle-earth in Minecraft

Founded in early May 2014, ArdaCraft seeks to recreate J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth in one of the largest and most detailed Minecraft maps ever created. We have a friendly community of skilled builders, and are always looking for new members!

All information can be found on our website, or on our thread in the PMC forums.

This is a modded Forge server, to connect you will need our launcher! The download for it can be found here. We are proud users of and contributors to the fantastic Conquest Reforged mod, which is revolutionising building in Minecraft. The mod is included in our launcher.

Please refer to our Build Status document to see all complete, in progress, and non-started projects in Middle-earth.

Many thanks go to Monsterfish for allowing us to edit and redistribute his textures, as well as featuring us on his PMC page. Go download the Conquest pack!

Other recommended projects/servers:

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WarhammerCraft – The Unofficial Server


WarhammerCraft uses the Conquest Reforged mod and launcher, through which we can wield Conquest’s immense variety of block options to ensure that our world is as detailed as possible. Currently, only the regions of north Middenland, Nordland, west Ostland, and the Wasteland are present on the map as Part 1 of a series of map chunks to be added over time. Already, the map is 25,600 x 12,800 blocks – approximately equivalent to 327 sq km of land.

Whether you’re a fan of Warhammer or just enjoy Minecraft, WarhammerCraft is open for all to explore!

For more information on the server please visit our website or directly head over to our forums.

How to join:
WarhammerCraft is committed to accurately building the Old World continent as depicted in the Warhammer Fantasy universe using Conquest Reforged. To connect you will need to download the Conquest pack and then download the WarhammerCraft Overlay pack.

Once you have both the Conquest Launcher and the WarhammerCraft Overlay resource pack, then you can connect to the server using the ip:

Visit our download page on our website for more details on how to connect!

Connect with Us:

We’re most active on our Forum and Discord! Come join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.

WarhammerCraft Discord

WarhammerCraft Twitter

For more exciting content, check out:

Conquest Reforged


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ElytraForce Minigame Test Server (something new) | looking for playtesters

Hi There!
Looking for something different, something unique from those oversaturated survival / creative / factions servers?
ElytraForce Minigames is looking for playtesters!

What is ElytraForce Minigames and what makes why do you need playtesters?

ElytraForce is a relatively new network that is based around offering NEW minigames to players and providing a unique experience! However, in order to playtest and balance these minigames, we need playtesters.

Ok, so what are some of these unique minigames you claim to have?

ElytraForce has a variety of minigames planned / currently in operation, some of which include:

ElytraForce – A fast paced elytra based combat gamemode where two teams battle it out in the skies above using lasers, rockets, cannons, plasma swords, and evade each others’ attacks using their Booster Systems!

RailgunRoyale – A battle royale gamemode revolving around explosive weapons known as Railguns! Destroy your enemies with explosive firepower and tactically outplay them with our 40+ railguns and 16+ explosive grenade types and be the last one standing!

Duels (Currently being recoded, still playable) – A strategic gamemode where two players fight using magic spells and powerful guns!

SandBox – An evolution to the classic Creative Plots gamemode, this sub-server of our network allows players their own personal worlds where they are free to test out different guns, mobs from DungeonRaids (currently under rework), build, create, and have free reign. It is also currently under rework, and planned features include limited World Edit and GoPaint Brush for those playtesters who are creative 🙂

DungeonRaids (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) – An extension of MobArena where instead of fighting an endless swarm of monsters, you clear out maps filled with unique and custom monsters, taking back the world Region by Region, sometimes slaying bosses.

Trouble In Traitor Town (Playable, due for a recode) – A minigame based off the popular Garry’s Mod game type, this game is less gun your opponents down and more of find out who the sneaky backstabbing Traitor is! Players are armed with guns and sent out into the world, but not everyone is your ally, as some of the players are selected as Traitors.

(NEW) ZoneConquest – An extremely fast pased class shooter inside of Minecraft where you must capture and hold ZONEs! Defend your zone with magic and gunpowder, utilizing the Assault, Scout, Grapple, Suppressor, Swarmer, Swordsman, and many more classes, each with a distinct playstyle that offsets that of the others!

Lobby Parkour (Not really a true minigame) – Infinite parkour which rewards you money and level XP!

Ooh, neat! How do I join in on this minigames testing server!

Well, first of all, join our Discord! It’s how we communicate with our players days where we are running active playtests on certain gamemodes! (

Okay, I joined your discord. How do I start playing?

Simply join the network through our IP,, or if that IP address is down, join through our backup IP,!

Have questions? Contact me Aesthetik#9784 if you want the Tester role in-game and in the discord!

Make sure to use our resource pack if you join!

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ArkaciaMC – The Realm of Kings

The Realm of Kings

What is Arkacia?

It is a free roam RPG style server. With various MMORPG aspects
of custom craft-able items, player driven lore aside from the pre-written server lore,
and the ability of Kingdom Conquest. The roleplay aspect comes in
either when having a casual conversation, or handling diplomatic
scenerios that could errupt in war.

Dont like Roleplay?

Relax, its not all roleplay! You can be
just a peaceful miner, or a warrior out hunting monsters
It is not required!

Towns and Kingdoms

When you are into roleplay, you will get more chances to do things
that can and will eventually effect server lore. There are many things players
will be able to do. Such as fighting for your kingdom, sailing a movable ship into battle
or even going and conquering other towns of another kingdom so that you may eventually
defeat your enemies and take rule over the enemy kingdom. NPC towns and kingdoms are
also capturable during certain events for players to eventually conquer the world!

Or you can be a simple shop keeper, thats cool too.

Extra Features

Some extra features include

Custom Alloys
Custom Hide Crafting
Custom MMO Item sets
Custom Crafting
Custom Monsters
Custom Items
Custom Crops
Custom Ores
Custom Cooking
Custom Siege Equipment
Spell Crafting
Attribute System
Dynamic Player Economy
Player Shops
Trade packs
NPC Guards
World Bosses
NPC Kingdoms
Roleplay Events

We will be having content updates on a regular schedule just like every other MMO.

So be sure to check us out!

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