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ExplorerMC | 1.19.3 | Semi-Vanilla | 18+ | Player-Driven Economy | Community Driven | Community Server Discord

  • Discord Link: <<<< JOIN TO APPLY (#how-to-apply channel)
  • Server Address: apply to get access to the server!
  • Dynmap: apply to get access to the Dynmap!
  • Welcome to ExplorerMC!

    This server was originally founded on 04/06/2021 as a private server for just me and a few friends. When interest dwindled, we went private until we decided to open up the server again to new people. We aspire to be a close-knit community that is friendly and open to new people and old veterans all alike. If you have any questions, join our Discord and we will respond asap.

    We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!


  • 24-7 Server Uptime
  • 18+ Community
  • Semi-Vanilla Gameplay with QoL Plugins And Vanilla Enhancing Datapacks
  • A beautiful world generated with Terralith, Structory and Nullscape for an enhanced experience
  • High Performing Server With No Lag
  • Trained, Experienced And Mature Staff
  • Cross-Discord/Minecraft Chat
  • Mob/Player Heads, Armour Stand Editor, Editable Signs, One Player Sleep, Diamond-Based Economy & More
  • Server Rules:

  • Do not grief or steal from other members.
  • Do not threaten other community members.
  • Do not harass or bully other community members.
  • Do not use client-side mods that give unfair advantages (Contact staff if you are unsure if your mod is allowed or not. Mods that add an in-game map are ALLOWED.)
  • NO hacking, xray resource packs or hacked clients on our servers.
  • Do not advertise, spam, or intentionally lag/crash our servers.
  • Only PVP agreed upon before hand is allowed.
  • Don’t be toxic or flame other members. If you feel like there is something wrong, contact our staff team!
  • TNT duping is allowed, but nothing else!
  • Only one alternative account is allowed and only for AFK purposes (for farms, etc.)! Ask staff about whitelisting your 2nd account.
  • Do not abuse known Minecraft exploits. This includes but not limited to duping, zero ticking, etc. Going above the nether roof is allowed, staff can make a hole in the roof if you want or you can do it yourself.
  • Try to keep all mob farms minimal to keep server lag down, laggy mob farms will get killed.
  • Entity spamming will get you banned.
  • Seed is not public, do not try to obtain or give it out.
  • Do not use external 3rd party programs. (EX: autoclickers, auto-rejoiners)

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    HollowMC ~ Survival SMP 1.19.3 ~

    A unique survival SMP

    What we offer :

    A new way to play survival with friends
    land claims
    free /fly
    Player mall
    and so much more!
    join us @

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    KamSMP – 1.19.3

    Get ready for the ultimate SMP experience with KamSMP! Discover custom biomes and caves for enhanced gameplay, join in on weekly events, and be amazed by the daily changing custom disasters and seasons. Plus, with easy-to-use commands, you’ll be navigating the server like a pro in no time!

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    βš”οΈ π—œπ˜ƒπ˜†π˜„π—Όπ—Όπ—± π—›π—Όπ—Ήπ—Ήπ—Όπ˜„ βš”οΈ Survival // Grief Prevention // Economy // Quests // 1.19+

    βš”οΈ IVYWOOD HOLLOW βš”οΈ

    Discord: Click Here

    πŸ€ We are a newly launched survival based server (01.01.23)
    πŸŽ€ A friendly community.
    ✨ Grief prevention to stop any players damaging your land!
    πŸ’Έ Auctions and player trading.
    βš™οΈ And more future updates and plugins to come!

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    ➠ Treat others with respect.
    ➠ PVP is NOT allowed unless BOTH players have agreed to it.
    ➠ Offensive content is not allowed
    ➠ Keep chat family friendly.
    ➠ Advertising is not allowed and will result in a ban.
    ➠ Allow staff to do their jobs.
    ➠ Spamming is not allowed.
    ➠ Cheating is not tolerated.
    ➠ No trading for real items e.g. in-game money for ranks.
    ➠ Griefing is not allowed.
    ➠ Do not spam other players, or try to.
    ➠ No purposely made traps.
    ➠ Unclaimed plots are someone else’s gain, so remember to claim plots!

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    SkyHub Network is a minecraft server for SkyBlock only. Later on we are going to add more gamemodes but now we are foccusing on 1 gamemode only to make it the best of it. This is the first (non)P2W server, how does that work? We have 2 leaderboards, one for the default ones who hasn’t bought anything in that season. And the one for who has bought something in that season. No matter if you have a rank or not you are still able to be at that number 1 on the leaderboard.

    119server 119survival Survival Survivalserver


    BuzzRealms is a brand new 1.19 survival server set in a buzzy bee theme! Here at BuzzRealms we’re incredibly community focused and listen to our players to enhance the user experience as much as possible. The server offers a traditional Minecraft experience that we all know and love but with some amazing additional features. I have listed my personal favourite features below! I’m incredibly excited to see our community continuously grow and for us all to develop the server together.

    BuzzRealms Features

  • Quests
  • Levels
  • Backpacks
  • Custom Biomes
  • Resource Pack
  • Jobs
  • Bounties
  • Protection Stones
  • Bank Accounts
  • Tags
  • Coffee Shop
  • Fishing Events
  • Everybody is welcome to play and I personally can’t wait to see you online and greet you myself! What are you waiting for? Come and say hello!

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    119server Deadbydaylight Fun Horror Minigame Minigames Multiplayer Playwithfriends Publicserver Pvp

    Deception R – Fear Strikes

    Public Server is now Available!
    Version 1.19.x

    Your fear strikes you when you’re not aware…

    Pick your side…

    | Runners |

    Objective | Fuels: Fuels are randomly distributed throughout the map. Aim at the fuel pot and [​sneak] to pick it up. Upon picking up, the runner is to the killer until they deposit it in the generator.
    Fuel shards will not recover upon death.
    A Fuel will respawn at an empty fuel spot every minute into the game

    Objective | Generators: Runners are required to repair a certain amount of generators before unlocking keys to open exits. Using fuel, runners take 10 seconds to repair a generator. Generators are completed when 3 fuels have been added to them.
    Generators are always revealed to you.
    Note that you can come back to continue generators.

    Objective | Keys: Keys can be unlocked once all generators are completed. Upon picking up a key, runners holding the key will be revealed until they are dropped or are used to open exits.

    Objective | Respawn Points: When there are any Runners eliminated, the remaining teammates can respawn them. Respawning teammates take a maximum of 12 seconds. The speed at which runners respawn can be increased based on the number of runners dead and runners active on one respawner.
    Respawning teammates will only respawn 1 randomly eliminated teammate.

    Endgame: The Endgame phase puts a timer on runners to their escape. During this time, they have 90 seconds to escape and save their allies. When the timer runs out, all runners will be eliminated.

    | Killers |

    Objective | Elimination: There are 4 runners on the map, and the objective of the killer is to not let any of them escape. By using [​LClick] or on collision, killers can instantly eliminate a runner out of the realm.

    Objective | Doors: Killers are slowed for 0.9 seconds when they sprint open doors, but they can avoid this by walking or holding an open door.

    Opportunity | The Mastermind: Killers can create the opportunity to end chases faster by breaking doors in the map. Doors are permanently destroyed and can only be repaired by some perks.

    | Perks |

    There are 20+ perks for both Runners and Killers to use.

    | Amulets and Curses |

    One-time use items players can craft with in-game currency.
    Can be used multiple times if used with certain perks.

    | Maps |

    There are currently 10 maps in the game, with different themes and tactical opportunities.

    119server 119survival Survival


    Welcome to CandyRealms, the brand new 1.19 based survival server. Explore the Candy themed Realm on our server and become a valued member of our new yet expanding community. Our aim is to become one of the largest and most accomplished survival servers in recent times, and to do this we need your help!

    119server Anarchy Norules Smp Survival Vanilla

    Rox Anarchy

    Anarchy. Join and be aware of what you see. This not an ordinary minecraft server so don’t think it will be when you join. This. Is. Anarchy. Once you get started and have amour you probably will start hunting down other players. You are not safe. There is no rules, you may hack, x-ray, anything lol