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Age of Dawn – CROSSPLAY Java + Bedrock 1.18+ – NATIONS – Lots of Features – Light RP – ? Hardcore Maybe ?

Age of Dawn
CROSSPLAY – Bedrock + Java – 1.18+
Releasing Within 1 – 3 Days. 7th, 8th, or Early 9th.

This server is brand-new, no history to it, but to simplify things:

Very tight Anti-Staff Abuse, Anti-Cheating.
Straight to the point, you get to go out there and discover lands in a Custom Generated World.
Lots of Features, but the main ones are Lands, to claim Land, make a Nation…

Extra Features With Crafting, Cosmetics, Emotes, Quality of Life Plugins…

such as ChestSort, DoorsReloaded, Animals Teleport w. You, BottleXP, AngelChest, ChatItem, Courier.
Economic Such as Jobs, Chest Shops, Shopkeepers, Auction House.
Total of 66+ Plugins On The Server!
Dynmap Included

– There is No Lore yet, but definitely foreseeable in the future.

The server will be in constant Progress and Updating.

Hardcore Feature Is Likely /- Might Get Added To The Server
Players have 3 – 5 Lives. Each life has a Cooldown. Once they run out of lives they get sent to a place… a hell-ish place… roaming there as Ghosts for all Eternity until the time has come where the Arc of Redemption will let them on once more… And Respawn as one of the Living again….
This idea is still in Development behind the scenes, if you have any questions or say in this, join our Discord. This is to add more Value to Life and Wars. Instead of a Temp-Ban while Playing the Burning Hells would serve as a Play-ground and who knows maybe some unlockable features there…

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Globalia is a geopol where you can make a nation and forge your own history!

Industrialize your nation with our carefully selected machinery plugins.

Put your nation in space! and travel to Mercury Venus the Moon and Mars!

Java IP: – 1.17.1-1.19.x
Bedrock IP: – Latest Bedrock Version
Bedrock Port: 19132

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🌸Azurius Towny Server 🌸

🌸Azurius Towny Survival🌸
We are a small towny survival server with a variety of features. A list of some of our main features is below!

Main Features:
Towns & Nations
Playtime Ranks
Player Shops
Custom Enchantments
Custom Fishing
Auction House
Proximity Voice Chat
Particle Trails
Bedrock and Java Support
and much more!

Come join our server today!

119survival Cracked Nations Newestversion Smp Survival


This is a survival Roleplay Of Civilization come and play our survival server! you don’t have to do the roleplay part and you can just enjoy the Survival.

Kingdom Nations Rpg Survival Towny

Land of Vale

Come join a BRAND NEW SERVER! it is player ran! That means what ever the people vote for on our discord we make it happen! It is a player ran world so that means everything ran by the players the only thing staff dose on the server is help answer questions and enforce the server rules!

Create your own town, join a nation, or make a new one. Trade, protect, or go to war with other towns and nations. Create a big enough nation and help make server rules with the other major powers of the world!

Maybe just: Rule The World

Unlike many other servers most of this server’s rules are voted on by the nation leaders!

We even have our own way of pvp unlike most servers we have weighted armor and skills!! so come check it out!

Join our discord!

Earth Factions Geo Geopolitical Geopolitics Nations Politics Slimefun Survival War


GeoNations is a new geopolitical Minecraft server on an authentic earth map which strives to prioritize the player’s experience.

Basic Info
· Server map is a 1:1000 recreation of Earth
· Factions not towny
· Discord can be found here
· Server is on 1.17.1 (subject to change)

Our core plugin
Slimefun is the most important plugin on GeoNations to fully enjoy the server experience. Slimefun is a bit like a modpack, but you don’t need to install a single mod the plugin adds hundreds of new items to the game and we have Slimefun addons to add even more to enhance your experience! To find out more about Slimefun visit.

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DValley SMP – Nations – Bedrock & Java – Jobs – 1.18.2

Welcome to DValleySMP!

DValleySMP is a Nations server running on both Java and Bedrock!

We offer a vanilla like experience with minor changes. The main reason for these changes are to protect your goods from other players. You are able to create a nation and claim land in the wilderness. Once you have a nation established and would like to expand, invite other players and make your nation stronger. Pvp is enabled so you must make sure you claim your land and protect it, by claiming your land no one is able to build or interact with your stuff. We explain all the commands in game a bit more in depth so you can easily get started.

Ontop of nations, there are simple jobs to join such as mining, woodcutting, hunting, brewing, ect. These jobs offer a source of income that can be used to buy other items from players. No admin shops, this makes a more vanilla feel so players have to obtain what they are selling either through farming, or fighting other nations. There is an auction house to make all transactions in game safe, without scams. Again, all commands are explained more in depth on the server at spawn so feel free to come check out this enjoyable near-vanilla experience.

Beer Brewery Guns Movecraft Nations Slimefun Survival Towny Townysurvival

HomePenguin- Create Society

HomePenguin currently has only one game called society.
Where you make a town and towns can join nations making countries.
You can craft guns and cannons. and you can create machines and factory lines. you can also brew beer and VODKA why? why
not! also, dynmap Which is google earth for Minecraft.
you can also create vehicles (planes, ships, tanks).

JOIN NOW! and create your beautiful nation. wage war or make epic cities.

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Tellurian Network

Tellurian Network

Tired of searching for a friendly Survival Multiplayer community? Well look further! Tellurian Network features two separate gamemodes — Incendium and MCEarth!

MCEarth: Featuring a 1:2000-scale map of the Earth, space travel, skills, Towny, and numerous other features, we provide a wholesome community and geopolitical action for players! Get in on the action now, with our simplistic and easy-to-learn economy system! Not only that, but our Space Travel system allows you to go to custom celestial bodies and fight custom monsters and bosses, featuring custom items and mob models/textures! (CUSTOM RESOURCEPACK REQUIRED!!!)

Incendium: Featuring custom nether and end generation, with new, unique bosses and structures throughout the dimensions, allowing you to explore to your hearts content

And feel free to check out our Discord!

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WeeGamers Minecraft Server

We the WeeGamers (Weekend Gamers) are a small German multigame community that has existed since 2011.
Our community attaches great importance to comfortable and relaxed play for young and old.

Build your empire or found a whole nation in our great outdoors.
Alternatively, you can also use one of our plots of land.

Our server is fully NPC and GUI controlled, so only a few commands need to be used.
This ensures easy handling and a relaxed game flow without much hassle.

Shortage of raw materials? Not with us!! With our farm worlds, which are automatically regenerated on a regular basis, this is not an obstacle.
Minigames are firmly integrated into the gameplay with us, so that events are activated at regular intervals, which are
Chat can be joined. A teleport back will be provided!

You can unlock cosmetics for yourself via our VoteShop as well as via events.
All ranks can be reached using in-game currency and unlock additional bonuses for you.

WeeGamers Minecraft Server

What do we have to offer:
  ✦ Survival + Freebuild Server
✦ Genuine 1.18.2! Use all new blocks and features
✦ Create zones and set rights yourself
✦ (Everything is automatically safe in the zone, from boxes to animals. Give rights to friends and build together.)
✦ Speech bubbles above players simplify communication between your companions.
✦ Pets and Pets
✦ Family community
  ✦ Pures Angel-Erlebnis! (LvL, Enchants, Crafting uvm.)
  ✦ Minigames
✦ Dual wield battles
✦ Revives for real team play
✦ Trade safely (no drops on the ground)
✦ Enemy level system and skills
  ✦ NPC Shops (Shop-City)
✦ Quests and Dailies
✦ Player auction house
  ✦ Jobs (Woodcutter, Miner, Farmer, Hunter … +10)
  ✦ Reittiere (Mounts)
✦ In-game currency
✦ Regular events and games
  ✦ Teleports
✦ GUI based play without commands
✦ Experience since 2011
✦ Active TeamSpeak³ and Discord community

Our worlds:
Main worlds: Freebuild + plot world
Farm worlds: World, Nether and End
  Minigame-Welt: TNTRun, Parkour, Jumpdown, Dropper, FishSlap, HotPotato, Arena, Horse Run …
WeeGamers Minecraft Server