Cross-Play Survival Survival Games

Civilization SMP

This is a survival multiplayer server where u can enjoy with friends . U can get perks daily and also perks if u purchase a rank.

Cross-Play Survival Survival Games

Stars Wish

A friendly and equal server, welcome to play together. This server is in China, so the main language of the server is Chinese, but we also have a little English. Don’t mess around.

Creative Economy Mini Games Pvp Skyblock Survival Survival Games


Epic Brand new Skyblock server
Just released!

Join right now with your friends and try to be the strongest and richest player on the server! join right now dont lose your time!


Cross-Play Earth Roleplay Survival Games


LiveRP is a roleplay Minecraft server which has many add-ons for the best experience of an RP server.

Hardcore Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Survival Games


Come live in a world with magic, have your own skill tree and dominate the server with your mage friends and make new friends on our server, what are you waiting for? Enter now and see everything we have to offer.
IP: >>(1.19.2)<<

Cross-Play Pve Pvp Survival Survival Games

Chillcraft Community

Chillcraft is a survival server with additions that make survival difficult, we have protections and forge a formidable economy for all players. You can enter with Bedrock!

Economy Mini Games Parkour Pvp Survival Survival Games Vanilla

PizzaCat MC

PizzaCat MC is a non-serious meme server with a custom texture pack, (use it its worth) and a vanilla minecraft experience. Mods are chill and we have a discord, so join.

Mini Games Survival Survival Games

Infinite Minecrafters

Infinite Minecrafters is based on Survival gameplay to give you good impressions of Survival with many different features. Infinite Minecrafters support Java & Bedrock version.
Java IP:
To connect on bedrock, please use:
Bedrock IP:
Port: 19132
We hope you will enjoy

Kitpvp Lifesteal Mini Games Pvp Survival Survival Games

Swift Network

Swift Network is a server with the gamemodes such as One In The Chamber, Hunger Games, Lifesteal, Block Falls (Fall guys based minigame) and much more games coming in the future!
Everyone is child friendly and nice to each other! You’re not going to regret joining in!
You can join our discord with:

Economy Mini Games Pve Raiding Survival Survival Games Vanilla

Raging Creek

Raging Creek – The best SMP you’ve never heard of.

– Hundreds of new biomes for you to explore in all 3 dimensions
– Tons of new mobs
– New end game bosses
– A world filled with exciting, new structures for you to explore
– New end game raids requiring teams of players to work together
– Hundreds of new vanilla based weapons, armors and items
– Proximity voice chat
– An active Discord community including voice chat channels
– In game competitions and reward systems
– Player controlled shops and auction house with economy
– Many great quality of life features
– Optimized render distances and shader packs for all pc setups
Join our Discord and download our completely customised modpack and step into the Creek in just a few mouse clicks!