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MineTrack – Anarchy

Welcome to MineTrack – Anarchy! A brand new server with NO RULES and only /spawn. May the best of us survive!

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It’s an Anarchy/Survival server! People have virtually no rules to fight (except hacking). Kill players, grief, use deception & play the way you want. Server is heavily focused on PvP Survival. Yet some choose to lead a peaceful life and focus on building instead.

If you dont join your dog die and have 2 years bad luck!

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PlayerUnion’s International Anarchy server [HU/EN]

Welcome to this server ad!
This server is available in two languages: English and Hungarian.

Main features of the server:

  • Anarchy server
  • No rules
  • Multilanguage
  • Pure survival
  • Cracked
  • I managed for a while, but if you liked the server please check it out!

    Üdvözöllek ennél a szerver hirdetésnél!

    A szerver két nyelven érhető el , melyek a következők: Angol és Magyar.

    Főbb tulajdonságai a szervernek:

  • Anarchy szerver
  • Nincsenek szabályok
  • Többnyelvű
  • Tiszta survival
  • Crackelt szerver
  • Rövidre sikeredett, de ha felkeltette az érdeklődésed, kérlek nézz fel!

    Anarchy Cheatingallowed Europe Hacking Allowed Hard Java Legit Norules Norulesanarchy Survival Vanilla


    💎Java Anarchy 1.16.3 💎

    ♥️Hard difficulty, but is it a problem for anarchy server? ♥️

    ♦ Pretty new, spawn is only lightly griefed ♦

    ✅No cracked accounts✅

    🎺Absolutely no rule breaking! Wait what? It’s an anarchy, there are no rules to break!🎺

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    Privileged Anarky

    Hi, we are a small 1.16.1 Minecraft anarchy server, (survival with no rules, yes, even hacks are allowed). we have about 1-4 players online at a time. If you don’t join you will die tomorrow.

    also if u wanna join the server discord, the link is:

    Anarchy Norules Norulesanarchy Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    Milk Made

    Its and anarchy, play it, or not, idc but i want players on it so im here advertising my server. if you like the server make sure you share it around it would mean not too much to me but its cool if you do. also its pretty much just vanilla but with no rules so its more fun.

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    TwistedCraft ANARCHY

    The main TwistedCraft SMP server has been upgraded to a better host. As a result we still have two weeks prepaid remaining on our previous host package.

    We saw no reason to let this go to waste, so the TwistedCraft ANARCHY server was born! Running until 14/07/2020 a total survival anarchy server.


    Go get some use out of our remaining time with this host and have at at!

    Also, if you’re over 18 and looking for a hermitcraft style SMP to join, go check out our TwistedCraft website at:

    Anarchy Norule Norules Norulesanarchy Norulesmc

    No Rules

    This server has rules no world guard no anti cheat I want Yall to do your worst to this server but I will delete the server after 3 weeks so you better get on and hold nothing back I wanna see this server totally destroyed I will be disappointed if I dont get to see it absolutely destroyed

    2b2t Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchyserver Fitmc Norules Norulesanarchy Survival

    LoneArchy Anarchy

    All Dupes working, no anti cheat, no rules. 100%

    Also a brand new server.

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    Anarchy server with a Survival Economy overhaul + Factions lots of features to get lost in ranging from shops to homes.

    Plugins Are Added And Updated Regularly.

    We Have A Discord:

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