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Welcome to MagnetaCraft! FACTIONS | PVP | GREAT STAFF | MEDIEVIL THEMED SERVER | RANKS | ECONOMY | LOOT CRATE. Come and play to be the strongest faction by playing through different ranks including: Knight, Wizard, Paladin, Wizard Apprentice, Archer, Sniper and the all powerful Dark Knight! (Currently a brand new server)

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Welcome to Newpy. Most stuff is explained in the server books! If you have any questions regarding the server then please get a book and quill, write your issue/ question/etc. and go to the starting Tavern. At the right side is a chest with the sign

“Issues/complaints/ etc”

Put your book and quill inside for the staff to later see what your issue/ etc. is.

How to write a Issue/complaint/etc.

-Minecraft Name
-Minecraft Username

– Why are you sending this book? (complaint/ issue / question/ etc.)

-The question/etc.

-Which city you live in (ingame)

– How you would like the question/etc. to be answered (digital meeting, book and quill given to you answering/ etc.)

You can ask anything or give any complaint. If you are unsure then do not worry, nothing is wrong to give.


Rules of the server:

No Racism
No Homophobic
No Pedophilia
No child s/xualization
No assault/ harrasment
No griefing
Don’t oof other people or other people’s pets.
No spamming
Don’t judge others game taste etc.
Do not ask for personal information : Real life name, phone number, picture of person, Adress, etc.
If anything if really bothering you please report to staff.
Real life threats are to be taken seriously and reported to staff.
“Kys/kms” are words not allowed on our server. If you see anyone use these please report to staff with proof.
This server should not contain ‘adult’ topics.

Age of people to join the server: 11+
(so try and be family friendly please. (obviously no s/x talk allowed.)

Any Issues/ etc. may also be reported through our discord server Newpy. (is still being made.)

Contact **Kami**#3535 instead (including the **).

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ComradesCraft ~ Whitelist ~ HARDCORE/TOWNY/RP/COMMUNITY

ComradesCraft ~ Whitelist ~

ComradesCraft is a Hardcore Towny Roleplay Experience that is focused on Community. We have a whitelisted server to allow mature audiences and serious minecraft gamers to have a safe place to play and have friends. We do weekly events, have consistent updates, and an amazing staff ready to support you. We want this to become a premium minecraft experience and that is what we pride ourselves on and what sets us apart from the millions of minecraft servers.



Server Rules:
Do not grief.
Do not steal items within a town.
Do not kill within government buildings or town squares.
Do not kill any players without an agreement to duel (PVP Zones will be LABELED).
Do not purposely build or claim land to harass others.
Do not camp outside protected areas with the intent to kill players when they leave.
Do not create lag machines.
Do not set homes or warps on a property without the owner’s consent.
Do not push players out of protected areas.
Do not live alone or play full on single player on the server, you will be relocated to Comrade City or the nearest outpost (This server is intended to create communities and experiences not available on singleplayer.).
All relevant Comrade’s Gate-wide rules still apply in the Minecraft Server. This includes client modifications and chat offenses

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🌟|| Joy Company | β˜„οΈ Everyone Has Fly | βš”οΈ New mcMMO | πŸ’° Jobs ||🌟

Joy Company is a small Discord-based community. We’ve recently expanded allowing us to host this survival Minecraft server for all interested.

We’ve made efforts to tailor your experience to be closer towards a semi-vanilla survival server.
We try to keep things fresh by adding non-intrusive plugins that would otherwise drastically alter the feel of the game.

Admin Shops and the Auction House are available to all players. Nearly every item can be sold or bought through our Admin Shop.

Explore certain warps for Easter Eggs! New Easter Eggs appear each day & they give crate keys, money & items!

We do not allow third party clients.


β˜… Free Fly to all Players
β˜… mcMMO
β˜… Silk Touch Spawners
β˜… Every Chunk is a Slime Chunk
β˜… Free Ranks
β˜… Admin Shop
β˜… Auction House
β˜… Grief Prevention
β˜… Discord
β˜… Crates
β˜… Full Decorative Heads Database
β˜… Second World Option
β˜… Daily Kits
β˜… No Phantoms
β˜… Always Adding New Features
β˜… & Much More!

Yes, we’re 420 friendly πŸ˜‰