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World Anarchy

No rules, just do what you want ! it’s a server I’m hosting on a home-made computer
You need to be in 1.16.3 to join
You will be in survival


Reddit : r/WorldAnarchy

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Nuclearis Anarchy Server

Nuclearis is a Minecraft Anarchy Server on Minecraft 1.12.2, feel free to join, but you must understand the following things:

1. It is an Anarchy server, so there are no rules and everything is allowed, no sencorship or bans!

2. Hacked Clients, Exploits and Glitches are fully allowed, they won’t be patched as we feel it is not Anarchy if the admin patches exploits, glitches and hacks as it is Anarchy of course!
3. If you can’t stand your bases being grieved and raided, than this is not a server for you!

4. Do be aware that Anarchy server have no rules and nobody gets banned + everything is allowed, so also toxic messages, toxic behavior and political incorrect chatting, bases and builds are allowed!

If you want to join the server, feel free to join, but stay alive out there and much love to 2B2T and Constantium!

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Simply Vanilla [WE ARE BACK!] – Anarchy | No Hacks | PvP | Survival | SMP | NO Reset EVER | NO other rules!

Want to experience anarchy without everyone hacking? And without having to play on one of those “vanilla” servers where you can’t grief or raid, then join Simply Vanilla. Simply Vanilla is a Vanilla Anarchy server where the ONLY rule is no hack clients. Similar to 2b2t, but without everyone using cheats, and the very long queues. Other than the no hacking rule, the server has absolutely NO other rules and NO other game-changing plugins. The server is completely Vanilla. Feel free to raid and grief bases, team up, build empires and kingdoms, and say whatever you want in chat. The server has never been reset and never will be. Join Today!

Also join our discord to get in touch with the community and staff!

We now have a reddit at…

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Privileged Anarky

Hi, we are a small 1.16.1 Minecraft anarchy server, (survival with no rules, yes, even hacks are allowed). we have about 1-4 players online at a time. If you don’t join you will die tomorrow.

also if u wanna join the server discord, the link is:

Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchyserver Build Building Classic Economy Farm Farming Freebuild Freeloot Freetoplay Fun Greifing Griefing Items Itemspawning Kits Mobspawners Money Newmap Nolandprotection Nowhitelist Pvp Pvpsurvival Raiding Sell Sellhand Shop Spawnitems Tnt Unique | Spawn Items With /I | Economy PVP releases their 2nd Minecraft Server, ANARCHY!!!

In this server you can spawn items and make bases.

Spawn Items With /I

Make a Crop Farm and use /Sell To Earn Money For Mob Spawners / Enchantments

PVP & RAIDING Enabled!

Map Size 5000 x 5000 in Each World.

Hacking Is Bannable

This Server IS Very Unique And You Might Not Think It SOUNDS Balanced, but it Is. Come Give Us A Shot.

We Also run a Classic Team Server WIth Soup Healing And Trackers. Visit our website for more information and to join our gaming community.

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SFGaming | Teams | Trackers | Soup Heals + Classic Raiding

SFGaming Presents The Brand New Anarchy Team Raiding Server.

There Is No Land Claim protection , You can Make a Team and Set a HQ / Rally Point.

Both can be used as a base or farm warp. You also get 3 set home’s by default along with /TPA.

PVP And Raiding is ENABLED So Build Secretly.

The Map Size Is 15,000 x 15,000 Blocks In Each World.

Mushroom Soup Will Heal 3.5 Hearts Instantly when consumed Like Old School Minecraft / MCPVP.

This Server used TRACKERS So you can find Bases To Raid. They Are Created Out of A Diamond Block, 4 Gold Blocks & Obsidian. You Can Only Build a Tracker in The Main World, Not The Nether.

At Spawn, Try Out The /Track All Command On Top Of The Diamond Block.

Every Day You Can Get Access To /Kit PVP Which Will Have Iron Armor, Soup And A Sword.

Come Join The Community And Check Out The Other Games We Play!

Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Anarchysurvival Anarchysurvivalminecraft Minecraft Norules Survival Vanilla





AND MAKE SURE TO VOTE! It really means a lot so the server and move forward!

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Lesbian Minecraft Server

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Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchyserver Anarchysmp Anarchytwist Survival

Nichi Anarchy

Nichi Anarchy Server

“The best of old and modern minecraft”

Description / History : We are a fairly new Anarchy server who aim to capture the fun and inspiring features of Minecraft Beta1.7 while keeping the comodities of Modern Minecraft. Our server started out as a regular survival server, nothing special. We even loaded up a new map in 1.15.2. But very quickly we found this very boring, as the terrain generation was uninspiring. Looking the same everywhere we went. There’s just something about the formula of beta terrain generation that makes the randomness of it beautiful. We debated on whether to open the server in beta, but at the same time we didn’t want to lose out on any features that we currently take for granted ( The end, villager trading, elytras, etc.). So we ended up deciding to use our old beta survival map to play on modern minecraft. We add continual updates to make the experience as beta as possible.


-Runs on Minecraft 1.16.1 or latest

-Old Minecraft World ( Generated in Minecraft beta1.7 )

-Old combat system in server ( Spam click hit / Left click to shield on sword )

-Farlands ( They have been generated and confirmed to exist )

-Custom paintings and /nick for donors

-IN DEVELOPMENT – A new custom generator that makes new beta terrain, and allows newer generated structures and biomes to spawn in beta-looking terrain.

Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchysurvival Faction Faction Pvp Factionpvp Factionserver Factionsmcmmo Factionspvp Factionsurvival Mcmmo Mcmmofactions Mcmmopvp


Welcome to Vera matter!
Get ready to play the old style faction server, Start with nothing an dominated the server.
Vera Matter is an Anarchy Server with no rules, do what you want you want when you want!

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