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Fights of Cydonia – CUSTOM GUN Royale!

Welcome to Fights of Cydonia – Royale!

We have been under production, and released a few times in the past for over 6 years.
We are glad to release our Royale server.

Here, you will parachute in to a fully built and completely custom map.

You will have to find guns, ammo and food to be the last person to survive, and climb our leader boards!

We have coded and created this server, from the ground up, so that we can ensure you will have the greatest experience possible.
You will find firearm mechanics, game mechanics and weapons that you could find no-where else.

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RiverCraft – 1.9 to 1.16+ – Factions – Quests – Bosses – Hunting – Guns – Economy – Creative – Custom World



  • Our server is very community-oriented! We have a community built spawn, community ideas, and a friendly team.Our server is built around a Multi world capability that allows the use of Factions in one world and Creative in the next without leaving the server!

    The Survival world:
      Factions based MOB and PVP combat with CUSTOM Armor uniquely designed to our server!
    We have vote crates that give you a chance to win custom items and get ahead from the other Factions!

      Gather up a couple of friends and take on the BOSSES in spawn or accept quests that you can complete Daily!!
    There is ALWAYS something to do!

      Our Nether is a custom world suited for Mob and PVP Combat while gathering resources. Throw on a set of Fury Armor and never take flame damage!
      Check out our RiverCraft Armor! It’s ranged from Aqua to Fury! Helping for advanced PVP Combat. Fury Armor FLAMES the enemy and gives you regeneration while Aqua Armor SLOWS the enemy and gives you SPEED! Fury won’t burn you under ANY flame or lava! Aqua will keep you breathing at the deepest depths of the ocean. Our CRATES also have custom weapons, tools, and SHARK ATTACK Chainmail Armor that pairs really well with Tinman’s Protection.Don’t forget to try out the PUNTER stick that hits the enemy back by the enchantment of KNOCKBACK 7!!
  • UNIQUE SPAWN:  Our custom server spawn offers a variety of game enhancers! Ride the railway from one end of the map to the other! Or take a leap pad across the ocean! Maybe visit the Shipwreck and find out what’s in the boat? Don’t forget to find the Pet Store and ride an INSANELY FAST Pig!

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    Smokes Survival – Works On All Versions! [Factions] [McMMO] [Shop] [New]

    Are you looking for a Minecraft server that is as good as the one you played back in the day?

    Or are you just getting into Minecraft and looking for a quality server?

    Look no further!

    Join Smokes Survival and get the full experience! We have a variety of amazing plugins to make our server stand out from the rest.
    We want people who like PvP and are into building their faction up to be stronger than the competition!

    Looking to take a break from running the best faction in the server? Relax and claim your own creative plot and build your stress away!

    We also host weekly events such as Drop Parties, PvP Tournaments, Parkour, Raids, and many more!

    Stop by and give us a try!


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    We run 3 Minecraft Servers Total –
    Vanilla, Team PVP , & Anarchy Economy
    Full server info on our website



    Go /Spawn Anytime

    Classic Vanilla Survival Multiplayer With PVP Enabled


    join today

    Kitpvp Kitpvpserver Minecraft Minecraftpvp Minecraftserver New Newserver Pvp Pvpserver

    Odie Gaming

    Looking for a new Kit-PvP Server with good rewards?
    Odie gaming is the right place for you
    Odie gaming offers:
    -Vote crate keys
    -Engaged PvP
    -Money on kill
    -All kinds of kits
    -Enchanting your own sets
    -Buy shop/Sell Shop
    and all sorts of things!

    Pvp Pvpserver Pvpsurvival Survival


    A brand new server started by an up and coming owner. Has 1.8 pvp and all the essential plugins. plus its the greatest server of all time so yeah.

    Faction Faction Pvp Factionpvp Factions Factionserver Factionspvp Factionsurvival Pvp Pvpfaction Pvpfactions Pvping Pvpraid Pvpserver Pvpsurvival Raid Raiding Raidpvp Raids Raidserver

    Viral Factions / $1000+ FTOP / Perfect Cannons / Boss Fights / Daily Events / Active PVP

    Server IP:
    Season 1 FTOP reward: $1000+

    Viral Factions is a brand new, professionally built and managed faction PVP server.

    We have ALL sought after features, including: faction fly, trench picks, gen buckets, mcMMO, chunk busters, harvester hoes, custom enchantments, custom items, and so much more!

    We really pride ourselves by how we consult our amazing community for feedback for server updates. Come check us out!

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    HyperMC Network | Island Top Payouts | 1.7-1.15

    Welcome to HyperMC!

    HyperMC is a community where you can talk to other people without having to deal with all those annoying people that just make it a bad experience. There’s also Skyblock island top payouts, and more. 😀

    What does the HyperMC community have?

    ↬ Giveaways
    ↬ Live Streams
    ↬ Reaction Roles
    ↬ Minecraft Server
    ↬ Skyblock Island Top Payouts
    ↬ Friendly Staff
    ↬ Discord bots
    ↬ Music Channels
    ↬ Active Support Team
    ↬ And More!

    We hope to see you in the HyperMC community very soon!


    Fullpvp Fullpvpbr Minecraftpvp Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Pvp Pvparena Pvping Pvpserver

    VGCRAFT – Servidor FullPvP e Mini Games – Maquinas e Spawners 1.8x-1.15x

    Servidor de Minecraft FullPvP

    IP: ou
    Servidor na versão 1.8x – 1.15x

    Ping BR – Média 10ms

    – Sistema simples na compra de Vip’s
    – Sistema de Pescaria
    – Sistema de SPAWNERS
    – Sistema de MAQUINAS
    – Sistema de Caixas Misteriosas
    – Sistema de HG
    – Sistema de Mina privada para os Vip’s
    – Sistema de Plantações
    – Sistema de Terrenos
    – Sistema de eventos Fight/Gladiador/Bolao/Killer/Drop/Spleff e muito mais.
    – TAG do MitoDoPvP
    – Pirata e original
    – E muito mais só entrando para jogar e descobrir as diversidades do servidor!

    IP: ou

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    Welcome to Craftable. We are a factions server precisely engineered to maximize your enjoyment. Our server houses a number of captivating yet practical features. This includes the old Combat Mechanics where you may PvP at ease. Another fascinating feature is our Crates and Voting system which allows players to receive an abundant amount of rewards ranging from common to Legendary. We have also provided our players with the best of both faction worlds. Therefore, we designed a balance between regular and OP factions. Moreover, we aim to provide nothing but a top tier economy system to ensure full equilibrium of our server. Craftable has also introduced a plethora of plugins that were exquisitely manipulated to match our player’s needs such as the mcMMO system and Quests that were tailored to provide our players with an RPG-Like experience with complete skill leveling , special abilities and rare loot. In addition to that , Craftable is introducing supply drops , aesthetically pleasing cosmetics and a number of motives such as daily rewards to keep the players captivated. Join us now at

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