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Valiant SMP – Casual and Community Driven

Vialiant SMP is a very casual vanilla survival server on Java 1.19.2 with an active and growing player base with a handful of quality of life plug-ins and data packs. Valiant SMP prides itself in its ability to welcome all kinds of players and bring them into the thriving community. Valiant SMP’s main focus is community and interactions with one another, with shops spreading across the spawn town and people helping one another.


Valiant has been an active server for almost 2 months with around 20 active players. We have active moderators, active admins and an active owner. We have a discord server where you are very easily heard when you have any questions or concerns.


Valiant is constantly growing both player wise and software wise, and the community has a say in every single addition in plug-ins or data packs.


I hope to see you online soon. Please join the discord listed below to gain access as Valiant is a whitelisted server to prevent any wrong-doers from getting easy access.

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Apiary 🌻 Community Survival Minecraft Server 🌻 1.19

apiary, noun; a place where bees are kept

Season 1 Opening July 2nd

Bee Themed Text Separator
Welcome to The Apiary! ✿ Java 1.19

{Join our Discord here to apply}

Bee Themed Text Separator
Hey! We get it.
You just wanna play some good Minecraft and let yourself get lost in it for a while.
Do what you love. We’re right there with you.

Here’s the buzz

The Apiary is a wholesome bee-themed server,
with quality-of-life tweaks and fun social features.
We’re like HermitCraft. Our community is our soul.

If you’d like to know all the server’s details like what commands we have
and what tweaks we use, check out the handbook we’ve made!

We also have a diverse and trustworthy staff team and distinct rules.
These ensure a pleasant experience for any players who just want to relax and filter out the nonsense.
If you’ve been looking for a nice little haven, you’re in the right place.

You can get whitelisted by reading our #welcome channel and following the straightforward steps to apply.

{Join our Discord here to apply}

Beehive Themed Text Separator

Community opened May 20th (International Bee Day)
Season 1 Opening July 2nd! 💐💐💐

Community Cool Cracked Discord Entertaining Friendly Gwainsaga Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Interactive Java Modlike Mods Nice Nonpremium Nonpremiumserver Players Plugins Premium Server Smp Survival

Theme park

a Survival server LunaPark, a server that has been running now for more than 4 years, but wasnt public for a long time, now, after restarting the community we decided to publish it
our discord –

Friendly Friendlycommunity Fun Furry Griefprevention Kind Lgbtq Nice Rtp Semivanilla Shopkeepers Smallcommunity Survival Trans

❤CheesecakeMC❤ Friendly survival with grief prevention and player economy!

CheesecakeMC is a survival minecraft server with a small community and friendly people !

Our server has strict rules against any sort of harrassment, homophobia, transphobia, racism etc and want to promote an environment where anyone is welcome as long as they are a good nice person c:

The server has griefprevention, dynmap of the whole map, Shopkeepers plugin to setup your own villager with any trades you want, Playerwarps to your builds/shops, Random teleportation to specific biomes on the map and more ! We are always looking for new things to add to help enhance the player experience while keeping player to player interactions and a fun vanilla survival esque experience!

If this small welcoming community sounds fun to you feel free to join us on the server <3 Discord

vvvvv Link to dynmap vvvvv

Civilization Cool Nice Survival Vannila


Play this server called a makeaciv this is a server to make a civ
play with freinds or don’t have fun tho read rules pls and make suggestions sense this is a Wip

Botw Breathofthewild Builds Dungeon Dungeons Fantasy Grinding Hyrule Link Majorasmask Minecraftserver N64 Nice Nicestaff Ocarina Ocarinaoftime Parkour Parkours Pve Pvp Ranks Roleplay Rpg Shrines Skyloft Smallcommunity Smp Smpve Staff Survival Survivalserver Vanilla Vanillaish Vanillasurvival Warp Warpportals World Zelda Zeldacraft Zeldaserver

🏹 ZeldaCraft 🗡 – RPG Survival –

Server Address:


ZeldaCraft is an amazing Legend of Zelda themed minecraft server that has been running strong since May 20th 2012. There is a wonderful community of friendly players and a quality staff team to help out. The staff team have worked together with the community for years to create a community that’s fun for fans of all Zelda games or Minecraft in general to play.

About Us:
– 2 Year Old Map, Plenty of exploring to do.
– Custom Spell Plugin
– Custom Items and Recipes
– Long-Term Players and New Players constantly
– Zelda themed builds and events
– Custom coded dungeons
– Vanilla survival gameplay
– Shops

– Custom Resource Pack
If you’re a fan of Minecraft or The Legend of Zelda, come join our server and discord! We’d love to meet you!

Amazing American Aus Australian Cool Crazy Datapacks Earth Epic Fun Good Insane Map Minecraft Mods Nice Plugins Smp Survival Towny Usa

Dusty Towny

Towny Survival server with an Earth map you can view with Dynmap! It’s fun and we have a lively (but weird) Discord community too. Come join us! We don’t have abusive staff like other servers. The owner plays with the players and doesn’t use his powers unfairly!

Antigrief Antixray Cool Fun Nice Niceplayers Nicestaff Nogrief Plugins Shop Smp Survival Veinmine Veinminer

junior high school

the soas smp is a nice small ish smp with a bundle of plugins such as veinminer,shop,essentials and ext we have a nice staff team and community and are growing slowly

Aphmau Best Cool Dream Economy Friendly Fun Funserver Good Great Nice Nicestaff Payouts Prison Prisonserver Pvp Server Servers Streamer Youtube Youtuber


SpacePrison offers a huge diversity of insane fun which mainly comes from our daily breathtaking events, tons of competition, amazing features and most importantly the rewards.

It has an unforgettable Prison experience with thrilling competitive Cell Top which can win you thousands. Create your Cell and fight your way to the top.

We give $200 weekly to the top players on the server!  We’re soon going to be giving out IRL rewards at complete random. Join now!



Awesome Community Cool Hermit Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlikeserver Mumbo Nice Survival

CubeCraft (Hermitcraft like)

Join Our Hermitcraft like server with a awsome community and lots of shops