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CubeCraft (Hermitcraft like)

Join Our Hermitcraft like server with a awsome community and lots of shops

Admins Community Freebuild Moderators Nice Nogrief Nohacking Smp Survival Survivalserver Survive

=======SMP 1.16.2=======
. It is essentially just a survival world but with a great community!
[ We are still a small survival server! if you join and nobody is on,
Just go build a house and you will eventually catch us! :D]

!!!! THE RULES !!!!
No Grief= no adding or defacing other players builds.
No Spam= No Flooding chat
No Cheats= No Hacking, x-raying, or any other non vanilla
Hacked clients.

you can build at spawn if you would like 🙂

116survival 116x 247server Bluemap Dynmap Eco Economy Economychestshop England English Friendly Friendlystaff Latestversion Nice Nocheat Nogrief Nolag Pve Safe Secure Semivanilla Semivanillasmp Semivanillasurvival Smooth Smp Survival Unitedkingdom Vanilla

Nations SMP | Safe Semi-Vanilla Survival | Friendly Community | Always Online & Lag-Free | 1.16.2 | U.K.

Nations SMP

Just became public!

Survival, Resource World, Economy
Respect, Community, Enhancements, Performance.

Website – Find out more!


Amazing Calm Calmcraft Casual Casualsurvival Chill Economy Friendly Fun Good Jobs Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Mcmmo Minecraft New Nice Relaxed Rpg Rpgmmo Slimefun Survival Towny Zen

CalmCraft – Friendly Community | Towny | Economy | Slimefun

CalmCraft is a budding friendly gaming community and serene Minecraft survival server. Our main focus is to provide a place for you to relax and have fun. CalmCraft is not about constant battle and rage, it’s about community and enjoyment. We hope to see you on the server or the forums!

We would also like to note that CalmCraft needs staff as we are brand new and still in the development stage!

CalmCraft Plugins:
– Towny
– Slimefun
– Jobs
– Economy
– Mob Arena

Minecraft Server IP:

Challenge Creative Donation Economy Essentials Free Minecraft Mmo Nice Other Particles Pet Pets Play Plots Rank Ranks Rankup Role Roleplay Rpg Shop Skyblock Small Staff Survival Trail Vanilla Warp

RonanCraft [1.16] Survival – Creative – Skyblock

Welcome to RonanCraft, the greatest server experience in the galaxy!
RonanCraft is a open Minecraft community bent on making the best minecraft server to date!

We welcome players of all ages and walks of life, and try to be helpful and fair to everyone.

We strive to build a community that is accepting and diverse as well as fun and engaging, and have goals for the future that we are incredibly excited for!

We seek to rally a strong community willing to care and help others through charity and other outreach, while also giving back with entertaining content and a fun server environment.

We hope that you will join our cause and help us do good in the world, a place that desperately needs more selflessness.

Our goals:

  • Build a server with tons of features that offers only the best content, for free!
  • Create content for Youtube, Twitch, and other platforms to raise awareness for the charities we support!
  • Grow a community of friends and fans who share our passion to help others, or who just want to have fun!
  • Give money from donations to our server, our channels, and through live streams and events to do monthly drives for charities all over!
  • Strive to be supportive and open to everyone, spread the messages of goodwill and compassion to the Minecraft community, gaming world, the internet at large, and beyond!
  • Help make the world a better place!
  • Share the fun doing it!
  • List of features:
    3 main servers:
    Survival, Creative, SkyBlock.
    4th in development server: Gateways.

    Major features:
    Free to join. Friendly staff.
    Network wide chats and interconnection. User friendly, GUI type menus.
    Two way Discord integration. Open Forums.
    Free, earnable ranks. Loads of cosmetics, pets and options.
    Many custom made plugins and options. Constant support and upgrades.
    Upcoming Youtube content. And Charity!

    One player sleep.
    And more!

    128×128 plots.
    Tons of options. Extra blocks. World Edit.
    Plot settings, time, weather and more.
    Special effects and abilities.
    And more!

    Skyblock: BETA
    Three difficulties and Challenges
    Custom Cobblestone ore generation
    Grief and mob protection.

    Join and experience Minecraft Evolved, and help us make the world a better place!
    Join Us Today!
    Twitter: @SuperRonanCraft
    Discord server:

    Chat Chilled Community Economy Friendly Friends Games Helpful Mcmmo Nice Play Plots Relaxed Small Survival


    Hi everyone! 😀

    Please Konsider joining our friendly community!

    It’s a place to chill out, do some survival, play some games, build up your skills, and generally hang out 😀

    We have a cool, unique ranks system, mcMMO, economy, etc

    More things will be added in the future!

    So come along and say “hi” today! Don’t be shy! 😀

    Server IP:

    Click here to join Discord

    Boomer Boss Broke Epic Good Join Kits Minecraft Money Nibba Nice Pvp Skypvp Verigood


    We are an upcoming Minecraft server that currenly has only Kitpvp/Skypvp but is very good. Join us today and dont be lame. Also bring money. Im broke bich

    247survival Animal Anime Cat Catgirl Catgirls Cats Catscraft Cute Fun Gamergirls Girl Girlfriend Girls Marriage Marriages Marry Monster Girl Monster Girls Nice Pvp

    Minecraft Catgirls Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Catgirls are very rare in Minecraft but on Minewind they are somewhat common. They take on a different color scheme than other female mobs (you need to have a mob talker installed) and have a very strong color scheme. They will attack any other one that gets in their way if they decide there is an opportunity for combat. They can be seen by flying through walls while using overpowered dragon head and having no other special attacks.

    Catgirl in Minecraft

    Minewind will appear in multiplayer games when you have an extra dimension (you can see them with one dimension map, which allows them to stay between one dimension and the next). Also they make a pretty good target during war because they can be attacked from both ends.

    Their pf stats show up on most Minewind profiles and when you’re logged in, their skill changes but skull stays the same. Catgirls don’t know the concept of being satisfied with such things, so they spend a lot of time on their beds.

    Blue haired cat girl relaxing on a newly crafted bed in Minecraft

    Catgirls have many tricks when in battle,  there are some excellent moves as well as some very useful and effective moves,  so let’s get started.

    The first of them is: Killing an Opponent in one blow using a backstabber and strength potion is actually quite good.

    Part of the reason is that they will never expect it.

    Catgirls using the backstabber sword technique in PvP at spawn.

    If you have a strong fighting style that works for you, chances are the opponent will give up in one blow or else won’t move forward at all.  And you don’t need to move around every time you attack an enemy.  Your attack is already in place if you attack with your backstabber sword.  When you are ready to strike, start attacking at the time.

    Catgirl with backstabber sword is ready to attac and protec.

    Remember that you have a big 30s sword, so when it connects…  Then attack!  A good strategy is when the opponent is not attacking or when something unusual happens.  In order to be able to see exactly what the opponent is doing, it is usually better to make a prediction.  For instance, if you predict something like a god apple, take the chance and attack with succulent and dyrn to knock the opponent into one side of the wall.  If you assume a totem you will do the same when you predict it.

    Now you are fighting with your own judgment.

    Community Creative Development Kitpvp Kits New Nice Plots Pvp Ranks Rpg Server

    Realm of Lothiredon – Skyblock/Creative/Survival/Spleef/KitPvP!

    Hi!Join our server please <3
    Update #2! We have released a new hub, and Spleef! That’s right people, Emballina pushed out the new hub yesterday! We now have a fully-fletched, gigantic floating island with multiple islands connected to it. The hub is absolutely packed with secrets, cosmetics, and oh, Spleef! We released a spleef-plugin, just like the oldschool one!

    Update! KitPvP is now ready to play on our server! Do you like playing KitPvP? Then come along and play with us!
    You can see all the arenas here:

    Are you looking for a creative plot server with nice people, plots and much more? Search no longer and join our server! To be a little different we have introduced some fun ranks to work through. You will start off with the rank Crayon, and you will get access to 60×60 plots, and creative. When you rank up to your next rank – Pencil – you will get access to 70×70 plots, creative and basic World-editing! When you rank up once again to the rank Paintbrush, you will gain access to 100×100 plots, creative and advanced World-editing. And at last, when you rank up for the final time to the rank Airbrush, you will get 130×130 plots, creative and almost all World-editing. When you receive this rank, you will most likely be promoted to Builder soon anyways if you want to.

    We are working on something else too! The actual purpose of this server is that we are developing a massive RPG in Minecraft. Half a year of work has been done already, but we thought it was about time to open the server for people to have a good time, and inmediately spot potential builders too. The creative part wont close when the RPG opens its doors, don’t worry. But for now, we can only give out sneakpeeks! Make sure to check our profile to look at our work so far!

    We hope to see you soon on our server!

    Beta Faction Pvp Factions Factionspvp Friendly Minecraft New Nice Oppvp Pvp Raid Raiding Raidpvp Release Server Staff Unique

    RaidPvP ~An Open Beta Faction Server~

    RaidPvP is in Open Beta Currently!

    What is RaidPvP?
      We are currently a Factions server that will open up to many different *Unique* gameplay experiences.
    We won’t just be a Factions server. We will be updating our servers later down the line to bring out a new game-mode that emphasizes more strategic raiding.

      A competitive server with a new Faction-like mode where you can be recognized for your victories and your teammates/friends in your faction.
      ~ A new twist to the normal Factions mode that makes it more competitive and intense.
      ~ Makes raiding more strategical and defending more intense.
      ~ Climbing up the tiers to strengthen your faction with not to intensive grinding!
      ~ To take down all your enemy factions with your friends/teammates.
      ~ To be the strongest…..

    That’s why we’re in Beta!
      We want to do this right. We want players to enjoy their time here on this server and make it their wild to stay and play our gamemode. We want to get rid of all the bugs and problems in these upcoming weeks to make this server more professional and fun for the player. Then we can load in our new gamemode so players can experience this time with us. Players that help us with the Beta will be gifted for their time once the full finalized server is released 🙂

    So Come Join Us!

    1. No harassing other members. This is a serious offence and will result in a ban
    2. No advertising other servers, social media, video platforms etc. at any time. (Mute)
    3. Don’t start fights and insult other members and staff. (Mute)
    All people involved in the fight will be punished.
    4. Don’t scam people (Ban)
    Report to staff if you have been scammed with a video on our forums
    5. Don’t be rude to other members or staff (Mute)
    6. Do not sell or trade anything that involves real money in the server (Ban)
    7. Do not beg or ask staff for admin rights or becoming a part of the staff team
    8. Do not spam in the chat (Mute)
    9. Please do not use racial slurs as a means of insulting. This can offend many people and will result in a ban
    10. Do not ask staff to ban, kick, or mute anyone unless you have solid proof (warn)
    False accusations will result in a mute.
    11. Do not challenge the staff for their decisions at any time. Doing so will result in a mute or a ban if it escalates.
    12. The duration of all these punishments will be decided by the staff depending on the amount of infractions on the rules as well as how bad the rule broken was.
    13. Remember to be civilized humans and have fun!

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