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Are you ready for a new Minecraft server?

Try the MetaCoreMC server!

Here you will find gamemodes such as Hardcore, SurivalSMP and Creative as well as multiple plugins like:


Feel free to join this new server and compete in the SMP Top 5 Baltop, or be the strongest Hardcore player!

Adventure Citizens Dungeons New Quests Roleplay Space

Starship Arvia

The Starship Arvia
A Unique Roleplay Experience
  Welcome to the S.S. Arvia! You have just awoken from cryogenic slumber. The S.S. Arvia is the flagship for the Space Colonization Program launched by the Republic of Draea. The mission of this program is to establish new colonies on unexplored planets in our solar system.
  The S.S. Arvia began its journey with 200 active crew members, and over 1,000 cryogenically frozen colonists. The starship was doing a fantastic job, and had already established five colonies on various planets before catastrophe hit.
On the seventh year of its mission, the crew of the starship suddenly found themselves surrounded by complete darkness. They called this phenomenon The Void. Crew members began to go missing the farthest depths of the ship, and search parties were formed. Few members of the search parties returned, and the ones who did needed immediate medical attention. They told tales of of terrifying monsters that took pleasure in killing and consuming their friends and families.
  By the time a fighting squad had been assembled, it was too late to save most of the ship from the infestation. Now the Spawn Hub and Eco Hub are the only remaining spaces that are safe to inhabit. The Alpha Sector that connects the ship has been sealed, and the crew is extremely small.
  The Admiral, in sheer desperation, enacted Operation Failsafe. This program allowed for colonists to be awoken from their cryogenic slumber to become active crew members.
Your job as a crew member is to complete quests, assist in research, and protect the endangered Space Colonization Program.

Complete Quests
Through the use of plugins such as Citizens, Denizen, and Quests, users can experience an immersive RP experience by completing a variety of different types of missions. Of course, the completion of these quests do not go unrewarded.

Fight Monsters
Crew Mates are able to fight custom monsters that have unique drops.

Conquer A Challenging Economy
Our goal is to create an economy where users can set goals, and face the necessary task of budgeting their money. Several NPCs act as shopkeepers, and are spread throughout the ship.

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Rise Minecraft SMP Towny 1.18.1

Rise Minecraft SMP Towny 1.18.1 Minecraft Server

RiseMc is a community of veteran Minecraft Players and Administrators trying to find a nice balance between a vanilla Minecraft feel, spiced up with custom created or edited plugins and economy balancing.

Rise Minecraft SMP Towny 1.18.1 Minecraft Server

Some of the many plugin features you can expect to find are:
• McMMO – Player skills with our custom edit! This gives many RPG style skills to the game which can be leveled to gain bonus abilities.

Rise Minecraft SMP Towny 1.18.1 Minecraft Server

• Towny Advanced – A great Anti-Grief, Land Claiming and Town Organization plugin with extensive customisation options to suit your needs. This plugin give players a lot of control over who can do what where on their builds, such as disabling mobs, toggling PvP, editing town members build permissions, and much more! You can team up with friends in towns, join other towns in nations.

• Player Shops – Sell lots of items safely to other players by making your own Shops in your towns. Engage in trade with the spawn market for extra cash. We have custom edited the pricing of items in spawn to give ample room for player shops to establish themselves and offer players better deals on items.

• Custom Enchants – Many unique enchantments outside of the vanilla options are available to everyone. Worried about people being too OP? Don’t be! We tested the enchantments extensively and balanced them to suit our server.

• Custom God Classes and 100% Free ranks. Choose between 3 major Gods to tailor your experience on the server between McMMO training, Money Making and PvP hunting. In addition there is a huge rank chain that lets you be rewarded for playing the game. Nothing on our server costs real money!

• And much more! Please join us now to get a head start on the competition- players of all ages are welcome!

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Simply Survival SMP



Craft, build, survive, vanilla.
A fresh and simple semi-vanilla survival experience with teleportation, grief prevention, trading, and shops!
Come meet our community, and start your adventure!


Player Warps | Set your very own warps that others can visit!
Vanilla Economy | There is no virtual currency, just like vanilla minecraft!
Teleportation | Easily teleport to other players around the world! No more coordinates!
Traders | Trade emeralds with merchants for various items!
Grief Prevention | Protect your builds from other players!
Smith Shop | Combine rare items to create powerful tools & armors!

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RatsAreUs | Survival Towny | New Server! [1.17.1]

Welcome to Rats Are Us!

The survival towny server that is waiting for you!

Normal difficulty
Brand new!
Server still being worked on daily to add and bring you new stuff!
semi vanilla survival server
Small Server
Lag free!

Build a town and start growing your community!

Version – Latest

Bedrockjavacrossplay Citizens Economy Faction Factions Javaserver Mcmmo Pvp Ranks Rankup Survival Vote Voterewards

Hunter Survival = Classic Factions = MCMMO = Economy = Backpacks = PvP = Bedrock Support

*Server Location:** London, UK.

**Server Goals:**

This server’s goal is to remake what it was like to play a Minecraft Factions Server, back when Factions first came out in 2014.

Back before TnT cannons, Giant Obsidian Monolifs and walls of Water and Lava were the meta and servers had Pay to Win Kits and crazy custom enchantments like sharpness X (10).

To do this we have disabled explosions in claimed land meaning you are able to build a base however and where ever you want and know your items are safe! Unless of course you die too many times and lose faction power.

Because of this, our server is more PVP and strategy based, looking for weakness’ in opposing Factions bases and also makibg sure youre own base is well fortified!


Factions – MCMMO – Citizens – Econony – Shops – Survival – Crates – Vote Rewards – PvP – RankUp – Custom Enchants – Permanent World – 24/7 – Active Admins – !NEW! Bedrock Support
World Border 5000×5000 to encourage more player interaction/PvP/Raids/Faction wars


18plus Adultonly Advancedachievements Advancedenchantments Adventure Chestsort Citizens Crates Customenchants Customitems Discord Discordsrv Dynmap Economy Goldencrates Griefprevention Jobsreborn Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Lgbtqfriendly Mcmmo Nogrief Npc Playershops Pve Economy Quests Rpg Shopkeepers Slimefun Survival Transgender

Unicornia PvE Middle School +18

Unicornia is an LGBTQ+ focused and strictly +18 server.
The server is heavily modified and only PvE.
We have custom items, achievements, enchantments, jobs, mcmmo, slimefun, pets, and much more!
You can join the server with version 1.9 and above.
In order to play on the server, you will have to join our discord and link your account first.

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Opheon Bending Network

Bungee Support
Our server has full bungee support with 5 different servers connected to
it being: Factions, Skykits, Minigames, RPG, and our Hub/Creative
server! Everything for the server works off of GUI as well!

We use project korra with our config being updated weekly based off of
players feedback on moves. Everyone on the server has the ability to
change elements at will between fire, air, water, and earth!

We have unique role for VIP members who are willing to donate to keep
the server running! Everything our VIPs receive are purely cosmetic to
keep with EULA rules. These include exclusive trails, pets, and much
more. All of these perks can also be bought through other servers such
as minigames or skykits with in game money!

We have a unique factions plugin that goes well beyond the normal
factions. In ours it is economy based where you will be able to buy
things such as upgrades for your factions, more land, and much more!
There are 10 unique jobs to choose from to gain money and move up in
baltop ranks. There are also admin shops with dynamic pricing and player
shops used through a GUI to keep everyone safe when buying and selling
items from anywhere. There is also a bending arena where you can go and
fight to the death and 5 unique training arenas one for each element and
then one for all elements.

Our skykits server is one of a kind with maps changing on it every 2-3
months. There are over 60 unique kits to buy and play with. With these
kits there are 5 original ones then each original kit will be enhanced
depending on the sub element you choose for it! You will also be able to
buy in game perks with money received from skykits and there are item
drops on the server!

Our Creative server is part of our hub where you can go and build whatever you’d like. Once done you can submit your plot to be judged and either considered for build team or receive money to spend in the server shop to buy things like world edit!

Work in progress!

Work in progress!

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Kid Animal Twitch Server

Hey! If you wanna join the server all you have to do is join the discord. We will be running weekly or bi-weekly events on this towny server. Start wars, make groups or just become your average peasant and sell bread to become the richest person on the server. Currency reset and quests coming soon!

Citizens Civlisation Discord Economy Government Pve Economy Ranking Share Socialism Survival

Minecraft Socialist Republic

Tired of capitalism? Guess what!!!!!! COMMUNISM WORKS IN MINECRAFT!

Come on down if you want to be a part of a communist population of people that share! Everyone that has alot of stuff will be taxed 50% or more. If there is a poor person that needs stuff that person will be subsidized with all the needed supplies he needs.

Taxes can be used on giving to the poor or people that need stuff. Or government projects. If you build a house the government will try to help.

Land can be claimed with a golden shovel. The government can give you one. Only build in the town area.

You can have any job you want unless the government has a major project being made. If a project is going on you will be assigned by the government to a job that’s needed and your tools for the job will be supplied.

Make your own communist republic on this server if you like. Manage one yourself with the common law above this.

Server IP,

DM me on discord if you want me to join Oenz#3283

Java, 1.16.2


I am Oenz part of the National Propaganda team I approve this message

Minecraft Socialist Manifesto:

Everyone will start off with 64, 64, 32, Dawns. There will be economic managers that they can buy stuff from. The economic manager collects the cash and it gets sent back down to players that need it

Every player will earn the same amount from their local Economic manager. Cash is called Dawns ( ₪ )

16/64 / ¼ of a stack will go to the federal government when someone buys stuff at an outpost.

When the money goes to the outpost they can use it for programs or give to the poor. local outposts can set prices that are reasonable to the amount people start with.

When money goes back up to Federal level they can use it to make projects and stuff.

50% Of your items will go to your Local outpost for others to buy with money. (When Reserves are low on money)

You can use the money for property and goods / talk to your local Economic manager for more info

if you are suspected of xraying you will be taxed 100% !!