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This is a modded Roleplay MInecraft server with economy,democratic elections, Cities ,business etc. we accept Cracked Minecraft Players

More Informations on Discord server. Have Fun:)

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Aztec Empire

Aztec Empire MCVerse

An RPG experience unlike other! This server presents as a hybrid rpg with a complex campaign, a Free Forge SMP and Multiple mini games.

The server has officially gone through the next iteration with a hard reboot. A lot of the maps have been scraped and is being re done and released to the public over time. I have finally found someone who is able to create custom plugins for the server and most of them are being coded at this moment. Please let staff know if you experience any bugs! I still need someone who is able to create a custom resource pack, Please DM me on Discord if you are able to do so.

SHORT Progress notes:
The list below details All of the things that have been completed, in progress or planed for the server Please see the official discord for the most up to date Patch notes and announcements

Campaign City/location list (planned)

Aztec Empire MCVerse OST (compositions planned & or in progress)
– Overture [​main menu theme]
– The City of Gold
– A Dark Path
– Salvation
– The Great Sacrifice
– Betrayal
– Twisted Fate
– The Unknown
– Resistance
– Unwanted truce
– Revelation
– Wilderness
– Sanctuary
– Epilogue
I Twitch stream this server occasionally, make sure to follow if you would like to see how I build on my server:

Aztec Empire Minecraft Server

Any exciting Ideas that would improve this server? please state and explain in the comment section below 😉

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The FiskHeroes Server

Welcome to THE FISKHEROES SERVER, a 1.7.10 Modded Superhero Minecraft server running the FiskHeroes Mod. The server offers a vast variety of Suits that players can enjoy and have fun with.

– > Wilderness World
– > Modded Ores
– > Keep Inventory
– > Create Homes
– > Claim your Bases to protect them from Griefing
– > Random Teleport to get farther out in the world
– > Find NPCs in the Cities and aid them in their quests
– > Earn Amazing Rewards for doing these Quests
– > Rewards vary depending on the Difficulty
– > Rewards include Tutridium and Eternium
– > More Quests added Weekly
– > Battle other Players
– > Maximum of 10 Players per Match
– > Minimum of 2 Players per Match
– > 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5
– > Multiple Arenas including Gotham and Metropolis
– > Suits are provided during the match
– > Unlock additional Suits by levelling up in Survival
– > Maximum Level 20
– > Level up by Killing other Players or Mobs
– > Every Level gives Rewards
– > Rewards include Tutridium, BAL, Crate Keys, and
– > Unlock suits for HeroGames by levelling
– > Your Level is shown towards the left of your Username in chat
– > Use /Warps to access Warps
– > Travel Between Cities and the Wilderness
– > Travel to the HeroGames lobby
– > Travel to Arenas to fight other Players
– > Use /Kits to access Kits
– > Kits supply with you different items and materials
– > New Players have access to /kit Food, /kit Claim, and /kit Starter
-> Once you’ve reached 24 hours played you become Verified and gain access to /kit Verified
– > Additional Kits can only be unlocked by purchasing ranks through the Server Shop
– > A New Battlepass every Month
– > 20 Total Tiers
– > Progress by Completing Daily Challenges
– > Rewards include Tutridium, Eternium, BAL, AND Battlepass Exclusive Suits
– > SEASON 1 Battlepass June 4th – June 30th
– > Go to the In Game Shop via /warp Shop
– > Gain In Game Money by selling valuable ores in the Shop
– > Purchase Ores and Items in the shop by right clicking the signs assigned to the item

– > Purchase Tags from the Server Shop (/buy)
– > Tags are shown to the left of your Username
– > Tags can vary from something such as AVENGERS to SPEEDSTER
– > There are over 80 tags
– > All Tags have a equal chance of being obtained from the Tag Crate

– > Use /AH to access the Auction House
– > List Valuable Items on the Auction House to sell to other players
– > Purchase items that are listed on the Auction House by other players
– > Make Money and slowly make yourself to the top of /baltop
– > There are multiple cities to explore such as Metropolis and Gotham
– > You can travel to Cities using /warps
– > There are NPCs scattered through the cities that can give you quests
– > Certain Cities have houses that can be purchased
– > To travel to certain Cities you must be Verified (24 hours played)
– > This server uses the Advanced FiskHeroes addon
– > Although Advanced FiskHeroes is a public addon, some suits added to the addon will be exclusive to the server only
– > Use /warp Crates to go to the Crates
– > Crate Keys can be obtained through the Server Shop, Levelling, Donator Kits, Battlepass, and Quests
– > All Suits and Tags have an equal chance of being obtained from their Crates

Cities Gods Hierachy Lgbtqfriendly Reallifebased Roleplay Roles Rules


Welcome to Newpy. Most stuff is explained in the server books! If you have any questions regarding the server then please get a book and quill, write your issue/ question/etc. and go to the starting Tavern. At the right side is a chest with the sign

“Issues/complaints/ etc”

Put your book and quill inside for the staff to later see what your issue/ etc. is.

How to write a Issue/complaint/etc.

-Minecraft Name
-Minecraft Username

– Why are you sending this book? (complaint/ issue / question/ etc.)

-The question/etc.

-Which city you live in (ingame)

– How you would like the question/etc. to be answered (digital meeting, book and quill given to you answering/ etc.)

You can ask anything or give any complaint. If you are unsure then do not worry, nothing is wrong to give.


Rules of the server:

No Racism
No Homophobic
No Pedophilia
No child s/xualization
No assault/ harrasment
No griefing
Don’t oof other people or other people’s pets.
No spamming
Don’t judge others game taste etc.
Do not ask for personal information : Real life name, phone number, picture of person, Adress, etc.
If anything if really bothering you please report to staff.
Real life threats are to be taken seriously and reported to staff.
“Kys/kms” are words not allowed on our server. If you see anyone use these please report to staff with proof.
This server should not contain ‘adult’ topics.

Age of people to join the server: 11+
(so try and be family friendly please. (obviously no s/x talk allowed.)

Any Issues/ etc. may also be reported through our discord server Newpy. (is still being made.)

Contact **Kami**#3535 instead (including the **).

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Moljas Better Survival Server

Welcome to Purpleninja951s better survival server
Our server now includes magic and tech

Players will choose to build freely in survival mode (with the option of land claims) or players can live in the city and utilize existing shops/homes
We have added a progression system (slimefun) to help add more exciting features

We are always looking for builders to develop more land and moderators to help watch over the server
for applications email [email protected] and tell purpleninja951 why you are a good choice

Join our discord at Ninjas Better Discord

Cities Community Coreprotect Economy Events Highways Lwc Protection Pvp Quickshop Rail Shops Survival Terralith Towns

Black Cat X

BlackCatX is a vanilla Minecraft survival server with plugins promoting a capitalist lifestyle.

  • If you are by yourself, you may ask to join a town or build where ever you’d like in the wilderness, nether, or end.
  • If you are new and joining us with a few friends, you may find a suitable area for building a town. We do not cycle through overworlds with major updates and we will keep what you build, forever, on the overworld.
  • And if you are rejoining us from a predated community of ours, come on!
  • With such a largely generated and somewhat developed overworld, we want to assure you that we will not at any time task you with visiting anything or everything. You can truly have your area and your peace here with us. However, transportation information for road, rail, and warps can be found at spawn.

    Our world is the combined worlds of BlackCatGaming (2011), SiriusCraft (2013), SiriusCraft 2 (2014), AzoCraft (2016), and new beautifully modded v1.18.2 terrain that continues to generate. These worlds have been preserved, upgraded, and assembled as one with connected highway and rail systems. Five state governments exist, most being comprised of their predated community’s overworld map along with new terrain. Exceptions to this include the state of BladeHaven which was developed over new terrain in SiriusCraft 2, and the state of FCA – Filthy Casuals Association which was founded on new terrain in January 2022. With over 802 Kilometers of land, there’s still a lot that’s untouched. This is true even for older regions generated in Beta v1.4, and even more so with new generation down to block level -64. Former property and town owners have absolute right to reclaim what’s theirs. Former places of importance for government and business have mostly remained the same.
    Come say hello again.

    Adventure Arena Bosses Building Cities Dungeons Economy Essentials Events Free Hard Mcmmo Modified Pvp Raid Raiding Raids Roleplay Rpg Survival Town War


    MC Lastoria is a survival server with cities, war, and a balance between raiding and protecting cities. Cities are custom build by players. Only citizens of the city can build within, but anyone can enter the region and PVP is enabled everywhere outside spawn. Raiding is encouraged, and cities can agree to go to war If the online player requirement is met for both cities. Once war is declared, regions for both cities will be removed and players will stay in a holding cell in spawn after dying until war is over. War is over once all players in one city are dead/offline or after 15 minutes. After 30 minutes if both sides still have living players protective regions will be brought back up. Cities are not reset after war. Whatever was lost or destroyed must be rebuilt.

    Teleports can be purchasedfor cities by their owners in spawn so their citizens can travel quickly.

    No Pay to Win
    Economy based on non farmable items
    PVP Arenas

    More updates coming soon!

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    Corruption SMP {1.18.1} {Player Shops} {Player Warps} {Dynmap} {Vienminer/Timber} {Custom generation} {Extreme difficulty}

    Friendly survival server
    Chest claim
    Magic Wands
    Player Warps
    Player Shops
    Land Claim
    Drop Heads
    Player Warps
    Come join Corruption SMP, A modified survival server for just about anyone.
    We have plugins that make the survival experience simple and fun for everyone!
    Come join us at
    Thanks!- Abom

    Corruption V2:
      The growing of the corruption ceased due to the limited energy in the area. In search of said power, the islands have floated towards a new area. The world here is much different than Machadva, with new biomes and structures for people to find. The islands seem to be linked to this place, like it lived here long long ago. The settlers of Machadva followed the islands for unknown reasons. Explore the new region of Dorlandsvis in Corruption V2.

    – Fixed multiple issues with plugins.
    – Moved the server to a new area.
    – Brand new non-vanilla structures and biomes.
    – Insanely high difficulty (Harder mobs, bosses, new bosses/loot, pretty much for the worthy in Minecraft. [~6 hits to kill a normal zombie with a sharpness 10 netherite sword.])
    – Shrank borders.
    – 1.18.1
    – Bedrock crossplay
    – Realistic item dropping
    – Hundreds of new advancements
    – Fortune on diamonds nerf (at most get 2 diamonds per block)
    – Netherite dungeons to make netherite mining harder and more interesting.
    – Bundles can be crafted
    – Nether portals can be any shape
    – More statistics
    – Wandering traders have a use now
    – Blood moon (Makes mobs more dangerous)
    – Festival night (Makes crops grow faster, axolotls and glow squids spawn on the surface.)
    – Nether moon (Nether mobs invade the overworld.)
    – Zombie horses can spawn.
    – Glow berries make you glow
    – Mark enemies with spyglasses.

    tutorial on how to survive Corruption V2:
    1. Don’t fight mobs. They will kill you.
    2. Don’t let your ego take you over. That mob will kill you no matter what you do.
    3. Don’t fight bosses with low gear, for example, the ender dragon can not be killed with stone equipment like it can in normal Minecraft.
    4. Always overprepare.
    5. Keep away from glowing mobs unless you 100% know what you’re doing.
    6. Build a house as soon as possible. Make it strong. Blood moons can and will happen and you will not be able to sleep through the night.
    7. Stick to large caves. Fortune isn’t as powerful so make sure to go for areas with multiple veins over strip mining.
    8. End cities are nearly impossible without good tools. Be careful.
    9. Team up, its the only way to survive.
    10. Build walls, big walls around any cities or bases you have to protect yourself from blood moons.
    11. Absolutely avoid any mobs possible early game. They are fast and strong and will kill you.
    12. Try to get advancements, they usually come with rewards that will aid you during your survival.
    13. Stay away from fortresses and large scary castles.
    14. Netherite is both harder to find and comes with a surprise every time you find it. Get good gear before you go out.
    15. Take a spyglass with you. They give you temporary night vision and can outline mobs for you and your teammates.
    16. Stay safe and have fun.

    Special thanks to:

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    BGC Survival | Cross-Play

    BGC Factions
    A Survival and Factions server in the latest version of Minecraft, with PvP in the style of version 1.8!
    Open to original and pirate.
    With cross-play! Play in Java, PE, Bedrock, etc. version.

    Bfdi Cities Metro Other Tourism

    Kenny City

    Kenny City

    We are a City-based server with a metro system. We also provide tourism such as BFDI-Like culture, some fun minigames & more!
    We are currently in need of builders, as we only have 1 builder.

    Join our discord server to apply for a builder rank to cooperate opening the server as soon as possible! (Read rules first before applying)

    IP Adress: Coming soon!