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—=[ Legopolis ]=—

Legopolis!The real place to relax.


Join now and experience the greatness of Legopolis!

Also join our discord!

Note: This server is currently under construction. It is still new. Be aware of many restarts.

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Escapade – Enhanced Survival

Welcome to Escapade!

We are a survival multiplayer server (1.15.2) with a focus on enhancing the vanilla experience and fostering a friendly community. Come join us!


  • SlimeFun mechanisms
  • Custom enchantments
  • Online Dynmap
  • Weather events
  • Diseases/Health
  • Thirst
  • Furniture
  • Brewery
  • Custom food and drinks
  • Crate rewards
  • Clans
  • Marriage
  • Emotes/Feelings
  • … and more!
  • Additional credit to VerySmolBirb!

    Edit: Please don’t ask us for staff or builder, as we already have a great staff team! Thank you!

    Casual Relax Survival

    Quietdayz – Bring Some Tea and Relax With Us :)

    If you’re looking for a place to relax and build a town with mature kind-hearted community then you found your place. We made this server something where you could relax as you drink your morning tea and play. We have a extremely active and close community!!

    Brief list of features:
    – Towny
    – McMMO
    – Custom Items
    – Custom Enchants
    – Complete player market
    – Server shops
    – Active staff and community!

    We hope to see you online! Here’s some useful commands:
    To go to spawn:      /spawn
    To set your home:     /sethome
    To teleport to your home: /home
    To be randomly teleport: /wild

    If you ever need help go to the tutorial: /tutorial
    Or you can get help on our discord here:

    115server Brewery Chill Fantasy Fun Grieffree Jobs Lit Mcmmo Nogrief Nolag Pets Ranks Rankup Relax Relaxed Relics Rpg Slimefun Survival Towny Vibe

    Dream Realm SMP

    Dream Realm is a 1.15.2 Towny Survival server, We have a lot of fun plugins like Slimefun, McMMO, Jobs, Pets and in-game money rank ups for cool perks! There is 0 Grief and Protected chests! If you’re interested in playing come join today at

    Adultserver Advanced Anarchy Animal Crazy Pig Piglin Pvp Relax Survival Survivalmc Survivalservers Survivial

    Crazy Pig Minecraft Server

    Kawaii Gang live

    Pigs are nasty and nobody likes them because they’re so damn scary and you can’t feel good about being around them. One of the most effective ways you can train yourself to see them in a different light is by letting pigs out of the f—ing pen. I don’t mean to be a bad pig person, but you can train yourself to see pigs as animals, just like chickens. If you see a pig do something that makes you want to say, “Wow,” or “That’s not right,” just let them do it. Some pigs will even impregnate their owners mistaken them for bunnies. Sometimes pigs will even pick up their own feces and poop on their own plates and dishes. This is totally normal behavior, and the good pig will do it without being yelled at or cussed at.

    Base owner taming a pig to expand a pig farm in Minecraft.

    I have been surrounded by pigs for the majority of my life as a bunny. I have been to the land where my ancestors roam and know the way to the land of my past. The land of my ancestors is at the end of the mountain range; and this is the only way to get there, the only way to pass these roving pigs. One can do so but it is impossible to be at peace for this.

    Since I came to this land I have learned that our peaceful and tranquil lives are only a pretense and a deception. Pigs are strange creatures that live in a very different environment. It’s best to remember that they are active sexual hunters; they are instinctual and very curious about everything around them; they can cause mischief in the most unexpected ways. It was hard for me to believe, but my girlfriend is pregnant. Piglin is now growing inside of her.

    Accidentally taming a pig to expand a pig farm and hopefully make piglins in Minecraft.
    Kawaii Gang live
    Creativeplots Nomobs Nopvp Peaceful Peacefulcraft Relax Server Spigot Startingserver Survival

    PeacefulCraft Network

    PeacefulCraft first came online in October of 2012. Over the years we’ve expanded our gamemode selection and currently host PvE, Peaceful, and Creative Plots servers. Our friendly and dedicated moderation team is always around to help while our network admins continue to develop new game modes and features to grow our community. We strive to create a positive, friendly community and hope you decide to join us.

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    Cornford was founded in 2020 by me, Mr. Cornford and my partner, Mrs. Cornford. We both live together in the United Kingdom. Mrs. Cornford, originally from Germany/Madeira (Portugal). I came up with the idea to launch an updated version of my latest server, whilst previously owning servers over the years it was time for a change and upgrade. Me and Mrs. Cornford have created, what we believe a “unique gameplay” experience. We have both spent countless hours on the server tweaking the gameplay, to make sure you get the best experience. We strive to continue with small consistent updates with the help of the Minecraft community.

    Both me and Mrs. Cornford have aspirations to build a small, niche, community, a community where everyone feels they can be themselves. We don’t have any rules but just be human. Our server is fully funded by our day jobs, covering the running costs. We want to make our server a family ran server and a potential pass-down to our children.

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