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2B2T-Fincoric server Minecraft

The long-awaited opening of the 2B2T server

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Horizon Anarchy

Horizion Anarchy is Vanilla Anarchy, the way Minecraft was intended to be played. Similar to servers like 2b2t, 9b9t, Constantium, and Purity Vanilla. Also our server is cracked, meaning that you can play with cracked launchers like TLauncher. Our staff actually listens to the players and takes suggestions.

2b2t Minecraft Test Survival Multiplayer Tes Test Testing

. minecraft testing server

Server owner “. testing” hasn’t added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

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2Nostalgic2t [Cracked Anarchy]

2Nostalgic2t Anarchy Server is a vanilla no-rules server. Bedrock are coming soon as at this time, we are running java.
(Yes the server is cracked, if not using cracked accounts your skin will be restored!)

We have 40+ members and would be great if you joined our community!

Here is the discord:

Reddit: r/2Nostalgic2t/ OR


1.19.2 2021 2b2t Anarchy Cheat Chinese Established Heat Origin Original Place Placement Pvp Run Survival

3C3U is an anarchy server running on 1.19.2
You can cheat, grief and pvp. This server was established by the chinese 2b2t test server player base and was used as a replacement of the original 2b2t test server.
The server established since 2021/11/7

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About This Server

Anarchy 2Nostalgic2T [1.12.2]:

Welcome to 2Nostalgic2T (2N2T), a Minecraft server dedicated to providing a fun and anarchic survival experience for all players! Our server is online 24/7, and includes a unique spawn area

What is the server IP for 2N2T – 2Nostalgic2T?

The IP address of 2N2T – 2Nostalgic2T Minecraft server is
Port: 20185

How 2Nostalgic2T is 24/7 server?

This Minecraft server will never reset ever, we have backups including bot that will hold the server up, meaning anytime you can to join!

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smallanarchy is a anarchy server with no anticheat and loads of fun stuff like no plugins no admin interfearence us admins dont do anything but pay the bill for the server and if any changes are made it is a vote all players can decide in

2b2t Anarchy Lang License Original Peak Pve Pvp Speak Survival Teleport Teleportation Territory Ukraine Wiped

2B2T IN Ukraine


License server

Without wipes

Without donation, private, teleportation

The vanilla size of the world

The latest version of the game

No – Ukrainian-language anarchist server.The server map is not wiped and has the original size of 30 million blocks, there is no private territory on the server.The server is adapted to the Ukrainian-speaking audience. Are waiting for you. Support yours, visit us!IP:

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Anarchy Forever | PvP / Raiding / No Rules

Founded 3/16/23, this anarchy server will be hosted indefinitely. This server will never be pay to win! Join our discord @ Come and make your mark on a server that will stay online for many years!

No rules! Hacks allowed! No world border!

200 Players 2b2t 2b2talternative 2b2tclone 2b2tcomar 2b2tcracked 2b2torg 2builders2tools Argent Argentina Free For All Restart Server Survival Survival Gameplay

2builders2tools Argentina

2builders2tools Argentina is a minecraft server with the goal of never restarting the world in a free for all pvp environment with no rules, few mods in vanilla survival gameplay. The world is 0 years and 0 months old, with a size of 15 GBs and more than 2200 players that have appeared at least once in the world. The IP to connect is