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Teknet Tekkit Legends: [No Banned Items] [24/7/365] [Custom Plugins] [Economy] [Land Protection]

>> The Teknet Network, “… the only Tekkit Legends server I’ll ever need!” << >> Introduction <<
  Teknet is a Tekkit-loving American software developer’s summer cooldown project that turned into a serious endeavor. As a member of this server, you will be a part of the TeknetCore development, a comprehensive custom plugin that adds new features daily.

>> Current Features <<
  The server is run 24/7/365 off a high-powered virtual machine with 32GB of RAM, Intel 8 Core i9 Processor, and bandwidth supporting 20 TPS (NO LAG) no matter the machines, processes, timers, players, or plugin features running. Teknet comes chock full of intuitive plugin features created by a developer (iwilkey) that is active and willing to collaborate. These features include, but aren’t limited to,

  • Absolutely no banned items (even nukes), but still a safe environment to build and prosper without the fear of grief.
  • No lag. Ever. Seriously.
  • 24/7/365 server uptime.
  • A TeknetDevelopment plugin that allows the server to continue operation during a TeknetCore update.
  • Teknet server utilities, like access to current TPS, RAM allocation, efficiency, and more.
  • Command and chat cooldown.
  • Well-documented help for every feature.
  • Ranks and promotions.
  • Home utilities.
  • Personal position (warp) utilities.
  • Estate utilities for protecting your land, items, and machines.
  • An intuitive shop that allows you to buy and sell any item in Tekkit Legends.
  • A dynamic economy.
  • Bank accounts.
  • Staff who care.
  • 24/7/365 plugin support, including future planning and debugging.
  • >> Ranks <<
      Server ranks give players an incentive to have fun. As a member of The Teknet Network, you have the opportunity for upward mobility, earning higher permissions, status, quirks, nicknames, and perhaps a staff position. The available ranks are as follows…

    [Hobbyist]: The starting rank. Can use most of the TeknetCore features but in a limited state.

    [Engineer]: More TeknetCore permission and change in status. Awarded solely off of active time on the server.

    [Millionaire]: More TeknetCore permission and change in status. Nickname. Awarded when you reach over a million dollars at once.

    [Billionaire]: More TeknetCore permission. Awarded when you reach over a billion dollars at once.

    [Trillionaire]: More TeknetCore permission. Special quirks. Awarded when you reach over a trillion dollars at once.

    >> Staff <<
    Currently, because of Teknet’s age (opened JUL, 25th, 2022), there are only two staff members.

    [Owner]: iwilkey
    Ian Wilkey (iwilkey) is the sole developer of TeknetCore and proprietor of the virtual machine that runs The Teknet Network.

    [Admin]: Pyrus11
    Noah, or Pyrus11, is an active admin on the Teknet Network. He is a knowledgeable, kind, and funny guy. Please use him as a resource.

    Moderators needed! Please join today and chat with iwilkey or Pyrus11.

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