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Anno Domini

Anno Domini (AD for short) is a relaxed historical role-play server set in the year 1AD! This server is set on a 1:1000 scale Minecraft map of Earth with a spawn point in the land of modern-day Ethiopia where players have access to warp portals to each continent.

New players will be considered nomads until they apply for or get invited to a nation. Each nation starts off with a 3×3 chunk of land and must build their nation from the ground-up, hovels to empires. Nations claim land to expand their territory and are required to mirror the claims that their nations would have had in real life, but other land can be claimed as long as their real-life land is claimed first. These nations are able to settle disputes via organized and moderated warfare for any reason when their application for war is approved by an admin.

Players are encouraged to roleplay how they would like (E.g. class structures, themed Minecraft skins, religions, and nationalism) for the pursuit of making this server a fun place to be!

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